SKOUT Shouts-Out Its Users To Do Random Acts Of Kindness

Can you imagine how great it would feel to start the day and just when you have to pay for your morning coffee at the drive thru you realize someone in front of you a complete stranger just paid for it?

SKOUT the global app that helps you meet new people and expand your social circle, after making a short survey of 2,700 of its users about making and receiving an unexpected act of kindness thru out the day, this survey was made in honor of the Random Acts Of Kindness Week (Feb. 15 -20).

Their results showed up that 51% of college students perform random acts of kindness for someone every day and about 93% of all of the persons that fulfilled the survey have done something unexpected and kind for a stranger.

This survey also asked the college students to rank ten of the most usual acts and apparently buying some one you dont know a cup of coffee is much appreciated, but this does not mean you have to spend money to become a part of this new trending habit that has been gaining a lot of popularity, other people just sent a text to their friends and thanked them just for that for being their friend aint this just amazing!, also on number and not to popular is to go in to a retirement home and giving flowers or a hug to anyone that doesnt have to many visitors.

Whit this results now SKOUT is asking millions of its users to spread this kind actions around the world, because this app is available in more that 180 countries and in 16 different languages, download SKOUT for iOS, Android, Windows or sign up online at, also available on Facebook or Twitter (Hashtag #SKOUTkind)

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QNet Proves The Company Cares

The IIFA Utsavam event is intended to cast a light on those wonderful filmmakers who contribute so much to the Indian motion picture industry. Interestingly, representatives from the direct selling company that markets a plethora of goods, QNet was in attendance. QNet was not there to announce an entry into the film industry. QNet made a major commitment to the families who suffered as a result of the Chennai flooding.

Chennai is a region in India that was significantly hammered by severe rains and even worse flooding. The floods rose massively and submerged entire towns. Homes were destroyed. Families lost all their belongings and were displaced.

QNet wants to help. At the IIFA Utsavam show, QNet announced it would be funding relief packages to many families. QNet wants to work with India’s film industry to help those families.

QNet made a strong name for itself in the country. The direct selling entity has not only expanded its business interests in India. The company is expanding its charitable outreach. The company is very heavily involved in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative dubbed, appropriately, “We Care”. 

Last night, we were completely blown away by this! #MAHAMAYA – Transcending Illusion, a cultural offering of dance and…

Posted by QNET (Official) on Saturday, February 20, 2016

QNet does have a number of “We Care” and CSR strategies planned for the coming years. QNet is strongly committed to helping underprivileged people. India is one country in which QNet really wishes to step up these efforts. The people in need of the good intentions of QNet definitely do appreciate the gestures. QNet does follow through with its promises. A hospital is going to receive a kidney dialysis machine thanks to a joint humanitarian partnership between QNet and Lions Clubs International.

QNet’s main headquarters is in Hong Kong, and the company does have a worldwide presence. In the United Kingdom, QNet teamed with the Manchester Football Club for an interesting joint venture.

The Titans Night, Myanmar. SO MUCH WOW! Thank you for sharing the wonderful moments with us, AVP Balajee Kumar. #QNET

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In India, QNet has developed many unique business ventures for the domestic market. India is simply a great economic climate for QNet. Other companies find the economy fertile as well. This is why India has become such a strong emerging market.

What sets QNet apart from so many other companies is QNet is interested in giving back. The company is even committed to helping combat homelessness on an international basis.

Along with the film community, QNet pledges to adhere to the slogan “Be1forChennai”. The Chennai flood was a terrible disaster. Hopefully, QNet’s commitment to the disaster relief efforts will draw more people along to help the cause.

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Investor Champion Igor Cornelsen

One of the best in his field, Igor Cornelsen has been impacting the investment world for quite some time. A long time investor, Cornelsen is a champion investor with knowledge of investing in any company, or any commodity. His experience is mostly as an investor in Brazil, where he rose to prominence as one of the country’s top bankers. He would manage some of the largest banks in the country, and would manage a huge fraction of the countries entire gross economy.

Igor Cornelsen currently works with the Bainbridge Group. He focuses his energy there on the stock market. As the founder of the group this is his chosen firm for all of his major moves in the stock market. Throughout his career also worked in high positions. His work with the Brazilian banks is unprecedented. Cornelsen is responsible for guiding several investors to making more successful long term investments including advising people away from damaged companies.

Igor Cornelsen is always in the game to make profits that last a long time. His philosophy is if you want to see legitimate returns you have to be ready for the long haul, even if that means decades. Investing is not about a quick buck in Cornelsen’s opinion. For those interested in investing in his homeland Brazil, Cornelsen provides some simple tips: Know foreign-currency restrictions, connect with natives and prepare for regulations. The steps may be complicated but that’s what makes it profitable. “There’s no such thing as free money,” Cornelsen points out.

Now that he is retired Cornelsen spends the majority of his time in South Florida, enjoying golfing. He often will put golfing to the side to work in the investment markets from time to time. Igor also has spent retirement time working as a consultant for the banking industry. He will most likely continue to gather from his large array of experiences working in financial institutions.