Rapid Real Estate Growth in NYC Will Shake the Industry

The economic crisis in 2008 had an extreme effect on the housing situation, creating an unprecedented number of foreclosures and short sales. Homeowners who wanted to sell their homes and move couldn’t, and many have been waiting until the economy in the U.S. rebound. It had been a long seven years, but predictions reveal that the real estate market will pick up in New York City in 2016. As NYC experiences the trends first, it’s only a matter of time until it spreads to other major cities across the U.S.

Predictions say that interest rates will open the door for real estate growth. Another reliable sign from Real Estate Weekly is that RE/MAX has purchased the Master Franchise for the state of New York. For the past decade, they have had an office in Manhattan, but this major real estate company is planning on returning to NYC.

Dave Liniger is the power-house behind RE/MAX, and he is determined to secure a position in NYC real estate market. He has established a marketing team to move in NYC and then expand across the state. RE/MAX is just in time to be a part of the real estate industry growth.

Most of the eight predictions focus on the middle-income bracket, so RE/MAX has made a superb decision of returning to NYC. Luxury properties will not receive as much attention, but they will be slightly affected.

Besides an adjusted interest rate, the predictions project that the lower-priced luxury spaces, from $1-$3 million, will go quickly. The higher-priced luxury units will continue to be available for the right buyers, but the main thrust of the predictions is for reality brands like RE/MAX.

TOWN Residential has been in the NYC market for five years, but they are one of the top luxury companies. They have an excellent team, and they are known for offering tremendous service for their clients.

As the year progresses, TOWN will undoubtedly be a leader in condos and homes sales in the luxury market. They appreciate an exquisite dwelling and are extremely talented in showing a dwelling that is perfect for the client.

George Soros Immigration Plan for Europe

The European Union has developed a significant issue in the way that they have been dealing with the sudden rise in refugees seeking political asylum. Circumstances have deteriorated in the Middle East and people are fleeing for their life and seeking safe havens, and the European Union is a location that is known for providing freedom. The problems started because there was no uniform policy between European partners as to how this issue should be handled. The influx of refugees seeking safety has ballooned into a divisive political crisis. With each country focusing on their own interests, the refugees have been the ones suffering as they remain stuck in camps not knowing what is going to happen. George Soros sees this crisis and looks to provide an answer.
Soros of the Open Society Foundation believes that the European Union needs to develop a plan that is comprehensive and followed by all members. That would allow for asylum seekers and European citizens to be kept safe as an orderly and organized process of immigration takes place. He believes Europe needs to work in concert with the rest of the world, in solving the Syrian immigrant problem specifically. This should also establish some standards for dealing with forced immigration issues in the future. George Soros developed a plan published by Marketwatch with six components in it.

George Soros comprehensive plan begins by the EU making a commitment to accept a million asylum seekers each year for the foreseeable future. The burden needs to be carried equally by all nations which is not the case today and it should be funded by the EU. Second the EU needs to provide funding to help take care of 4 million refugees displaced in the Middle East currently in countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordon.
This would take a commitment of billions of Euros. Next they need to establish orderly and safe transportation to Europe to avoid the panic that exists today caused by fear. They also need to establish standards that are used to treat all asylum seekers so that all parties involved know what is expected. Finally, the EU needs to have the private sector become involved in the process to assist in assimilating such a large number of immigrants in need.

NY Books reported that Soros is very aware of the problems of immigration because in his youth he was forced to leave his home in Hungary due to the Nazi occupation. How immigrants are treated can significantly harm or help a person’s view of life, depending on how they are treated. He has struggled to supply those who are experiencing oppression to have a voice of freedom. He did this by establishing cultural exchanges during the Cold War period in Europe and by funding college scholarships for black South Africans suffering under the racist apartheid leadership. Throughout his life George Soros has been a champion of freedom and critical thought and an enemy of oppression.

It is clear that the immigration problem in Europe and across the globe is not going to change in the near future. All nations have to accept responsibility and put nationalistic interest aside for the good of all people. Fear is one of the biggest enemies which stops people from doing the humane and decent thing for people with no home. These immigrants are in danger of losing their lives and George Soros plan for the European Union provides an organized and clear method to solve this issue for all involved. No problem will disappear overnight but like any journey, moving one step at a time toward a solution is the only intelligent response. All countries need to embark on this journey together.

White Shark Media Tries To Solve Client Complains

In order to do well in the investment industry, investors have to put in place some measures to ensure that the companies and businesses run well without fewer complaints from the clients. The modern market has proved to be quite competitive, and this means that an investor who is not careful when handling his clients will end up with losses. It is common to find that some clients do not get the kind of product and service, and when these incidences happen, the company concerned should take responsibility and respond to the complaints positively. They should get an immediate solution so that they do not lose a customer to another company who are providing the same services.

One of the companies trying to make their clients happy is known as White Shark Media. Just like the other businesses in the market, the organization has experienced its share of problems. This doesn’t mean that it is a poor performing institution. The company has received a lot of compliments since it was started several years ago, and it has also failed to meet the standard requirements of some of its clients. The company, however, chose to take these complaints positively, and they have learnt from the mistakes. They have worked day and night to ensure that they receive a minimum number of complaints from their consumers. A number of complaints has come down over the years, a clear indication that the company has improved its services, and that the consumers are happy about it.

Building and raising new companies has never been easy for any investor. White Shark Media did not start at the level it currently is. They have a lot of experience that they have acquired while handling the problems. Once the problems occurred and the clients complained, the management took the matter into their hands and accepted responsibility. They have paid for these mistakes and tried to improve the affected areas to ensure that the customers end up happy and satisfied.

One of the biggest problems White Shark Media clients complain of is the lack of proper communication. For any company dealing with the media, communication is one of the most important things. Without the right communication, the company would make serious losses at the end of the day, and many clients would be forced to leave for other providers. When the consumers complained about the communication, the company decided to improve all its customer care attendants and services. When the clients make a call, they get frustrated when their needs are not taken care of or understood. Thanks to the complaints, White Shark Media has the best communication facilities and personnel, and the consumers are happy and content.

Ganoderma Gives Organo Gold’s Products a Nutritional Boost

TheSouthAfrican.com published a brief article about Organo Gold’s usage of the Chinese herb Ganoderma Lucidum titled “Change your coffee…change your life.” Organo Gold infuses its coffee with “The King of Herbs” that the Chinese have used for 4,200 years which gives the coffee a significant nutritional boost. According to nutritionist Dr. Bob Rakowski, Ganoderma’s benefits to the body include increased oxygen, detoxification, reduced inflammation and increased immune functioning.

Bernardo Chua, the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, wanted to introduce the health benefits of Ganoderma to the Western world. In 2008, Bernardo started the company and developed a direct selling marketing plan that has helped to grow Organo Gold into one of the largest direct selling company’s in the world. The company is based in Canada, and it has over one million distributors in dozens of countries who collectively do hundreds of millions of dollars in business each year.

Last year, Bernardo and two of his colleagues won an award in the Philippines in recognition of Filipino achievers and their products, and Organo Gold won two People’s Choice Awards. From his Twitter Bernardo is a strong believer in educating young people who want to become future business leaders, so he set up a charitable foundation called The OG Cares Foundation to provide them with a business education and guidance. He has also spent a lot time educating people about the health benefits of Ganoderma and has funded research studies on this herb.

In addition to coffee, CrunchBase identifies that Organo Gold also infuses its Certified Organic Ganoderma into its hot chocolate, tea, nutritional supplements and personal care products. TheSouthAfrican.com describes Organo Gold as revolutionizing the coffee, tea and health industries with its use of the ancient Chinese herb.

FreedomPop Hotspot Roaming A Hit: $50 Million In Funding Raised!

It’s been some time since FreedomPop announced the launch of its global free voice, data and text service. Soon, word of this phenomenal new technology consumed cyberspace. The venture-funded carrier has upgraded service offerings and spearheaded multiple expansions since it launched in 2011. A recent piece by Recode highlights that FreedomPop successfully secured another substantial funding of $50 million. With this, it plans to market a global low-cost hotspot technology. As the Recode article reads, it’s targeting frequent travelers. It further emphasized that this new service actually promotes reasonable savings on roaming charges. In fact, it’ll definitely be tough competition for rival carriers.

Top-ranking traditional carriers Verizon and AT&T that have become FreedomPop’s biggest rivals already charge exorbitant roaming rates. In light of this development, they’re even in for bigger competition from the free-market telecommunication carrier. With coverage projections including an estimated 25 countries, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s chief executive announced that it’ll ask for extremely reasonable roaming rates. While T-Mobile’s complimentary unlimited roaming has attracted fans, FreedomPop plan won’t apply speed and service restrictions. That said, it’ll be a far better option for roaming.

What does FreedomPop roaming promise? It’ll include multi-region hotspot for $49 and 200MB free data. Unblocked phone users can conveniently purchase a new SIM for $10 and another $10 to upgrade data plan to 500MB. In the next couple of months, FreedomPop plans to improve its customer support efforts and other needed services. Additionally, it has plans to install a foothold in retail marketing as it organizes future expansions.

FreedomPop has partnered with telecommunication powerhouse Sprint to provide coverage across the majority U.S. states. In the UK, it’s secured a partnership with Three, a leading European carrier. Among countries added to its international roaming coverage area are Poland, France, the U.S., Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the U.K., Netherlands, Romania, Greece, etc. By the fourth-quarter, it’ll cover 40 different countries, Latin America and Asia included.

Soros Enters the Race with $8 Million in Backing

Billionaire and philanthropist George Soros seems to be back in the political funding game. According to December filings with the Federal Election Commission, Priorities USA Action received $6 million in donations from Soros, and it just so happens that the super PAC is poised to support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency. It’s the first of such donations from Soros in almost twelve years.
Soros’ recent show of support, along with additional funding since last summer, which brings the super PAC’s coffer to $41 million, almost doubling their funding from the first half of last year. Soros also spread money to American Bridge 21st Century in the amount of $1 million, and, prior to his last bit of funding of at the end 2015, he gave Priorities USA an additional $1 million. Collectively, his activates bring his political donations to an unexpected $8 million.

Not one to be left out in the American tradition of the wealthy donating in support of their candidate of choice, Priorities USA received a combined $3 million from from media mogul Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl. Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler, both from finance backgrounds, each handed over one and a half million dollars, and the same amount was donated by blue collar super PAC Working for Working Americans.

Though funding in this amount from well-to-do Americans to organizations set up to support candidates or their campaigns directly is by no means new, it wasn’t really expected from Soros by those to pay attention to the financial end of things. While he may have signed over $8 million in the last year, during the 2012 presidential campaign Soros donated a mere $1 million dollars in support of President Obama’s reelection. By contrast, the 2004 presidential race had Soros handing over $20 million to various groups in an attempt to keep George W. Bush from seeking office for a second term. After that unsuccessful attempt at guiding his political interests with funding, Soros’ monetary presence in electoral races has since been scant.

Soros’ new sense of daring seems to be the result of extended correspondence with Hillary Clinton since the 2012 election. In emails made public by the State Department, continuing the dissemination and publication of the contents from Clinton’s personal servers, Soros and Clinton had been communicating about politics and the billionaire discovered that his political and ideological leanings are closer to her own rather than that of President Obama, who received Soros’ support in both of his elections.

George Soros, native to Hungary, fled in search of freedom in 1947, taking him to the UK and finally to the United States. Having found a career in banking, he made a home in New York. He heads Open Society Foundations, which carries on Soros’ personal mission of campaigning to extend human rights across the world, a cause he’s fought for since 1974.