FreedomPop Hotspot Roaming A Hit: $50 Million In Funding Raised!

It’s been some time since FreedomPop announced the launch of its global free voice, data and text service. Soon, word of this phenomenal new technology consumed cyberspace. The venture-funded carrier has upgraded service offerings and spearheaded multiple expansions since it launched in 2011. A recent piece by Recode highlights that FreedomPop successfully secured another substantial funding of $50 million. With this, it plans to market a global low-cost hotspot technology. As the Recode article reads, it’s targeting frequent travelers. It further emphasized that this new service actually promotes reasonable savings on roaming charges. In fact, it’ll definitely be tough competition for rival carriers.

Top-ranking traditional carriers Verizon and AT&T that have become FreedomPop’s biggest rivals already charge exorbitant roaming rates. In light of this development, they’re even in for bigger competition from the free-market telecommunication carrier. With coverage projections including an estimated 25 countries, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s chief executive announced that it’ll ask for extremely reasonable roaming rates. While T-Mobile’s complimentary unlimited roaming has attracted fans, FreedomPop plan won’t apply speed and service restrictions. That said, it’ll be a far better option for roaming.

What does FreedomPop roaming promise? It’ll include multi-region hotspot for $49 and 200MB free data. Unblocked phone users can conveniently purchase a new SIM for $10 and another $10 to upgrade data plan to 500MB. In the next couple of months, FreedomPop plans to improve its customer support efforts and other needed services. Additionally, it has plans to install a foothold in retail marketing as it organizes future expansions.

FreedomPop has partnered with telecommunication powerhouse Sprint to provide coverage across the majority U.S. states. In the UK, it’s secured a partnership with Three, a leading European carrier. Among countries added to its international roaming coverage area are Poland, France, the U.S., Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the U.K., Netherlands, Romania, Greece, etc. By the fourth-quarter, it’ll cover 40 different countries, Latin America and Asia included.