China Supplies Zika Medicine to Venezuela

While Zika virus is of concern to many, especially in Latin America, Expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says Venezuela is among the countries most exposed to it due to shortages of medicine. It looks that China came to the rescue by supplying this South American country with nearly 100 tons of anti-Zika medication, according to Xinhua, a Chinese news source.
The aid includes over 185 thousand units of intravenous fluids and over 11 thousand units of the antibody immunoglobulin G (IgG).

“IgG is indispensable for treating Zika and Guillain-Barre, among other diseases,” claimed Venezuelan Health Minister Jose Velasquez.

China is seeking to grow stronger ties with Latin American governments as it has done in Africa. At present, the American and Venezuelan governments are at odds with each other, so the aid from the U.S. government would possibly be rejected by the Socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

The relations actually have gotten worse under the previous president, Hugo Chavez, currently deceased architect of government overspending, which now has led to an economic collapse and lack of most basic items, including medicine.

An Analysis of Wikipedia’s Bureaucratic Nature

Whenever we think about what the future holds for firms, we are always quick to make references to digitized ventures like Reddit and Wikipedia. These ventures have created a name for themselves through the decentralization of power within their organizational structure. This has given everyone the autonomy to create and circulate knowledge when you make a Wikipedia article. On paper, this is quite a noble idea. On close examination however, you are bound to realize that this has system some hidden implications.

Contrary to what we commonly believe, the system is not as flawless as it seems. Research has shown that Wikipedia has shifted away from its former principles and is now subdued by bureaucracy. This has led to a situation whereby the online encyclopedia is controlled by a few elite editors. This is adversely contrasts what many people believed at first; that the online information sight is a classless haven.

In as much as Wikipedia has managed to restrain itself from creating an open order of hierarchy, it has become a major breeding ground for bureaucracy. There are ranks that are earned according to how one makes contributions to the site. Those who have made a name for themselves by regularly contributing are usually given the rank of “super contributor”. In as much as such recognition initially came with certain editorial partiality, control over other contributors was never one of those privileges.

The Emergence of a Ruling Class

Two researchers from Indiana University studied the organizational structure of Wikipedia and came up with startling findings. It was discovered that the sight is controlled by a few senior contributors, who reign supreme over the rest. The once devolved system has become more like a corporation led by a privileged few. This is an early sign that the growth of the giant online encyclopedia is slowing down. The article was originally posted on Science Alert.

Importance of Wikipedia to Brands

One of the best ways that a brand can gain optimum visibility when carrying out an Internet search is when you create a Wikipedia page. Companies with pages on the sight are preferred over those that do not because they achieve a degree of credibility once the pages are formed. In the current information age, more people come across brands on the Internet that any other platform.

Companies and individuals that choose to have a page on the website need to seek professional help from wikipedia editors whose specialty is the creation, maintenance and translation of these pages. has made a name for itself for offering these services to firms and individuals at pocket friendly rates. The experts also guarantee the success of the campaign.

Apartment Living in New Jersey with Boraie Development, LLC

The decision whether to live in an apartment in New Jersey or a home depends on you. However, apartment living makes life simpler and better. Residing in a house whether rented or bought regardless of your location may be unaffordable. Irrespective of the cost of buying or renting a home, other vital considerations will make your life harder. Some of the benefits of living in apartments in New Jersey include:

• Freedom and Independence- Owning a home is equivalent to having a heavy ball chained to your ankle. Considering people who love vacations and traveling, a lot of planning has to be done before the trip. Ensuring general chores are undertaken like someone is available to tend to the garden, cut the grass, and shovel the driveway among others may turn to be hectic. Renting an apartment brings no such hassles. Learn more about Boraie Development LLC:

• Lifestyle- Personal preference is the ultimate determinant of the choice between a house and an apartment. Moving from a home to another may be challenging to your way of life. Getting a home that suits your ultimate lifestyle like before can be challenging. However, for apartments, there is no any lifestyle that they do not support.

• Financial Considerations- Living in a home is one of the most expensive kinds of living. Apart from paying for dwelling itself, house living puts you responsible for property tax, insurance, maintenance and other related costs of ownership. On the other hand, apartment living brings along a considerably low cost of living. Apartments make your life simpler through saving your money.

• Lower Risk- Owning a home can quickly turn into a financial nightmare if you lose your core source of income. Homeowners risk losing their investments if they miss their mortgage payments. Living in an apartment also faces threats such as eviction, though. However, the devastation is far way less than that of being a homeowner. This makes apartment living in New Jersey simpler and easier. Read more: Explainer: How Downtown New Brunswick Has Emerged From Its Doldrums

Opting to live in an apartment requires the assistance of a qualified and experienced real estate development partner. Boraie Development, LLC, has its operations centered on real estate. Among its services are sales and marketing, property management, and real estate development.

In partnerships with renowned contractors, architects, and financial institutions, Boraie Development LLC ensures quality services and works to its clientele. With over three decades of expertise in helping urban communities in New Jersey enhance their living, this company is the ultimate choice for real estate related services.

Additionally, the company has responsible and qualified employees. The management is excellent.

A Close Look Into The Life of George Soros

George Soros is the founder and the owner of the Quantum fund that made billions in 1992 when the Great Britain devalued its currency. George was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He later fled to England in 1947 and joined London School of Economics where he graduated in 1952 with a degree in economics. He started his career by obtaining an entry level position in an investment bank in London. He later migrated to the United States where he held the position of an analyst and investment manager with a few firms including F.M Myer and Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder upto 1973 where George Soros started his own Hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management that later evolved into the famous Quantum Fund.

At Quantum Fund he successfully ran the firm making returns in excess of 30% each and every year for over two decades and on a few occasions making over 100% returns. The epitome of the success at Quantum came in September 17th 1992. The money market had speculated that Britain would have to devalue its currency and little if at all nothing could be done to save the situation. George Soros had borrowed huge funds and placed a bet of 15 billion pounds on this. The night when it announced that Britain will be exiting the ERM and floating its currency, it was huge win for George Soros together with other speculators. The value of the Quantum fund increased from 15 billion pound to over 19 billion pounds when the currency was floated. A few months later, the fund was being valued at over 22 Billion pounds. Quantum Fund on had made over 7 Billion pounds for the few months from the trade and the fall of the Britain Pound. Mr. Soros was guaranteed of at least 20% of the returns from the trade.

Mr. George Soros is equally a renown philanthropist. He is the chairman of The Open Society, a network of foundations and projects in over 100 countries across the globe. Through open society, he has supported paralegals and has had people who have been unlawfully held in custody for lack of legal representation access justice by having them get lawyers for representation. The foundation has equally provided school fees and university fees to thousands of promising students across the world including Roma, helped refugees from armed conflict and other groups of marginalized people.

The foundation on is equally credited for having helped bring accountability and transparency to the natural resource extraction industries whose practice of paying handouts to politicians brought political unrest in many countries. Mr. Soros is famously quoted saying that his success in the financial market has given him greater independence than most people. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest investors in history.

Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The information on how Mr.Soros made Billions from the speculation on the fall of the Britain currency was published via ValueWalk.

Testing Wen By Chaz At

Testing WEN at was a very important thing for the cosmetics industry. Wen by Chaz has been held up many times as the best shampoo in the world, but the only way people can know that for sure is if they see the results for themselves. An article appeared on that showed how the shampoo works, and the article made its way to as it was complete in its approach to making all people with thin hair feel better.
Wen by Chaz starts everyone out with a small amount of shampoo, and it wants people to lather it up so that they can cover all their hair. People will use less shampoo, and then they will save money because they do not have to buy as many bottles of the shampoo. There are a lot of people who have thin hair who want to try this, but they need to have the confidence that they are going to be able to use this shampoo early and often without damaging their hair.

The person who reviewed the shampoo for the Guthy-Renker beauty magazine was able to show that it is very effective, and she also showed that she was able to wash her hair normally. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to use this shampoo over others because it gives them the best results, and it is going to keep their hair from falling out.

Shedding hair has been a menace for a lot of people, but that problem has now been solved by Wen by Chaz. The shampoo is the perfect thing for people who have sensitive hair, and it is going to stop shedding that could have been going on for a long time. Keeping a full head of hair that is healthy is much easier with help from Wen by Chaz.

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FreedomPop and the WhatsApp are Taking over Spain by Storm

The mobile consumer market in Spain is now being dominated by FreedomPop and the WhatsApp. These are two mobile user providers that offer free service to consumers. WhatsApp teamed up with FreedomPop to push its services into new markets around the globe. The nation of Spain was a testing site for this partnership and it has amounted to great success.

FreedomPop is a free mobile service provider that gives subscribers free minutes, text messages and data. Each person that signs up for this services will receive 200 units of each. The WhatsApp is a product and service of Facebook. It was often used online with that service. The company wanted to move WhatsApp into new markets where Facebook was not able to reach and they used the services of FreedomPop to get the job done.

FreedomPop and WhatsApp dominate 70% of the consumer mobile phone market in Spain. Both of these companies needed success in this market so they could push into other regions. The WhatsApp uses a similar platform as FreedomPop when it comes to providing service. They allow customers to have free SMS messages. Both companies make their money when customers upgrade their plans with some paid services.

In January of 2016, FreedomPop secured $50 million in funding to expand its services around the globe. The investors funding this organization realizes that FreedomPop has a winning model and the company’s bottom line is clearly revealing this to be true. The WhatsApp has partnered with FreedomPop for this reason as well. FreedomPop is a U.S. based company but its main customer markets are overseas. Both of these companies are expecting big results for their services in the coming years. You can find out more about the WhatsApp and FreedomPop at the Venture Beat news site.

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Michael Zomber Shows Us The World Of The Samurai

The world of ancient Japan was one that was highly complicated and complex. Japanese culture had many influences over the centuries. However, Japanese leaders decided that it was best for their society to eventually shut all the doors of the nation to all possible outsiders. This is why no one from places outside of Japan was allowed to settle here for many centuries. During this time, locals created a culture that still pulls on the imagination today. Someone who has studied the world of Japanese culture before the arrival of the outside world is historian and author Michael Zomber.

The Samurai World

An aspect of Japanese ancient culture that has drawn much attention from Zomber is that of the world the Japanese Samurai. The Japanese Samurai were a group of warriors who were much famed in Japan and other places for their devotion to duty and their loyalty. They were also much admired for the handwork and detail that was used in the armor they wore and the swords they carried. Zomber has explored such armor and swords in great detail over the course of his lifetime. His passionate love of the complex creation of such items has led him to a career writing about such items and speaking to others about their value and initial creation. He knows that people look to him for an understanding of the culture of the Samurai and the way such items were used by these warriors during the course of their daily lives. He wants others to share his personal passion for this objects and learn to appreciate the culture that helped create them.

Writing About The Samurai

Zomber has chosen to inform the world about the Samurai period in Japan in many ways. One way is to write about this time in the form of fiction. He has written multiple factual articles about the ways in which Samurai culture flourished. His novel, Shogun Iemitsu, is about the culture that led to a romance between two highly admired Samurai. In it, he draws on his extensive understanding of this period of time to help readers experience what life was like each day for those who were part of this elite warrior class. He also helps the reader understand the creation of items that were used by the Samurai including armor and swords. Many fans have found his work highly original and quite compelling.  He also produced a documentary on Bushido that’s available on YouTube.

Michael Zomber continues to work with the History Channel to make things happen.  If you’d like to know more about Michael and his passion for history, be sure to follow him on Facebook.  Or there’s a full biography on his website.

Talk Fusion Brand Evolves in Major Way

The Talk Fusion company is a brand that is has evolved in a major way. Schools are using it. Businesses have put it into action. Even homeowners that want to communicate in a special way are using this software. It has become the global communication brand that is known around the world as the top video conferencing software.

If it was Microsoft or Apple that was in the position, it would just be another technology headline. I wouldn’t be as dazzled by this. Microsoft and Apple have billions of dollars. These are companies that buy other companies that are doing well so making the top video conferencing software would not be a true accomplishment that was out of the ordinary for this organization. With Talk Fusion, however, there is a lot of buzz about this company because the CEO, Bob Reina, is not even someone that has a technology background.

That may be the thing that has made people gravitate towards the story. As luck would have it, Bob Reina, is a dog lover and criminology graduate from Florida that simply wanted to send a video email clip to a friend at some point prior to Talk Fusion. He was told that this wasn’t something that could be done, and he bet his money on the possibility that it could be done. The money that he put down to prove America Online wrong has transformed into a huge company – Talk Fusion – that gets the attention of customers everywhere. Read more at about Bob Reina.

I believe that this is so astounding because he didn’t even know a thing about technology in that perspective. He had a friend that was a tech guru, but Bob Reina was not aware of the possibilities that his question would produce. This was amazing to me because he just went out on his own and made a decision to do something. I like that, and I like the fact that he was eager to stay with the business even as he went into something that was completely unknown. Reina’s faith and persistence is what took him to number one.

Learn more about Bob Reina:

NutriMost Brings Individual Weight Loss Plans to Forefront

I have seen tons of Youtube videos on the way that people lose weight. I have gotten on weight loss programs myself, and I have always seen one thing. Most programs just don’t work for long term weight loss. The NutriMost Recipes plan, however, has a reset concept included in the program that helps people get down to an ideal weight and stay there. I appreciate that. That may be the main reason that I considered what NutriMost brings to the table.
This is a very interesting concept because this is a plan that actually gets you a connection to a customized plan. That doesn’t happen often in the weight loss world. It is much more common for people to actually get with a plan that has a cookie cutter type of profile. With NutriMost I have discovered that there are a lot of people that lose weight because they are actually involved with a plan that fits their lifestyle. For me I was not doing a lot of working out, but I discovered that that losing weight is not just about exercising.

It was through a plan like this that I discovered that harmful toxins played a role in my weight gain. With the NutriMost plan I would also find out that I needed to stay within a certain calorie count. These are the things that I would get from learning more about NutriMost. I enjoyed the process of using this weight loss plan. It was a good experience, and I thought that it was something that was different than other plan.

I believe that this is one of the few plans that is advertised as a healthy diet. Most diet plans will have you doing things that are unhealthy to lose weight. This NutriMost plan has made it easier to stay healthy.




Makeup and Beauty News New Makeup Trends Take the Stage at Coachella

You know the summer festival season is upon us when it’s time for Coachella. Held annually over two consecutive weekends at the Empire Polo Club in California’s Colorado Desert, this year’s festival happened on April 15 – 17 and April 22 – 24. Since 1999, it has been a magnet for cutting-edge music and arts; however Coachella is as much about fashion and makeup as music.

This year there were some notable beauty trends among celebrities. Super-blonde hair was on the scene as Taylor Swift was spotted with bleached blonde locks and singer Bonnie McKee’s tresses with pink hues called to mind candy floss. Trendy, summer looks, however, were not confined to the famous. Bohemian-inspired style crossed over from fashion to beauty. Bright, bold color was everywhere. Nails in neon tones and psychedelic designs contrasted with hand henna patterns on hands. Flash tattoos and wavy, beachy hair with touches of bold color were popular. Whether hair was long, medium or short, accessories were on point with many heads sporting floral crowns, braids and jeweled headbands. Lipsticks were bright and beautiful as well with bold reds and purples and pinks.

Of course, you can count on Wengie, who runs Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel with over 185,000 visitors to be on top of makeup style and skincare. With the burst of popular Korean skincare lines on the market worldwide, Wengie’s advice and tutorials can be used by anyone who wants to stay up to date on makeup and skincare.

Wengie regularly offers video tutorials on makeup techniques such as using eyeliner to achieve looks that go from cute to elegant and how to do contouring. You can also learn how to transform your look from high school to a more sophisticated college style, as well as see before and after makeup transformations. What’s best about Wengie’s site is that she walks you through everything step-by-step and offers links to the products in her tutorials. Whatever your age, if you’ve never been taught how to use makeup, this is the place for you.