Securus Technologies, Prisons Technology Company Offering Communication Solutions.

Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company, which works to provide technological solutions and advancements to correctional facilities to ensure monitoring, safety, and first investigation. Recently, the Securus Technologies launched the latest JLG technologies innovative Investigator pro 4.0 software that comes with features that include searchable voice. The feature will be very useful to investigators since it gives them the ability to track any other calls made from the sample voice.


The feature searchable voice will help to uncover investigations that are of high- interest, and also gang-related criminal activities. JLG Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer, Michael Kester expressed his confidence in the new software saying the new technology unleashes a higher level of sophistication in biometrics, and will help investigators counter and stop criminal activities before they happen. The toolkit also combines a number of other features that are useful in analysis such as tagging of a high- interest group that will ease the complication that accompanies trailing lists of suspects.


Securus Technology is based in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 1.2 million inmates and works with over 3,450 law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities around the United States. The company is determined to work towards its mission of serving its clients by providing efficient communication services to ensure quick and convenient response to an emergency, analysing biometric data, managing information, conducting investigations, and advancement of technology in the correctional facilities in order to ensure safety in the world.


In 2014, November Securus Technologies launched the largest Video visitation terminal project to be installed in correctional facilities and enable inmates to receive video calls from all over the world. In the same year, the company ventured into an agreement with Vanu Inc, where Securus would distribute exclusively wireless access systems to prisons and jails that would see a limit in the distribution of counterfeit wireless systems.

IAP Worldwide Services Designs Innovative ATC System For Military

IAP Worldwide Services has a long history of meeting the needs of the U.S. military. Recently, it was enlisted in the Air Force’s Contract Augmentation program for contractors. Panama City-based Readiness Management Support(RMS), a subsidiary of IAP WorldWide Services, was selected to play the role of lead architect on a special project. The Kabul Air Control Center needed a new air traffic control system built that would be able to handle the demands of Operation Enduring Freedom. Specifically, it required a system that could handle positive control, non-radar detection, and had a visual flight rule and instrument-based flight rule system integrated into it. The air zone where the air traffic control system was built is known as the Kabul Flight Information Region.

IAP Worldwide Services has been relied on by the U.S. military on many occasions because of its ability to provide a wide spectrum of services to it. It is classified as a premier government contractor that operates under the leadership of Al Neffgen, IAP Worldwide Services’ CEO. The company specializes its talents in the areas of logistics and procurement, military base maintenance, contingency support, and technical services. It has projects that are active all over the world and corporate offices in Washington D.C., Panama City, and Irmo, S.C. to coordinate the activity. For the construction of the air traffic control system as well as auxiliary facilities across Afghanistan IAP Worldwide Services placed a team of highly skilled engineers and personnel trainers on the ground to work hand in hand with the Air Force and the local Afghan Government on a daily basis.

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The Kabul Air Control Center is anticipated to handle one of the busiest air-spaces in the world and it can do so because of the expert system and personnel training performed by IAP Worldwide Services. IAP Worldwide Services can provide rapid response in support of the military wherever it chooses to deploy across the world and can come up with original schematics to handle ongoing operations. For the project in Kabul, IAP was asked to innovate a new class of airway design to meet the unique needs of Operation Enduring Freedom. It was tasked with delivering, installing, and maintaining the necessary communication systems as well. One of RMS’s subcontractors, ManTech Telecommunications, was tasked with traveling to 4 remote locations in Afghanistan to install facilities to support the air traffic control system’s operations. IAP Worldwide staff and handle any task even if there is danger involved.

Lip Balm Is The Ultimate Accessory For Any Purse

Women who are looking for the ultimate accessory to keep in their purses need to remember that carrying lip balm is always a good idea. It often gets forgotten because people think that there is no need for it sometimes. A woman who is willing to spend her time carrying the lip balm around will thank herself when she needs it, and it can be the thing that she offers to other people who need it. Lip balm like Evolution of Smooth , EOS is a very good choice for someone who is trying to be sure that they have something that will keep their lips from drying out.
The lip balm will feel very good when it goes on, and it will become the only thing that women need to have in their purses. It is a very easy item to use, and it becomes the one thing that changes the way that women feel about themselves. They will notice that it helps them keep their mouth healthy, and they will not have to worry about wondering how they will fix dry lips. Sometimes lip balm is a much better option than lip gloss because it is so good for them.

Evolution of Smooth has been the best option for women for a long time, and it will help women have lips that they can feel confident about. They can use the lip balm any time they want, and they can use it when they know that they need to do something because their lips are starting to crack. It is a special formula that helps women keep their lips happy, and it will work on anyone else. Women can hand it out liberally to anyone who needs it, and they will all share in the best lip balm on the market. EOS products can be purchased from Walmart and can also be bought online via Ulta.



The Birth of Sweetgreen and Its Operations

When Nathan Ru and his friends were studying in Washington, D.C., they had trouble getting healthy joints to eat. They were looking for fun and easy places. Nathan and his friends always wondered if the answer lay in the tavern on M Street. Six years later, the space on M Street is now the 21-store restaurant chain sweetgreen. Nathan was speaking about that during the Wharton marketing conference that took place recently.


Nathan and his friends persistently talked to the landlady of the building to convince her to rent out space to them. At that time they were a semester away from completing their studies. Nathan acknowledges that the landlady was kind-hearted since she helped them despite the fact that they did not have any restaurant experience. Nathan attributes their success to the landlady, saying that the business would not be where it is today were it not for the landlady.

About sweetgreen

Sweetgreen has stores in the main cities in Northeast and suburbs like Washington, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Over the years, Sweetgreen continues to provide fresh and healthy food. The restaurant buys most ingredients from local farmers. Theresa Dold is the head of digital marketing at Sweetgreen. Theresa was at the conference with Nathan Ru. Theresa explained that the firm has always been more than a salads bar. According to Theresa, the company began with a deeper objective.


The head of digital marketing explained that Sweetgreen looks from the inside out, and it focuses on the “why” even before considering the “what.” Theresa noted that the company offers an excellent line of juices, and it throws a music festival annually. All the stores adhere to the core values of the firm and serve the society. Nathan explains that their firm, clients, and the community have a stake. Ru explains that everything in their company is authentic. They ensure that they satisfy their customers so that they can tell a friend.


A musical solution

According to Nathan, the signature moment of Sweetgreen resulted from what other firms thought was a disaster. During their first two weeks after getting a bigger space in 2009, Sweetgreen was not getting clients. Surprisingly enough, they did not panic. They brought new speakers then started playing music outside the store every Saturday and Sunday. The strategy brought in more clients each day. The firm also uses a tribal marketing initiative where it partners with other healthy lifestyle businesses.