Sweetgreen Living For Its Community

People in this day of age have issues with their eating habits due to the many options out there to eat unhealthy. There is fast food at every corner, easy to eat snacks in shops, and just general bad ingredients for people to cook with at home. It makes it quite hard for people to find the right options to feed their body correctly and on a budget, making the lazy options of these unhealthy foods very appealing. This can be seen very easily in America with the amount of fast food bought and the increase of packageable easy to go products being sold recently.

These trends are starting to change, however, in Georgetown, Washington D.C. with three entrepreneurs and their dream. In the town, eating habits have started to change for the better due to citizens beginning to want to take care of their health and pay attention to what they eat. What has caused this social and mental change in the city is the company Sweetgreen founded by Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. The company strives to improve the healthiness of their community through their food products. As of right now, they sell different kinds of healthy salads for people to eat. They are an easy quick snack that is great to eat on the go or to have as a meal at the house. Their successful product isn’t the only reason that Georgetown’s eating habits have changed, however, it is the companies deep involvement in their community that has had the most effect.


The trio made sure to make the community a large part of their company’s focus when they were founding Sweetgreen. The company as of late has held workshops on how to eat healthy for the citizens of the town, along with visiting schools and teaching kids the benefits of a good meal. These visits include hands-on activities that help participants learn how to make healthy meals and ways to make them just as good as what they were making before. As of recent, the company also started their own festival called Sweetlife. There the company combines its founders’ love of music, food, and their community for a great activity in the town. Their caring attitude for the community is what has given Sweetgreen so much of its success and is why Georgetown loves Sweetgreen so much.