Fantasy football rankings

This is an award-winning independent podcast that produces fantasy football content throughout the year and records. Their focus is to produce entertaining content that is of a high quality in production. The show began in 2014 with Andy Holloway, Jason Moore,and Mike. The three have been friends for a long time and later combined to start the fantasy footballers. The Fantasy Footballers focus to football advice and expertise. League communication and strategy is key in fantasy footballers. The podcast is distributed on iTunes, Google Play,Spotify, Stitcher,Tunein, and Soundcloud. In 2016 the podcast was nominated for “People’s Choice” and “Best Sports Podcast”from

The fantasy footballers fans are called #FootClan which can be found on show is supported by advertisers and the community.Learn more about the show on The fantasy football rankings take rankers such as Matthew Berry (MB), Mike Clay (MC), Tristan H. Cockcroft (TC), Eric Karabell (EK) and Field Yates


How Rocketship Education helps students succeed academically

It is evident that each language around the globe has its unique way show gratitude by saying thank you. Note that gratitude is an inborn quality that lives deep within every individual, and different happening triggers it, and it also goes beyond boundaries of age, gender, and race. Gratitude is an acknowledgment of the real things that people feel in their soul, and it comes from the heart. Some someone shows gratitude, he offers a gift freely and unearned.

Rocketship United Academy is governed by leaders and has teachers and support staff who are determined to share their appreciation with students and their parents. An active culture thrives within the walls of this school, whereby each school is governed by five core principles while four of them are shared among their network. The values include responsibility, empathy, respect, and persistence. It is has been a rule that the Rocketeers must recite the shares values in their creed every day and live them out while at school and in the community.

The school is built on this core values something that allows students are learning there to grow in a society that shares a desire to exceed anticipation. However, the fifth core value of every institution is chosen by the teachers and parents. This is to allow them to come up with a value that perfectly illustrates the school’s unique character and vision. Note that the fifth core value must range from service, bravely and to curiosity.

All the institution’s core values fit well with the mission to prepare every student to be successful in school and beyond by equipping them with critical character expertise. The majority of students in this institutions come from poor households. Recent findings have revealed that kids living in the poverty-stricken society go through uncontrolled to toxic stress than kids who come from the middle-class or upper-class families. Note that this situation makes it hard for those kids to control their emotions, resolve conflicts or respond to provocations.

For that reason, the institution strives to create a consistent, foreseeable and positive learning experience that assist those students in developing the social-emotional expertise needed to thrive the in the classroom and beyond. The instructional programs offered at Rocketship United Academy include social-emotional learning curricula.

Clay Siegall leads Seattle Genetics to first viable ADC

For decades, the only option for cancer treatment was chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. All of these treatments had horrible side effects, often leaving the patient permanently scarred and disabled. But that all began to change in the ‘90s, when a number of new types of drugs and cancer treatments started coming on the scene. This new generation of cancer treatment, broadly referred to as targeted cancer therapy, promised to drastically improve the efficacy of treatments and reduce side effects dramatically.


One of the key figures in the development and introduction of this new class of drugs is a man named Clay Siegall. Dr. Siegall has a long history as a cancer researcher. With an MS from the University of Maryland in biology as well as a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, he had worked for over 15 years for a string of research firms, including the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He was working as a senior researcher at the latter firm, when he decided to strike out on his own, working on the development of an all new class of targeted cancer therapy known as antibody drug conjugates.


in 1998, Dr. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, the first company dedicated solely to the development of antibody drug conjugates. With only a few million dollars in venture capital, Dr. Siegall began working feverishly with just a skeletal crew of researchers and office staff. But he quickly grew the company into a multi-billion-dollar firm, having one of the largest IPOs in biotech history in 2001. Over the next 10 years, Seattle Genetics would go on to develop nearly 20 different antibody drug conjugate product lines. They also developed a large number of proprietary processes for the synthesis of a large number of antibody drug conjugate drugs and other types of cancer treatments.


In 2011, Seattle Genetics had its first FDA approval. The drug called ADCetris was approved by the FDA for the treatment of refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This was a truly game-changing development in the treatment of that disease. ADCetris went on to save thousands of lives, giving those with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma who had tried all other treatments and we’re unresponsive to them and new lease on life.


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JHSF and Their Boss José Auriemo Neto Reshaping the World

For most people, José Auriemo Neto’s name is not well known. But people from Brazil have certainly heard of him. His company JHSF works in real estate. The projects include apartments and other residential properties as well as commercial lots.

All Projects Start Small

They have spent time researching the market and going after various new development options that bring in revenue. They are not only re-shaping the market but also Brazil. At first, the company only developed residential properties in the different neighborhoods. Later they shifted their attention to projects that would continue bringing in revenue after the refurbishment was finished.

The company itself started its work in 1972 under the leadership of Fabio Auriemo from Brazil. They worked on smaller projects before the company could expand. At the moment the company has projects in Brazil, Uruguay as well as the US.

In the United States, the company has buildings in New York City. They also invested in development in Uruguay which is now a residential project in Las Piedras in Punta del Este.

Taking Risks to Grow

One of the projects JHSF worked on was the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. It was the first shopping center in Brazil that also had its subway station.

José Auriemo Neto was the overseer of one of the first retail developments the company took on. It was a big deal since they had secured a contract with the retail giants such as Hermes and Pucci.

The luxury brands were looking into expanding to Brazil, and JHSF saw a new investment option. JHSF also secured a contract with Jimmy Choo, another business giant seeking to broaden the trade in Brazil. These contracts mostly helped to raise the prestige of the company. It also elevated the shopping center to the next level.

Leading by Example

José Auriemo Neto graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University in Brazil. He began his career with JHSF in 1993 and started gathering real estate experience straight away. He also participated in founding Parkbem, a parking lot managing company to add to the company’s retail empire.

He leads by example and works hard to pursue different new projects the company could invest in further reshaping the real estate market in the world.

A Hearty Dinner for Two

This beneful commercial ( is a heart warming scene of dog and dog-mom eating dinner together. While the dog enjoys his bowl of Beneful Original, he observes his mom eating nothing but crackers and a cheese stick. Nevertheless, this dog is not about to let his bowl of delicious food go to waste. He continues gobbling while he thinks about the wholesome flavors he gets out of every bite. With such an exciting bowl waiting for him every night at dinner, it’s easy to enjoy his meal with his mom. While they have different tastes, the love these two have for eachother is obvious.

Andrew Rolfe Works With The Leadership Of The Ubuntu Fund To Raise More Resources

The Ubuntu Fund is a renowned organization that has been supporting disadvantaged children in the society. Over the years, they have helped over 400,000 children. When Jacob Lief founded the organization, it was only focusing on provision of education. However, the management of the Fund realized that students were not realizing their full potentials in class. To this end, they decided to undertake a comprehensive research. They found that HIV and hunger was hampering many children from going to school and concentrating on their studies. The leadership of the Fund started providing the students with nutrition and healthcare services. Today, there is a high enrollment and many children are doing exceptionally well in their studies.

Notably, the Fund runs a school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. At the institution, the management of the same developed an innovative program. This program seeks to support all children from when they join the school until when they commence their careers. Recently, the Fund decided to hold a gala dinner in London. 300 guests graced the auspicious occasion. Andrew Rolfe ensured that the guests were well entertained. Moreover, he made sure that each guest was served with the meal of his or her choice. The Fund expected to raise £600,000. To their surprise, they were able to raise over £603,000. During the occasion Sinesipho Rabidyani said that she is a proud beneficiary of the Fund’s scholarship. Her story of how her father’s drinking behavior affected her childhood touched most of the guests.

These funds shall be put into good use. The management of the Fund said that they would expand their campus and construct a large pediatric clinic. The Ubuntu Fund shall use the extra money to enroll more needy children in the society.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been serving as the chairman of the organization. He has also been rendering his services for TowerBook as the managing partner. Andrew is a graduate of Harvard University. Rolfe has gained extensive management experience by virtue of working for different leading entities.

In the past, he worked for the Gap. As the president of the institution’s international division, Andrew expanded the company’s operations abroad. Rolfe has also worked for Pret A. Manger and Booker Foodservice. He is credited for enhancing the growth of these companies through his visionary leadership.


Madison Street Capital Leaders in Finance and Investment Banking

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital has developed an impressive reputation among those in the financial world. This financial organization helps businesses reach their financial goals. Throughout the business world, they help clients in achieving financial goals by obtaining new credit sources. Madison Street Capital helps customers understand and negotiate complex mergers and acquisitions. Whether getting an open line of credit or understanding the complex process of mergers and acquisitions; Madison Street Capital is there to help corporations succeed. Learn more:


Through the years Madison Street Capital acquired several prestigious awards. Anthony Marsala, co-founder of Madison Street Capital, received the 40 under Forty Award. This award gives top honors to those forty and under who possess unique talents and are outstanding in the financial world. The award honors those forty and under who are impressive leaders in the business world. In 2017, Madison Street Capital won the Turnaround Award; competing among over 350 rivals and peers in the business world. They received the award for their ability in restructuring a financial transaction worth approximately twenty-five million dollars. Madison Street Capital is an impressive organization, well-known for its philanthropic work. Contributing to both the Red Cross and United Way, they also encourage their associates to give to charity. The Madison Street Capital reputation remains in place; putting the organization at the top of the financial world. Learn more:


The investment banking firm Madison Street Capital originated in Chicago, Illinois. Their commitment to success combined with outstanding leadership assists various companies involved in strategic financial transactions. Their goal is providing financial services benefiting both their clientele and investors. Whether buying or selling a business, they are the preferred experts in the world of investment banking. Well known in the United States, they are established in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital is recognized as an accomplished leader in the world of business finance. However, they are also considered experts in estate and tax planning. Whether opening a line of credit or selling a business, Madison Street Capital is the investment banking company preferred by corporations and financial experts through throughout the world. Learn more: