Rocketship Education: Propelling Communities Forward

The meaning of community is often accused of being lost with the times. Some people complain that neighbors do not help each other like they used to. That simple comfort seems to be lost to time. However, that is not the case with many communities. In fact, many more communities seem to realize that this is the best way to ensure the success of everyone. Consider one innovative new education program and it impacts, Rocketship Education. This program employs a number of community building exercises to build a better future for all involved.

Rocketship Education is a new charter school program that operates in 3 states and the District of Columbia. They specialize in turning the tides on under performing schools. Their programs have been met with successful results. One major achievement was being ranked in the top 10% of schools serving impoverished communities in California. Their mission is to ensure that every student is able to achieve regardless of income level. They exemplify this by encouraging students to identify as rocketeers. This nickname is to drive home to every student that they can achieve greatness regardless of circumstance as well as a way to drive a connection to their school and community.

The program does not just talk the talk but also walks the walk. They require all staff members to reach out to families. Involving families in their children’s education helps drive success. Instructors are required to meet with each student in their home at least once. This experience engages parents as well as gives the teacher a comprehensive idea of each student’s unique challenges. With this information, instructors develop thoughtful instruction techniques customized to students needs.

Supporting the community as a whole is also a major goal of the program. They not only encourage students to connect with their community but the school actively engages with the community as well. One major example is when tragedy struct San Jose. Many students and their families were impacted and hurting for basic essentials as well as deposits on new housing or insurance deductibles. The school quickly worked to raise over $60,000 which was then distributed to families. Through their involvement, they were able to stabilize the homes of countless students as well as their families.

The Creativity of Lori Senecal in Business

Lori Senecal is a top member of Bogusky marketing agency and Crispin Porter, she has been serving at the companies since 2015 as their international chief executive officer. He is well-known to induce good leadership skills in taking companies to better productive organizations. Brought up in Canada, Senecal went to the University of McGill and attained her degree in sales and marketing. Some of her great skills include; data analysis, integrated marketing, handling financial records such as foreign accounts and designing brands. She is the best in what she does.

She landed jobs in a number of organizations and was a global accountant director at the brand; Coca-Cola. She also had the opportunity to work with DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc in the year 2009. She first served as the marketing officer and after sometime promoted to be in charge of all sales and marketing division. Nevertheless, Senecal was hired by McCann Ericson Worldwide that is part of Mcann Worldwide Inc to serve as the assistant director of TAG-New York. She previously thought of this and started it in 2003. The organization then promoted her to be, the vice president of the executive as well as the account management director.

According to GCReport, in the year 2009, she became the president of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. She was very good at her job thus taking the firm to an international level as well as taking the number of employees higher from 250 to 900. She highly contributed to the success f the company which included being part of the Advertising Agencies for three years. In the year 2014 Lori Senecal got into MDC Partners as the chief executive officer and director and later on joined CP&B. She boosted MDC by initiating strategic arrangements and enhancing working models. For more details visit Adweek to know more.

At CP&B, Senecal takes care of the expansion and coordination of the company. Lori has made the culture of the company better and by doing so it is now a modern company with more partnerships. Moreover, the entrepreneurship skills of the firm have also increased. She also holds motivational seminars. Lori Senecal is a creative individual who uses her skills to develop companies and as a result, she has been awarded occasionally for her creative skills.

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The Success Story of Whitney Wolfe as a Tech Expert

Whitney Wolfe is a very famous young entrepreneur in the business and has been able to work in the field of technology very well. Anybody who has ever used a dating app have at one time or the other have heard about Whitney. She is a great person in the industry and happens to be the CEO of the fourth most dating app in the world and has been on the frontline fighting for success. She is also a co-founder of the most popular dating site by name Tinder. She has really faced a lot of challenges in her journey towards making it in life and has been on the frontline working for success. She has been on the frontline making sure that she achieves success. Her journey was not as colorful as it was supposed to be. She is a great lesson to prove that whether you are down or not, you can still make it in life.

Whitney was born in the famous town of Salt Lake City, Utah who was able to have a very peaceful life while she was a child. She had very committed parents who always ensured that Whitney remained protected and taken care of. She was always on the frontline making sure that she did well to achieve in life. She was a very dedicated student while in high school and always worked for achievement in her education. Her mission has always been to achieve in terms of academics and after graduating in her school. She later was invited to extend her degree course at the famous University of Southern Methodist.

Whitney Wolfe was a very hard working person and has always made sure that she works for success. She started her first job while she was still 19 years during the famous BP oil spill which affected so many people. She was always committed to ensuring that she achieves big time and had to team up with the famous Patrick Aufdenkamp and they decided to open a non-profit making organization which they used to look for more funds to help them expand their career. They have always been on the frontline making sure that they make it in business development. Nicole and Richie were photographed with the bags and they later attracted so many global attention. She did all this while she was still at the University. After graduating, she was able to relocate to the famous South East Asia to work in an orphanage.

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