Lime Crime, a Cruelty-Free and Vegan Makeup.

There are many beauty trends that you can include in getting ready for spring look using Lime Crime products. It is a cruelty-free and Vegan makeup brand. It is one of the first digitally-native beauty brand which is cult favorite in social and digital media. Spring is the most colorful season consist of most desired fashion and beauty trends. But to follow these trends can be tricky as most of us do not know where to get started. You can get inspired from anyone or any place you just have to look around. You can follow these beauty tips and look fabulous for any occasion.

First tip is highlighting which is very popular these days. By highlighting you can bring out the best features of your face. It comes in liquid, powder and stick form. It illuminates and add glows where you apply it on your face. You can apply highlighter on cheekbones, ridge of your nose and even under your brows for added definition. Lime Crime has highlighter palettes with different color options to choose from.

The next tip is for the perfect matte lips with shimmery eyes. There are many kind of lipsticks such as creamy, glossy, stained, and liquid. But the one that is popular these days no matter what the occasion or season, is matte lips. Matte lips are so natural that sometimes people think either if its lipstick or your natural lip shade. It has no shine or gloss or texture. This cruelty-free makeup brand has the best liquid lipstick which is also long lasting and easy to use. It comes in variety of shades from nude to dark colors which looks great on lips.

Lime Crime also have different eyeshadow palettes that offers multiple eyeshadow colors. There most popular palettes are the Venus palette series. In total they have 4 volumes of Venus palettes. The last Venus palette they came out with, is Venus xl, which has eighteen eyeshadows. They are pressed powder palettes with full sized pigmented eyeshadows that can be use alone or in conjunction with other eyeshadow palettes to achieve colorful looks.