Malcolm CasSelle: Understanding Consumer’s needs

Industry is subject to rising and falling with the needs and whims of consumers. Understanding the reason for these shifting ties is the key to a business’s ability to survive and thrive. If executives wish to keep their company in good health they need to recognize the basis that supports their product as well as new trends that may affect them. Among the things that have changed exponential in our lifetime is the shifting demographics of gamers. Consistently, gamers are representing larger portions of the general population. A tactful entrepreneur would find a way to ensure that they got a piece of that growing profit by providing a valuable service to these consumers. Ensuring that their needs are met is the clearest path to success.

Luckily for OPSkins, they have employed Malcolm CasSelle as CIO. In this role, he was instrumental in pointing out the need for a new marketplace for gamers to sell their digital goods. This community was heavily fragmented with no clear base. They felt like establishing a secure and easily accessible platform would ensure that they could create the new home of such a marketplace. They successfully did this with the creation of worldwide ads set exchange shortly known as WAX. WAX is constructed from a solid foundation of blockchain and decentralize smart contracts. This combination enables the comfortable and secure exchange that users desire. They are able to sell and buy in-game things without ever having to leave the game.

Malcolm is an entrepreneur credited with an intuitive understanding of technological trends. He began his career by establishing a firm base in digital technologies. He did so by earning a bachelor’s and then a Masters degree in computer science from MIT and then Stanford. With a firm base in place, he moved on to prominent roles in several companies. Before working with OPSkins Malcolm was president and CTO of Tronc. He also served as SVP and GM of digital media at SeaChange. Further, he is a co-founder of PCCW located in Hong Kong. He is also pushed several startups such as Media Pass and Xfire.

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Fortress Investment Group Flourish through Mergers and Acquisitions

Among the many factors that have contributed to the success of Fortress Investment Group is effective management of mergers and acquisitions. The firm has special expertise in the area. Fortress has employed professionals that have been very successful in establishing and maintaining professional business relationships with various corporate stakeholders, senior management, and leaders. This has made it smooth for the firm to enter into very fruitful joint business ventures with other organizations through mergers and acquisitions.These crucial deals started back in 2006 when Fortress Investment Group acquired a Canadian company that operated the largest ski resort in North America, Intrawest. Between the same period and 2007, Fortress also purchased Florida East Coast Industries; a firm that owned Florida East Coast Railway. It also acquired RailAmerica and Penn National Gaming (which operated numerous casinos and horse racing venues).In 2010, Fortress continued to purchase AIG’s American General Financial Services, an organization that later changed to Springleaf Financial Services.

Under the umbrella of Fortress Group, the value of Springleaf Financial Services skyrocketed to $3.5 billion, what was 27 times the value of its purchase price. Other firms that Fortress Investment Group either acquired or with which it entered into partnership were Logan Circle Partners, D.B. Zwirn & Co., Mount Kellett, and Graticule Asset Management Asia. Later in 2017, a Japanese multinational company, SoftBank Group Corporation announced to have acquired Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash. This move saw all the outstanding Fortress shares transfer their ownership to SoftBank and its fully owned Subsidiaries. The leadership of the company, however, remained under the three principals; Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. Though under the SoftBank’s umbrella, Fortress continues to operate independently with its headquarters in New York and San Francisco. Fortress Group possesses a very significant history characterized by success and an adorable reputation. For instance, in 2007, the company went public, a move that made history internationally. It was the first company of its size and type to announce an IPO, a move that was heavily imitated by its industry counterparts. Fortress has also received many industry awards and accolades that are only designed for the best performing firms across the investment industry.

About Fortress

Fortress Investment Group is an investment company that has been setting the pace for the industry since its formation in 1998. It’s an alternative asset business managing more than $43 billion in assets under management. Fortress is proud to have a vast clientele more than 1800 private and institutional clients from all over the world. Learn More.

The RealReal: Consignment is Big Business

Consignment is big business and The RealReal knows it. With the business of reselling, there is no longer a distinction between the haves who can afford luxury brands with names like Chanel and Gucci, from the have nots that look at such items as something they can’t have. What is a consignment store? People come into the store with items(clothing, shoes, and jewelry) and sell it through the store. The store takes a cut of the profit.

The RealReal have gotten particularly good at doing this. They have an online store and two brick and mortar stores. One store in New York and one in Las Vegas. The business was started by Julie Wainwright in 2011 and has been around every since then. If you are looking for a name brand items that you have seen on Paris fashion runways then there is a good chance that The RealReal has got it or check back with them because they will have it soon.

Reselling items is growing at an accelerated pace. To put it in numbers, just think 18 billion dollars in ecommerce resale items alone. There is a trust people have with consignment stores that what they are buying is real, and The RealReal knows this taking pride in their ability to authentic what they are taking into their stores. Thrift and consignment stores are a way to get good quality clothing at a fraction of the price. Stores like Grailed and Heroine are the other consignment stores that have also come up.

The RealReal online store is a wonder. You can go on to their online store and view their amazing photographs that showcases their clothing and find what you are looking for. Do not be surprise if you find yourself browsing for hours. The RealReal is a consignment business that is worth taking a look at.

Equities First Holdings Reveals New Plan

The first thing anybody needs to know about Equities First Holdings is that this is a company with a strong focus on its clients. They understand the world of investments can be a dangerous one and those who don’t have the right tools to win are often left in the dust. To hep people in need better prepare for investing, Equities First provides loans backed by securities. That means you can use whatever stocks, bonds, or other financial investments you have as collateral in order to obtain a loan when you need it. This model has made success much easier to obtain for those who choose to use their services.

Equities First is currently looking at ways to expand its influence to other parts of the world through its new branch in Australia. The hope is that this will show people who have never seen this sort of investment backed lending there is potential for them if they decide they to explore. In order to make using this service easier for investors, Equities First is currently in the process of signing deals with a number of local firms. If things all go according to plan, this might be the beginning of an empire.

A Snapshot Of The Rally Super Star Rodrigo Terpins

Being the most popular name in the mouth of many Brazilian when rally championship is mentioned, Rodrigo Terpins seems to enjoy every bit of what he passionately love doing on the face of the earth. And hey, his popularity is usually closely followed by his brother’s Michel Terpins who joined the rally world after being in motorcycles for some time. Perhaps he saw the charms his brother was doing in various rally competitions and was drawn to the rally. Currently, he is really doing well just like his experienced brother.

Rodrigo Terpins and his brother drew some inspiration from their father who is also a man who is passionate when it comes to sports. Previously, their father, Jack Terpins was a basketball player between 1960 and 1970. Later he became the community leader of basketball and the President at Maccabi World Union and consequently Latin American Jewish Council. He was a really committed player no wonder his sons followed the same sporting path. Basically, their family is greatly into sports.

Rodrigo Terpins is an active member of Bull Sertoes Rally Team where he is involved severally and other times in the main rally championships in Brazil. He has emerged among the top ten drivers in various competitions including the 22nd edition of the T1 prototype category where he and his co-driver Fabricio Bianchini emerged position 8. In the previous races in this category, Rodrigo has displayed his acute driving skills by becoming position 3 and the 6th position overall. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Currently, Terpins is the Director at T5 Participacoes which is a well-known business in Brazil. You don’t just become a rally driver by waking up one morning and entering into competition No; you must be having some other skills because rally competition is not just a matter of driving. You must be very articulate in paying attention to details. These are some of the skills Rodrigo Terpins learned in his service at Lojas Marisa where he served as the director of the operations department. This is where he learned how to match his goals with what his team needs. Many rally fans believe in that the future of Rodrigo’s rally driving which they expect to be eve bright characterized with success.



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