Could Have Fortress Investment Group Accepted a Takeover Bid as an Expansion Strategy?

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset manager who has been in the industry for a more extended period. The company has been offering quality services in asset management to its customers through a customized strategy that ensures that all its customers get what they want and at the time they want. Its personalized approach has helped the firm to remain the best in the industry and boost of the largest customer base of any wealth manager in the sector.

However, the current announcement that the firm will be sold to a Japanese Investment Group seems to have caught many individuals, including those who work in the financial industry by surprise. Nobody expected that Fortress Investment Group would accept a takeover bid from another investor given how the firm has been dominant in the industry for a more extended period. Nevertheless, accepting a takeover bid means that the executive members of the decision-making organ could have seen something in store.

It is claimed that Fortress Investment Group will continue to operate as an independent entity such that the new owners will not interfere with how the organization operates on a daily basis. This will give it an opportunity to penetrate the Asian market that has not been exploited by other asset managers. Therefore, the company could have accepted the takeover bid as a strategic plan to ensure the organization gets a new market that has not been inhibited by wealth managers in the United States and Europe.

The second reasons as to why the organization could have accepted the takeover bid because it was sure of getting a significant amount of money. The money received by the firm will go into its investment strategies and expand its wealth while at the same time purchasing assets in other areas. Nevertheless, some of the money will go to pay for the shareholders who owned units in the entity.

For the past several years, Fortress Investment Group has been on the record entering the most lucrative business deals in the investment industry, globally. The acquisitions that the organization has done are a phenomenon. For this reason, the investors and the public are also urged not to be skeptical about the recent acquisition of the company by SoftBank. The decision to make this move was well-informed, and nothing is expected as a result but success. The organization’s underlying assets are expected to skyrocket within the next few months. This is after the consideration of the great goodwill of the acquirer, SoftBank Group.

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Fagali’i Village A Gateway To A South Pacific Paradise

Almost isolated from most of the world Fagali’i village has a population of under 2,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Upolu Island which is part of the Samoan Archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters and the most relaxing and bright white sand beaches imaginable. Upolu island is home to the most exotic and breath-taking sea-life in the world! This island has a great selection of hotels and other accommodations for all type of travelers from the adventurer to the ones that are looking to just get away and relax.

Making access to the island of Opolu easier the Fagali International Airport is located near the capital city Apia. This exclusive single terminal airport conveniently places travelers near hotels and area resorts under 20 minutes by ground transportation. The airport is mainly operated by Polynesian Airlines and it offers international travel. This airport is small and has limited features along the terminal.


Once in Fagali’i travelers won’t have to wander too far to find the most exotic adventures within minutes from the airport according to In the premises of the Fagali’i village, travelers can find a variety of things to do that will cater most tastes. From diving and snorkeling to Yoga hiking tours, to museums and natural scenery the various choices will fit any mood.

A must-do while in Fagali definitely will be cave pool! Nothing can’t beat the experience of dipping yourself into a crystal clear pool of freshwater spring made from old volcanic lava tubes. These cave pools are not only relaxing but reaffirm the magic of a South Pacific paradise.

With no doubt, Fagali’i village is a gateway to one beautiful Island that has a lot to offer according to From its relaxing white sand beaches surrounded by majestic palm trees to the untouched rainforest deep in the island, Upolu is a gem in the South Pacific Ocean awaiting for adventurer travelers to make this island the paradise destination they have been searching for.


Tough Lessons that all the Doctors Should Learn from Dr. Saad Saad

Immediately after Dr. Saad Saad completed his undergraduate degree in pediatric medicine in Egypt at the University of Cairo, he went to London where he pursued his internship. Later, he moved to the United States where he has been delivering services to the country’s citizens with a lot of passion. It has been more than 40 years since he started his career in the US. Throughout his journey in his medical career, Saad Saad has been able to perform more than ten thousand pediatric surgeries, all of which have been successful. His great success can be attributed to the passion he has for helping the needy and also making the operations in the medical sector smoother.


Most of the critical surgeries that Dr. Saad has performed over the years have been on the poor children, and young adults who could have never received medical attention were it not for such assistance. He has been a great believer of giving health service to the community. He understands that the growth of any community must be enhanced through proper healthcare for its members. During his career as a pediatrician, Saad Saad encountered various challenges that could sometimes hinder him from performing his operations efficiently. Most of these challenges were technology-based, and so he understood that there were chances of improving the conditions for better services to the patients. He believed that there existed unlimited ways of improving the operations of the pediatric medical sector to ensure that the patients were served effectively. Learn more:


One of the challenges that he focused on solving was the use of an obsolete catheter. This device is very useful to the doctors in various ways especially if they are performing complex surgical procedures on the patients. The catheter operates by being fixed inside the patient’s body and hence a savvy method had to be designed to ensure that the patients were safe. Traditionally, the surgeons used guide wires which could sometimes tear inside the patients hence causing health complications. Once the catheter was in the body, the medical practitioners had to trace them later in case they required to give further medication to the patients. This was when they would use the X-rays to locate the positions of the catheters.


Unfortunately, consistent use of this technique would cause health complications for the patients. This was quite detrimental to both the patients and the medical experts. To their rescue, Dr. Saad Saad invented an advanced model of a catheter that would be located using electromagnetic energy. The doctors would hold an electromagnetic device on the surface of the patient’s skin and move it around. Once it got closer to the catheter, electromagnetic signals would be transmitted to the device, and the doctor would be able to identify the catheter’s location without hurting the patients.