Adam Milstein Supporting Israel

Adam Milstein is a successful business leader and entrepreneur. He also donates a significant amount of money each year to charities in Israel. Adam was born in Israel, and he even served in the military while living there. He decided to move to the United States in 1981 with his wife.

Adam enrolled at the University of Southern California to earn a business degree. He worked a job in the real estate industry while going to school. Adam’s father was a real estate developer in Israel. After graduating with an MBA in 1983, Adam landed a prestigious job at a real estate firm.

Real Estate

Adam Milstein started working in the real estate field when he was young. He enjoyed working for his father, but he wanted to develop his own identity. After moving to the United States, he worked with successful business owners in California.

He now manages the finances of one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Adam Milstein has a unique set of skills that make him perfect for the job. Not only has he won awards for his work, but he has also been recognized for his contributions to the community.

In the coming years, Adam plans to continue investing in real estate. Adam Milstein and his wife own dozens of rental properties in California. When the housing market crashed in 2008, Adam took the opportunity to buy homes that had decreased in value.

Political Support

Adam spends a lot of time and money supporting charities that he believes in. He is passionate about helping Israel. He firmly believes that the United States should spend more money supporting the people of Israel. Adam has worked with the United Nations on several projects in Israel. Adam also spoke at a conference led by the United Nations. In the speech, he encouraged world leaders to seek peace instead of war. He also urged government leaders to reduce taxes to spur economic growth.

Chris Burch Is Trailblazer For Entrepreneurs Everywhere.


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If you worked as hard or as often as Chris Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital, you’d likely find yourself always on the go. Chris Burch is a globetrotting entrepreneur who has invested in and worked with professionals from just about every industry. He is the man responsible for helping Ellen DeGeneres launch her lifestyle brand (ED) as well as the person responsible for rehabbing the luxury resort Nihiwatu into the global icon that it is today. Burch has done pretty much all there is to do and he isn’t close to being done yet. Let’s learn what makes Burch such a success in order to see if he has any tips that readers at home can follow, check (

As an entrepreneur, Chris Burch knows that there is never going to be an easy-to-follow routine in his life. Burch admits that one week he could be on a flight to the South Pacific while the next week he could be attending meetings with businesses all over New York and Los Angeles, helpful source on Part of being such a successful entrepreneur understands that your schedule doesn’t really exist in the traditional sense; you just have to be ready for where duty calls you to go.

In order to have a long and successful career in the entrepreneurial world, Chris Burch believes that you have to get good at recognizing the right people to collaborate with. While the majority of entrepreneurs won’t be working with the Ellen DeGeneres’s of the world, these entrepreneurs still have control of their companions. Burch believes that every success story in the entrepreneurial world comes down to being in the right room with the right idea and with the right people. If there is one lesson that entrepreneurs should take to heart from Chris Burch that would be it, head over to for more details.

Trump Bonus and Freedom Checks

Welcome to the new America where your patriotism is paid back to you in the form of dividends. In this Trumps era, all Americans who go an extra mile to generate money to the United States are entitled some of the lucrative yields. This idea is what brought Freedom Checks and Bonus Checks.

Badiali, who is an eminent geologist, brings the idea of freedom checks to American citizens through his promotional video, which went viral. In this video, Badiali described how an ordinary American could take advantage of freedom checks to earn unbeatable returns. He also explained a possibility of getting an average of 8,000% return on investment with Trump freedom checks.

People can invest money in certain types of US-based companies operating in different industries such as oil and energy. The freedom checks are then unlocked in the form of dividends shared back after the company makes a profit. The idea dates back in 1987 where Congress enacted Statute 26-F with the aim of encouraging American companies to search domestic natural resources such as oil to eliminate the need of overlying on foreign resources. It aimed to create more jobs for Americans and also increase revenue for strengthening the local economy.

For a company to qualify for Statute 26-F, it must be willing to pay its investors a bit high dividends and it should be willing to use natural resources to generate about 90% of their profit. People investing in those companies, which meet Statute 26-F, are entitled freedom bonuses. The fact that they levied less tax than other investments makes those bonuses more profitable. Trump Bonus Checks are dividends paid to investors after a valuable investment on stocks from individual companies.

According to Badiali, the demand for the domestic oil is likely to skyrocket soon. The reason is that the tension in the Middle East where foreign crude comes is not expected to go down thus jeopardizing the future chances of getting foreign oil. As a result, everyone needs to invest early in acquiring maximum benefit. Don’t wait and buy, but instead buy and wait to revel maximum returns.

Southridge Capital Solutions

Southridge capital is a private equity company that is responsible for the development and execution of financial solutions. The company which was founded in the year 1996 has made significant strides in the financial industry with Stephen Hicks as the founder and chief executive officer. Some of the primary services offered at the institution are brokerage services financial structuring. If you are having any financial problems that are affecting your credit cards or revenue, Southridge Capital is the leading firm to go to. Over the years, this equity firm has grown exponentially and now earns millions of dollars as revenue per year. Their income stands at $ 47.5 billion making it a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. Other leading companies such as Kabbage compete with Southridge Capital, and it still outshines them all. The main objective of the firm is to meet the goals and needs of their clients by offering them practical solutions to their financial problems. This customization of their services is what makes Southridge Capital unique and sets it apart from all other institutions. You can visit their website





Stephen Hicks as the founder was interviewed by IdeaMensch on his career in finance and the company. Stephen Hicks spoke about his vision for the company, and he believes with his expertise he can transform the company. Stephen Hicks is not new in the finance world and has thirty years of experience in risk arbitrage and investment banking. His expertise comes from a background in business administration that he hold s a degree from. Stephen attended King’s College, and after graduating, he was employed at a hedge fund. During his time there, he wanted to found a financial solutions company and the principal there allowed him to do so. Stephen Hicks knowledge comes from a lot of interaction with other equity firms, and he believes that is what has helped him grow Southridge. Stephen Hicks believes in investments, and at times at Southridge Capital, they do take new startups under their wings to guide and teach them. At times this is risky, but they are always able to get back on their feet. Check out



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How Fortress Investment Group has Benefited from the Expertise of Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group must be the luckiest finance and investment firm in the whole of the Wall Street and internationally to have Peter Briger as one of its great leaders. This is because of the wealthy mind that Briger possesses. Every financial company in the United States wants to get a share of his expertise in one way or the other. The knowledge and skills that Peter Briger possesses did not just come as a miracle. It has been through a process of thorough learning and encountering challenges in his career journey, all of which he managed to overcome and become the investment guru that he is today.

One of the unique skills that Briger possesses is effective leadership. Since he joined his current workstation at Fortress Investment Group as the CEO, Peter Briger has demonstrated his leadership ability in the way that he has managed the company and the performance of the sectors that he leads. The credit sector, for instance, is one of the investment sections in Fortress Investment Group that he introduced in 2002 and currently heads. In the previous five years in a row, the division had been named as the best performing credit fund manager in the whole industry. Notwithstanding, the credit fund is the youngest in Fortress Investment Group and the industry. To know more about him click here.

Another way in which Peter Briger has managed to portray his excellent leadership skills is by laying a solid succession plan for the leadership of Fortress Investment Group. Peter understands that the leaders of the company will retire or stop offering their management services to the company. To ensure that the company is safe from uncertainty and prepared for continuity, he has embarked on a training program that is geared towards training the youthful employees in the company to equip them with the right skills to run and manage the company even after the current leadership is gone.

Peter Briger also possesses some expertise in the management of M&A. Through these skills, he has led the company in the acquisition of many institutions that it has purchased since he joined the team. Today, Briger is among the top-ranking billionaires in the US.

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Wes Edens: The Brightline Train System with an Emphasis on Speed

Wes Edens is a private equity investor and he also owns the Milwaukie Bucks. Earlier in 2018, he created a solution to one of Florida’s biggest issues. The supposedly forty five minute ride from Miami to Fort Lauderdale was an impossible task due to traffic issues in the area. However, Wes Edens created the United States’ first privately owned passenger train system to allow people to avoid gridlocks and traffic shutdowns in favor of a relaxing and well-accommodated thirty minute ride.

The train is a high speed passenger model that has leather seating, plenty of room, and it even includes free WiFi for it’s passengers to work on or simply browse the internet while enjoying their ride.

Brightline -The train service- is currently only running between Miami and Fort Lauderdale and extends out to West Palm Beach, but there are plans to quickly expand to the Orlando area and even take the train system cross-country. It’s proven to drastically cut travel time and provide customers with a much more comfortable experience than driving does.

The Brightline is also cost effective and affordable for nearly everyone. A one way trip on the luxurious train only costs ten dollars. That’s cheaper than ride sharing services that would cost more than four times that much for the same trip. It’s also a much faster ride than one taken by car. The Brightline train runs at a steady 80 miles per hour and when the Orlando route is implemented it will go as fast as 135 miles per hour for two hours straight.

The Fortress Investment Group that Wes Edens co-owns is planning to dramatically expand the train stations and services that the system provides. Services such as a food court, living spaces, and stores are all planned to be incorporated into the Miami Brightline station and will expand the overall size of the station to more than six city blocks of land. To know more about him click here.

Wes Edens is hesitant to make any promises as to how far the system will expand, but he claims that he wants the Brightline system to stretch far outside of Florida. There has been some talk about a system in Chicago and possibly Texas, but Wes isn’t ready to divulge any information on those possibilities.

Jacob Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb, a healthcare investment mogul who founded Visium Asset Management, has started a new healthcare investment firm, Altium Capital. Gottlieb looks to build upon his previous success in healthcare investment.

Jacob Gottlieb earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Brown University and graduated magna cum laude. Later, he completed his medical doctorate degree from NYU Medical School. After completing medical school, Gottlieb participated in a medical internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. It was during this internship when he shifted his career path toward finance.

Gottlieb began his investment career as an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. During this same time, he achieved Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Gottlieb then left Sanford to begin his career as a healthcare portfolio manager for Merlin Biomed Group. After moving to Balyasny Asset Management, he became a top earner. These experiences eventually led him to start Visium Asset Management in 2005.

Visium attracted talented advisers who helped raise over $300 million in capital. Its portfolio managers saw significant success, with an $8 billion dollar fund. Visium maintained offices in New York and San Francisco, with an officer overseas in London, and employed over 170 employees.

Unfortunately, Visium’s success ended when three of its employees were charged with securities mismanagement and insider trading by the SEC and U.S. Attorney’s Office. As a result of these issues, Gottlieb decided to close Visium in 2016.

Jacob Gottlieb has given his new investment venture, Altium Capital, his full attention. As a result of his previous investment success, he has a large network in the profession. This has allowed Altium to open offices in New York City, where it shares offices with Bay City Capital and Iguana Healthcare Partners.

With Altium, Gottlieb has initially invested in Sellas Life Sciences and Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., which are both pharmaceutical companies with innovative products awaiting FDA approval. These products could have a significant effect on the market and are viewed as strategic investment moves by Gottlieb to advance his new venture.

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Freedom Checks: The Investment Opportunity You Didn’t Know Until Now

There are hundreds of thousands of investment opportunities that appear online, in magazines, around social media and even in reputable news sources that are actually scams. This phenomenon is well-known by most Americans, which is why many are unwilling to take high risks and settle for government-issued investments and bank-related ones, rarely going as far as investing in cryptocurrencies, valuable metals or in Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks?

Yes, Freedom Checks is a weird name for an odd investment that not many Americans know. It is still steadily growing in popularity among those who dig really deep to find unnoticed opportunities. This legitimate discovery has left many Americans wondering if Freedom Checks is a lie made to catch unaware investors or if it is an excellent opportunity to invest in one of the most jaw-dropping value-returns and profits. So, what is it? It is definitely no lie nor is it a federal program, as it does not come from the government and is instead an opportunity created based on a federal law known as Statute 26-F. What this law states is that it is allowed for more than 550 energy companies around the United States, commonly referred to as “Master Limited Partnerships,” or “MLPs” for short, to send monthly or seasonal checks to individuals who invest in them, returning 90 cents for every dollar earned through this process.

It is essential for this law to exist because these investors guarantee significant development and progress in the oil & gas industry while providing fuel through pipelines, drilling services, along with other benefits. They then qualify for tax exemption, special to these energy companies. These returns on investments are impressive compared to what is usually expected from investments, which is a significant percentage less than what MLPs receive from their fundings. For many newcomers, the concept of the Freedom Checks sounds like dividends, but the similarities end there as the profits that MLPs can obtain from their quarters are much higher than most Americans expect, with some shareholders earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for their contributions. The best part in all of that is that “Freedom Checkers” can start investing with a small entry of $50 in cash, and they are already part of the program.

Advantages of Investing in freedom Checks


Matt Badiali is one of the most respected investment advisers not only in the United States but the world at large. His passion for the job that he does has seen his transverse the globe in search for the right information concerning the investment. He uses what he calls the ‘boots on the ground technique’ to go to places where the natural resources are found and gathers firsthand information from the miners and manufacturers, who understand better about their product before sharing the information with anyone. The traveling and interaction with the various CEOs have seen him gain more friends in the field and the knowledge that he gives is usually reliable most of the time. His followers who have followed his advice go to the bank with smiles on their face due to the wise investment advice. Furthermore, the work that he does, he is a geologist, and he likes teaching geology at the University of North Carolina as well as Duke University.

In his recent video, he posted a video about the Freedom Checks. For those that do not know what Freedom checks are, these are similar to the dividends that the investors earn only that these are paid by natural energy companies. In the recent past, the United States has reduced the amount of oil that they used to import from the Middle East. The country aims at becoming an energy independent nation, and this move is going to benefit most of the companies in the United States that deal with production, storage, refining and transportation of oil and its products around the country are going to make a fortune. The amount is projected to be close to thirty-five billion dollars. This amount of money is distributed to the investors in the form of Freedom Checks.

Therefore, Master Limited Partnerships are the companies which issue the Freedom checks. The companies process the oil and have enormous pipelines for the transportation of the gas across the country. Therefore, for the company to become an MLP, it has to pay about ninety percent of its income to the investors.

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