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Gulf Coast Western Making Great Strides into the Oil and Gas Sector

The main focus of the Gulf Coast western is to take the domestic oil and gas which are in the Gulf Coast region. It looks for companies that have the potential for high returns. Mathew Fleeger is the chief executive officer and focuses on having transparent relationships with his partners. The company has gone into partnerships with Orbit energy partner who enabled it to obtain property rights. Also, Gulf Coast Western was able to develop several prospects in Evangeline, Acadia, Cameron, Landry parishes and Allen.

The other partnership was with Northcote energy limited; the company allowed Gulf Coast to expand into Southeast Louisiana. The partnership has allowed Gulf Coast to develop a multi-well drilling program in Cockfield, Wilcox, and Frio. Gulf Coast so acquired working interest in salt water disposal. Some of the assets that the company acquired are operating saltwater disposal. The company has gone into partnership with collaborations they had done business with.

The company’s partners have been in more than one joint venture. Gulf Coast western has a rating of A+ with the better business bureau all thanks to its business integrity and principles of ethics. Mathew Fleeger has massive experience in the oil and gas, tanning and waste management sector.

For his hard work, he has been listed in the Who’s Who of Business professionals. Fleeger is recognized for contract negotiation, strategic planning, entrepreneurial abilities, and team building. He previously founded the med solution which is a company that specialized in treatment and disposal of medical wastes from healthcare companies.

Fleeger was the president and chief executive officer of the company for 13 years. He later sold the company to Stericycle Inc. Fleeger has achieved success as an entrepreneur in the tanning industry. As an entrepreneur, he has founded two enterprises. That have shown great success from the time they were founded.