Penelope Kokkinides, the CAO of InnovaCare talks about her personal life and career

Penelope Kokkinides was recently appointed the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health a post when she has already taken. Before this appointment, she had previously served at this company shortly as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer. Penelope’s excellent career in government-sponsored health programs and other related fields has been a fantastic one. Kokkinides has been working in this field for more than two decades. Her unique expertise and knowledge in this filed is what gave her current position.

In a recent popular interview with IdeaMensch, Penelope talked about her personal life and her career journey. The InnovaCare Health CAO also covered her daily practices that help her proper. Here is what she talked about.

Today’s exciting business-related trends

During the interview, Penelope was asked about which business-related trend today excites her the most. The InnovaCare CAO pointed out the evolving technology still makes her wow almost every time something new comes up. She went ahead to state that thanks to technology the world today is very interconnected which has greatly promoted business. Penelope pointed out innovations around video conferencing and screen-sharing to be among the most revolutionary in business. She said that these technologies have significantly reduced the cost of doing business by reducing the need to travel for a business meeting.

The worst job

Interestingly, this InnovaCare Health CAO was asked about her worst job. She categorically stated that she has been lucky and can’t say that she had had any bad jobs only that she might have never enjoyed some aspects of her role throughout her life. Penelope said that when she was in high schools, she was a receptionist at a doctor’s office which was quite challenging. This was because as a receptionist at a doctor’s office she had to take patient calls and even sometimes familiarize with their problems. Penelope said that this experience is what propelled her to a career in health care.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a for-profit private company that specializes in providing managed healthcare solutions to its clients. This company is currently pushing for adoption of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in its healthcare model. InnovaCare is working on taking advantage of advanced technology to integrate these goals into its healthcare programs. This company’s vision is providing top quality patient care services to its clients. InnovaCare Health is currently the market leader in this sector in North America.

Unroll Me and All Of Its Services

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Betsy DeVos Balances Between Public Politeness and Political Cause

People who know and have observed Betsy DeVos throughout the years and her advocacy for school vouchers for charter schools know that she is not someone to be meddled with. Even if she appears meek in public when faced with setbacks, she is relentless when achieving her political goals. In the past, she has used her financial status to help friends and defeat enemies behind the scenes. Many lawmakers who opposed her have lost their positions.


When Betsy DeVos took up the position as a Secretary of Education, she had little experience inside the government and with working with the current president Donald Trump. In a recent argument about the access to the bathroom of transgender people, she had little say in the matter since Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an advisor of Trump and someone with experience in Washington, overtook with his opinion.


The only thing DeVos could do about the case was to meet with a representative of the gay and transgender employees within the Department of Education in order to warn him about the upcoming resignation of the federal policy for transgender bathroom use.


While this was happening behind the scenes, she partook politely in the announcement of the new policy with the statement that the changed policy was “a very huge example of the Obama administration’s overreach.”


Betsy DeVos was and still is the major fighter for private education. She has worked for years to pour money that goes to public education toward private schools. She believes that this gives more choices to parents and students and forces public schools to improve their performance under the pressure of competition.


What Betsy DeVos essentially is trying to prove is that American education is failing. Public schools systems are statistically falling behind the schools in other developed countries. Her opening of private schools is an attempt to raise the standards of our schools.


Although she had a rough start in the new field of the Educational Department, Betsy DeVos seems to be emboldened by the faced opposition. She has already contacted the leaders of major teacher unions Lily Eskelsen Garcia and Ms. Weingarten. So far, Ms. Weingarten has returned the call and the two plant to visit schools. This was a smart move on her part. It shows that she is not afraid of competition and knows how to win in power.


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Stream Energy

Stream Energy is an institution that has dedicated its time and earnings into making the world a better place and changing the way people live. The company was first brought into existence in 2005 and has quickly grown over the years to a multinational company. Stream Energy is responsible for providing its clients with energy and wireless services that are of premium quality. The organization has expanded and now is functioning in seven states which some of them include New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In all the states that the company has a branch at, they have been involved in philanthropic efforts that aim at bettering the community. Stream Care Center is an arm that Stream Energy form that would be solely responsible for providing charity and emergency assistance where need be. Stream Care Center is, therefore, a philanthropic foundation that Stream energy formed in an attempt to give back to the community.

Last year on 5th March, Stream Care was featured in Dallas Patch because of its relentless efforts in providing relief and assistance in the community. Stream Care has been involved in giving emergency assistance to the people that have been affected by natural disasters over the past decade. A good example is the hurricane that hit Houston a while ago. This hurricane, Hurricane Harvey, caused a lot of damage in Houston by destroying millions of property and homes. A lot of the residents of Houston were left homeless and helpless. Stream Care was the main charity organization that funded and organized the whole recovery effort. Stream Care went on to offer financial help to those affected as a way of stabilizing them after the loss they had incurred. Stream Care was able to help thousands of individuals get back on their feet and get through the hurricane.

Stream Care uses the resources at Stream Energy to ensure that they can be of assistance in the community. Stream Care has also been involved in some other charities like with Red Cross and with Habitat for Humanity. These partnerships ensure that the poor in the community get access to the services that they need.

Sussex Healthcare Professionals Know What It Means to be Healthy

It is important that professionals in the Caregiver industry know what it means to be healthy. Sussex Healthcare puts an emphasis on social and recreational functions, which are essential to the total wellness of its patients. The homes in the Sussex system have community games and events that help maintain a high level of mental interest and motivational energy in each resident. The positive surroundings inspire residents to invest their mental abilities to the highest level. All activities are carefully selected with information that is gathered from previous events. This data is paired with a participant’s current capabilities. Staff members encourage everyone to join the action and make an effort to contribute.

Sussex Healthcare is a series of Care Homes operating independently. The homes are managed by a team of highly trained healthcare providers. They govern themselves with the guidance of its policy group. The central focus of Sussex is to set a precedent for all other companies providing service in the industry. A dedication to displaying the best quality service in the industry pushes company executives maintain an exceptional standard at all times. The operating procedures are designed to meet the specific needs of all residents in the facility. A first class team is in place to implement organizational policy throughout the facilities.

Sussex Healthcare professionals are trained to assist people searching for the proper home to place their friend or family member. The facilities are prepared to offer safe and functional living arrangements. The support system secures a stimulating environment for each resident so that they can enjoy social, emotional and intellectual occurrences.

Sussex Healthcare facility residents can expect to have a normal existence just like anyone else. Their space and privacy is respected. The team members are ready to assist in any needed fashion. The trained academy and quality of nursing use specific skills to service seniors who have unique medical needs. Activities that keep everyone busy and entertained are supported by staff. Interesting games include quizzes, music, hand crafts, cookery and art therapy.

Sussex Healthcare offers an assortment of treatments such as physiotherapy, reflexology and occupational therapy. The menu is an important part of any care-giving operation. Chefs work diligently to prepare meals that offer the best ingredients. The tasty dishes are healthy, wholesome and made to order.

Who Holds the Patent for Blockchain Technology?

You’ve probably heard about blockchain technology, but you may not be familiar with its inventor. Back in 1989, the patent holder of this technology, Serge Belamant, leveraged his technical acumen to create the first version of blockchain technology. Preceded by this invention was a childhood and academic experiences that laid the groundwork for what would become a stellar career in software and applications development in the financial sector.

The methods used by Serge Belamant included the use of smart cards with a micro-controller that created a distributed independent transaction ledger. This technology was leveraged to enhance processes related to deposits, withdrawals, payments and many other transactions across government, banking and private industry. Of significant value was the increased transparency and efficiency facilitated by Belamant’s invention.

Long before his many achievements, Serge Belamant demonstrated promise as an athlete and academic while attending Highlands North High School for Boys in Johannesburg when his family moved from Tulle, France to South Africa. Some of his early life accomplishments include Victor Ludorum, Head Prefect and appointments to house captain for science and bridge clubs, among many others. As part of his educational pursuits and personal goals, Serge learned to read and write English.

Belamant attended Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa, where his studies included information systems, engineering, applied mathematics and computer science. At the age of 22, he left school and accepted a job with Matrix in their BKSH division, later earning an honorary PhD in Information Technology from Burkes University located on the Turks and Cacao Islands.

The breadth of Belamant’s career endeavors included wide-ranging projects at Matrix and in subsequent roles at Control Data, DataBank and SASWITCH. Notably, Serge Belamant led a project for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he provided technical guidance for the Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project.

A visionary leader with a commitment to excellence, Serge Belamant earned the Analyst of the Year award in 1980 for his support on a Cybernet application and again in 1982 while working in the Eskom division, both during his tenure at Control Data. His contributions in the area of technology are enduring.

OSI Group McDonalds Followed Each Other

In 1955, OSI Group McDonalds formed one of America’s lasting partnerships. Together, OSI Group McDonalds spanned the globe, opening facilities in over a dozen countries. Officially, their collaboration began in 1975 after Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Industries. Within five years of OSI opening their McDonald’s-dedicated factory, McDonald’s started growing internationally.

Finding success in the Midwest, OSI Group McDonalds joined forces again in a German joint venture. Two years after seeing success in Germany, they teamed up again in Spain. While McDonald’s maintained his family atmosphere, OSI became more complicated, expanding into new areas of food.

While the founding family, the Kolschowskys, made OSI Group a national success, OSI didn’t blossom until Sheldon Lavin took over the company. After rebranding Otto & Sons as OSI Industries, Lavin became the company’s CEO and Chairman. He expanded on the founding family’s vision, reaching millions of customers around the world.

Currently, OSI employs more than 20,000 people in 17 countries. As OSI continues growing, they add more facilities every year and will soon have more than 70 factories and offices all over the world. Primarily, Lavin looked beyond the company’s long relationship with McDonald’s.

Before joining OSI, Lavin worked as an investor and banking executive. His experience focused more on the business aspects of the company, allowing him to grow alongside McDonald’s rather than under it. Since taking over the company, OSI continues to grow under his leadership. According to Forbes, OSI is one of the largest American companies today with sales upward of $6.1 billion.

Much of OSI’s current success is due to numerous partnerships and joint ventures. Before OSI, food companies couldn’t expand into distant countries easily. During the 80s and 90s, Sheldon Lavin worked closely with many executives and experts to expand his ever-growing business.

While McDonald’s easily charmed their way into other countries, OSI strategically formed bonds with companies like K&K Foods in Taiwan to break into the Asian markets. At the same time, they undertook joint ventures.

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