Genucel and Chamonix Overview

Genucel and the Women Aware Walking Toward Self-Esteem is a nonprofit organization that is based in the Middlesex, New Jersey that supports the abused families of the area. It has been noted that the bigger percentage of those who suffer from domestic violence and abuse in the united states are the women compared to the men. It is also clear that in the nation of New Jersey, the rate of domestic violence is so high. Due to high frequencies of domestic violence in the state, the is the need for women-specific care for it since they face both the emotional and physical abuse from the domestic partner in more rate.


The Women Aware was started since the year 1981. The role of Genucel was to start a recovery program for the women of New Jersey, also provide the basic need such as food, shelter and clothing.



The abused have access to hotlines, emergency shelter and a recovery education program if they experience emotional and physical spousal torture. Domestic violence and abuse can cause the following effect on the human such as lowered self-worth, violence toward the self and lowered self-esteem. To overcome this lowered self-harm and self-esteem suffering, one should find out a tangible self-care routine facility that can help boost self-worth.


In the self-care routine facilities, the mental professionals and survivors help the abused to better their emotional and physical health after domestic violence. The following methods are employed the mental professional and the survivors to help the abused to relieve stress which includes reminding them that they are worthy, beautiful and loved. The studies have indicated that after emotional trauma and physically abused, self-affirmation can change one’s outlook. Also those distressed can relief themselves through engaging in dancing and in arts. Self –worth of victims can also be improved through employing proper hygiene routine and involving in exercise.


According to alivenewspaper, most survivors experience anxiety, PTSD and depression when they have experienced domestic violence. The moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race & Charity has enlightened the community to support those suffer emotional trauma and physical abuse. Many mental professionals recommend walking as a self-care method among the several programs available because of its benefit which extends beyond community-wide support.


Ecotherapy is a standard formed to bring together the victims in groups and go for the nature walk, identify the native plants and learn about the ecosystem. The studies have also indicated that having surrounded by nature and being outside, redirecting thoughts from their trauma have positive beneficial impacts on those suffering from mental illness.