Nick Vertucci Background History and Career

Nick Vertucci is a renowned entrepreneur, a successful business person, and an author as well as a classic poker player. He was born and raised from a humble family that could hardly meet the daily basic needs. He is a living testimony to many as he came from nothing to something. At the age of ten Vertucci life became worse after losing his father leaving her mother with much of the responsibilities in providing the family. At the age of eighteen, he got relief after establishing a self-business that dealt with sales of computer accessories. His successful computer business abruptly came to an abrupt end during the 200 dot com era. Vertucci subsequently dipped into financial crisis as his debts increased to a point he lost his home. His enrollment to real estate academy inspired him to venture into real estate business that freed him from financial crises. After leading a successful career in real estate investor, Vertucci launched a training school for aspiring real estate investors widely referred to as Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).

The idea for establishing NVREA came in 2004 while Nick Vertucci was still in financial crisis. He attended a three-day seminar about real estate training industry that changed his business mentality. Although it was not a one-day achievement, it took him ten years of hard work, planning, and marketing to succeed. NVREA was launched on January 2014 after he accomplished the laid down the mission.

In NVREA, Nick Vertucci trains people vital principles to apply in a real estate venture where students who have trained there and used the laws begins making excellent incomes almost immediately. Through NVREA, Vertucci has been able to help many people to become financially secure by teaching them ideal ways of buying and selling real estate and make a significant profit. Lighting others candle of financial stability gives Vertucci great joy. His training is long life beneficial as learners are trained effective skills to utilize in making consistent income for their entire lives.

As an author, Vertucci is well known for his famous book ‟Seven Figure Decision; Having the Balls to Succeed.” He believes you don’t become rich just by playing safe instead it is seven-figure decisions that can lift a person from the middle class to the circle of millionaires. Nick`s success came as a result of taking a bold, calculated risk to reboot himself after losing everything. In this book, he shares his failure life story and the secret path he followed to success which many are unaware of.

Besides success in boardroom activities, Nick Vertucci has been making a name in poker play. He has competed against famous poker players in the world including Antonio nicknamed as the Magician, Mike Matausow also known as the Mouth and many others. He has even sat at the tables with celebrities such as Jenifer Tilly, James Woods and Ben Affleck. His history in the game dates back before becoming a real estate guru. Vertucci`s first significant tournament happened in 2014 when he participated the No-Limit Texas Hold`em Championships held in Commerce, CA.