Andy Khawaja lays bare Allied Wallet’s next business moves

Dr. Andy Khawaja is a notable profession in the business sector and also the CEO of Allied Wallet, a leading provider of online payment solutions. Of late, the company has been making significant moves in the market that have helped it substantially grow. This growth even put Andy in the cover of the latest edition of The Technology Headlines. Recently, this CEO talked with Business Wire where he discussed his company’s next moves (AlliedWallet).

Focusing on advancement

During the interview, the company´s CEO stated that his company would be focusing on advancement. He pointed out that Allied Wallet´s goal is to make online payment processing as smooth as possible and as convenient as it can be even for small businesses. According to Andy Khawaja, the world we are living in currently is very entrepreneurial. Many small businesses are coming up and thanks to technology these companies snowball into major industry players in just a short time. It is technologies like state-of-the-art online payment solutions that can help more of these businesses grow. The firm´s CEO went on to state that his company had identified Artificial Intelligence as the next phase in the online payments processing solutions. Therefore, this is where Allied Wallet will be training its focus.

Artificial Intelligence to open new possibilities

Andy Khawaja pointed out that his company was looking to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to open new possibilities on the online payment processing solutions front. He went ahead to state that with this new technology, online payments will not only be smoother but also more secure. The Allied Wallet CEO mentioned that with the advancement of technology, the biggest threat to online payment solutions is cyberattacks. If such an attack happens, a company not only stands to lose money but also proprietary information. AI will solve this problem once and for all.

About Allied Wallet

Allied provides online payment solutions to business such as e-commerce platforms, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. The company has been leading its competition by providing innovative and optimized solutions. The online payment solutions provider is now looking to embrace Artificial Intelligence to better its offerings.

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