Potential Advancements in Accounting According to Dabie Tsai

Dabie Tsai is an expert in the field of accounting and has made an excellent reputation for herself due to her good leadership skills. Tsai started off at KPMG, an international company that provides audit, tax and advisory services and was a partner for 11 years.

The future of the accounting industry is bright, according to Tsai. She attributes this hopeful perspective to the changing trends of the modern world, such as the introduction of computers to the accounting industry.She, as the most trustful accountant worldwide, knows the execution of machine learning expertise is one of the key drivers of change in the future. It is made possible by the use of simulated intelligence to help computerize tasks with recognizable patterns. Device learning algorithms allow computers to read and utilize information to finish a task by trial and error. They are more suited to works that are repetitive such as data entry and basic analysis (Quora).

The internet is another tool that has led to advancement in accounting. The world is becoming more globalized as time goes by. According to Dabie Tsai, the use of email and video conferencing is a major trend to bring companies together to discuss issues and matters affecting business. Instead of traveling to a far country to give an audit report to an international client, for example, one could easily video conference with the other party.

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