Shea Butter’s Beneficial Properties


When it comes to our hair, we want only the best products to be used in it. Naturally, we reach for a variety oils, from coconut to olive oil, with the hopes of maintaining that ever so sought after mane. One product we typically look over, however, is shea butter. While it is useful for a number of beauty regimes, shea butter is most effective in hair treatments.


What is shea butter, and why should I incorporate it into my hair care routine?

Shea butter is essentially a fat that has been extracted from the nut of a West African shea tree. For centuries, people have used it for many things, including hair care. Shea butter is packed with vitamin e, an essential vitamin for a healthy scalp. In addition, its antioxidant properties help to stimulate hair growth. The butter also acts as an SPF for your locks, protecting them from sun damage and damage caused by heated hair styling tools.


How to use it

Whenever you feel like your hair needs a pick me up, put two teaspoons of shea butter and two teaspoons of coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl and heat until melted. Mix in a teaspoon of honey and apply the concoction to freshly washed, damp hair. Rinse thoroughly, style, and bask in the glow of your shiny, revitalized strands.


What is the best brand to use?

EuGenia Shea, a company that was established in 2015, provides all-natural, unrefined Ghanian shea butter. The shea nuts that EuGenia uses are provided by the founders’ mother, which helps the company ensure that only the highest quality butter is used to formulate their products. From a humanitarian standpoint, EuGenia Shea works with all-female cooperatives and provides job training, as well as an above-average wage to its employees.


Eugenia Shea was founded by a mother-daughter duo who had a longing to spend more time together, and who, coincidentally, were experienced in the shea butter business. This, combined with their passion for sustainability and their desire to provide customers with the best shea butter available, has helped Eugenia Shea thrive.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Major Factors in Youth Culture

In a recent Guest of a Guest interview with Doe Deere, some tidbits of information about Doe Deere and her cosmetics line Lime Crime were examined. What we now know about Deere is that she came to New York City from Russia when she was seventeen. She was a band member, met and married her husband and learned the necessary promotional skills required to take a band up the scale toward becoming famous. Fame evaded the band, but her promotional skills were helpful when she started her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. While in NYC she went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, the alma mater of Michael Kors.

The interview in Guest of a Guest includes eight photos of Doe Deere with her many different hair colors and there is even one photo of her seldom mentioned husband and business partner who remains without a name.

Deere knows promotion and her company, Lime Crime, is the business manifestation of her colorful, dynamic personality. Deere appears in the photo spread with different expressions as well as hair colors, and her most redeeming and attractive photo is the demure Deere almost expressionless with her trademark blue chiffon hair and her staring almost vacant eyes juxtaposed next to her porcelain, clear and faultless skin. It is this image of Deere which personifies her as the “Queen of Unicorns.” She refers to her fans as unicorns. She is an enigmatic and a beautiful young woman who has more than a modicum of business sense. She is, in fact, representational of the youth movement in the United States of America.

Today’s youth culture is socially connected like never before; they are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube. You see them walking alongside other friends, and each has a cell phone pressed up hard against the ear. Their fashion style is a holdover of “grunge” combined with flashy colors, but the wild hair and makeup are owed to the efforts of Doe Deere. Doe Deere is an icon for the young, especially girls and young women, who see her as a proponent of a fashion statement at odds with convention. Her fantastic colors can jar the eye and rattle the mind and when copied present a girl or a young woman who has a different and personal statement to make to society.

Our cultural world does go through cycles from conventional to reactionary. We select our fashion heroes based either on the conventional or the radical. Emerging personalities have much to do with our choices. While our culture is currently mired in the likes of Paris Hilton, Ivanka Trump, and Kim Kardashian, who are all proponents of the conventional. Doe Deere is seen as a visionary, a cultural leader who can transform the youth culture and unite it into a more revolutionary factor creating a counter-cultural segment of our society. I, for one, am glad to see her having an effect on young women today.

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Lime Crime Posts Arresting Following on Instagram

After eight years and counting, the rewards are really paying off for the edgy makeup company known as Lime Crime. CEO and founder Doe Deere is excited with her makeup brand’s latest achievement, exceeding two million followers on Instagram. That’s not bad for a young girl with a big dream born in Russia, who took her creative imagination and love of unicorns and crazy colors to the big city of New York.

Lime Crime is not your average cosmetics company. There is zero traditional or beige about it. Doe Deere established the company after so much frustration trying to find vivid colored cosmetics, so she learned all about making her own highly pigmented products. Her fans have responded in large numbers around the world, making Lime Crime a cult favorite.

Doe Deere understands the huge value to social media and how an interactive audience has its benefits. One only needs to look at Lime Crime’s Instagram to see that the company CEO is very engaged with her makeup addicts. Fans love putting on Lime Crime makeup and taking selfies that they send to Instagram with the hashtag “limecrime.” Lime Crime buyers are inspired by each other and enjoy seeing just how the makeup looks on different hair colors and skin tones.

Lime Crime is sold online here at and at well-known retailers like Urban Outfitters. Doe Deere makes sure her online shopping website is full of engaging information and products, and her fans also send selfies there for buyers to admire and learn more about how the lipsticks, eye shadows and liners all appear on real people.

Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and vegan makeup company whose CEO donates to numerous charities involving children, women and animals. Doe Deere strongly believes in giving back to her community.

The beauty of Lime Crime is not only in its gorgeous palettes of unusual colors, but in what the makeup brand stands for. Doe Deere finds the bold makeup colors offer the wearer freedom of self-expression without fear of judgment.

Lime Crime is an independent company based in Los Angeles.  Follow them on Facebook, but Instagram is the best place to see their vibrant colors and unique styles, @limecrimemakeup.