Brian Bonar Has All The Right Tools

When someone has been working in the financial sector for over a decade, it shows they have a thick skin. They can handle the pressure and it does not rattle them. It is no surprise that the economy has gone through a lot of ups and downs just these past few years let alone the past thirty years.

Only the strongest of the strong survive in that type of environment. They need to remain in the same state of mind, no matter what is put on their plate. That is Brian Bonar. He does not get too high and he does not get too low. He simply examines what is going on, talks to the right people, thinks it over, and makes a decision.

Oftentimes when something bad happens in the economy, the quick reaction is to do something right away. Sometimes the best course of action in reality is to wait and see and do the homework. Maybe this will pass or maybe it will stay. There is no reason to panic, however, and there is no reason to freak out. Those are the types of traits that are part of the mental makeup of Brian Bonar.

He knows people are looking up to him, trusting him, and relying on him to do the right thing. He knows he can do it at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian Bonar has been there over ten years and it is a job he knows comes with the pressure that was discussed. He knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the job. However, it is what he feels as though he was put on this earth to do and he wants to do it the right way and with the right amount of confidence and conviction. He has never let anyone down and he has never chosen the wrong path.

That is why so many of his coworkers, friends, and family were so happy for him to receive the Cambridge Who’s Who┬« Executive of the Year in Finance. One must keep in mind that only two men and two women receive this award every year, so he is in rarefied air. Brian is a humble man and he is very pleased with the award, but he defers the credit and likes to thank the people that work with him.

He is smart enough to know it is not a one man show. It takes a whole group of people working on the same page with the right ideas and right state of mind to get it done. The following article explains more about the award: However, it will be great to follow the career of Brian Bonar moving forward.