George Soros Sees A 2008 Like Crisis On The Horizon

George Soros is the type of man you listen to when he speaks. That’s why all ears were open when he addressed attendees at the economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital. During the forum, Soros spoke in great detail about the current state of the Chinese economy.

According to an article published on, Soros pointed out the lack of a new growth model on and the devaluation of currency as two of China’s biggest problems.

George Soros also pointed out that these problems aren’t just impacting the Chinese economy, but the world economy as a whole. While returning to positive interests rates is the ultimate goal, doing so has proven to be a challenge for the developing world.

It is these circumstances that have created an environment very similar to that of 2008.

The commodity market, the stock market and the global currency market all took major hits on during the first week of the year. The Yuan also continued to sink as China worked on shifting from an economy driven by investments and manufacturing to one driven by consumption and services.

To make matters worse, the value of global equities dropped by $2.5 trillion in just the first few days of the year. Chinese equities also took a big plunge which resulted in trading being halted for a day.

George Soros believes China has major problems with adjustment. And in his mind, these problems amount to a crisis. He was quoted as saying, “When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.”

Measures of volatility is also a problem as it surged at the beginning of the year.

Fixing the problems in China won’t be easy. To get the ball rolling the Communist Party in China has agreed to increase the yuan’s convertibility by 2020. This of course is a huge step in the right direction. They have also agreed to dismantle capital controls over the coming months and years.

Who Is George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire who has been a huge supporter of democratic ideals and causes for close to 40 years. He runs Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization that supports human rights and democracy in over 100 different countries. Read his profile at Forbes.

The organization works to build vibrant and tolerant communities where the government is held accountable to the citizens.

To learn more about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations, visit

FreedomPop Hotspot Roaming A Hit: $50 Million In Funding Raised!

It’s been some time since FreedomPop announced the launch of its global free voice, data and text service. Soon, word of this phenomenal new technology consumed cyberspace. The venture-funded carrier has upgraded service offerings and spearheaded multiple expansions since it launched in 2011. A recent piece by Recode highlights that FreedomPop successfully secured another substantial funding of $50 million. With this, it plans to market a global low-cost hotspot technology. As the Recode article reads, it’s targeting frequent travelers. It further emphasized that this new service actually promotes reasonable savings on roaming charges. In fact, it’ll definitely be tough competition for rival carriers.

Top-ranking traditional carriers Verizon and AT&T that have become FreedomPop’s biggest rivals already charge exorbitant roaming rates. In light of this development, they’re even in for bigger competition from the free-market telecommunication carrier. With coverage projections including an estimated 25 countries, Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s chief executive announced that it’ll ask for extremely reasonable roaming rates. While T-Mobile’s complimentary unlimited roaming has attracted fans, FreedomPop plan won’t apply speed and service restrictions. That said, it’ll be a far better option for roaming.

What does FreedomPop roaming promise? It’ll include multi-region hotspot for $49 and 200MB free data. Unblocked phone users can conveniently purchase a new SIM for $10 and another $10 to upgrade data plan to 500MB. In the next couple of months, FreedomPop plans to improve its customer support efforts and other needed services. Additionally, it has plans to install a foothold in retail marketing as it organizes future expansions.

FreedomPop has partnered with telecommunication powerhouse Sprint to provide coverage across the majority U.S. states. In the UK, it’s secured a partnership with Three, a leading European carrier. Among countries added to its international roaming coverage area are Poland, France, the U.S., Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the U.K., Netherlands, Romania, Greece, etc. By the fourth-quarter, it’ll cover 40 different countries, Latin America and Asia included.

Securus Staff’s Donations Break Records

Securus Technologies staff has been making many donations to different groups. Among the charity groups that they make donations to is United Way. They have made the announcement that have made a company record in their donations to the United Way 2015 campaign. Their associates have given as much as $345,763 to the charity campaign which is a lot greater than its original goal of 290,000. If there is one thing that Securus is good about besides technology solutions for civil and criminal justice, it is giving a lot of donations to charity groups such as United Way and pushing forward their campaign.

Among the different services that Securus technologies offers their clients is Video Visitation. They allow penitentiaries to give their incarcerated convicts the chance to communicate with their loved ones and see them. However, it does depend on the availability of the inmate communciation technology. Now, people have the choice of either visiting with their incarcerated loved ones in prison or talking with them from home. For one thing, there is the problem of having to drive all the way to jail in order to wait in long lines to finally visit with an inmate. You can register for video visitation software on their app for free. Their new technology has made it easy, but if you have any difficulties, you can always give Securus’ customer service department a call.

Other features that Securus has an inmate phone calls system. They also offer products for sale. People that are interested in setting up a service can just sign up for an account on their online page. They have a multitude of plans that they offer for clients. Among the accounts is AdvanceConnect, Direct Bill, traditional collect, inmate debit and plenty of other services that they offer for their clients. They also have a jail voicemail to set up so that the client could share important news without having to deal with limitations of jail. 

These innovative services that Securus offers have been so profitable that they have enabled Securus to make a lot of donations to United Way so that they can help improve the lives of others. United Way is involved in helping people make better lives by putting focus on their income, health and education. They also help strengthen families. The people of United Way are very passionate about improving communities. They do that by making investments in solutions that are focused on communities. They also welcome any contributions to their cause. They understand that every little bit of money helps when it comes to making changes in the community. 

The Significance of Automating Workforce in Production

The thought of automating workforce causes labor tensions in countries suffering from high rates of unemployment. The truth is that the benefits may include the creation of more employment opportunities for increased production. Mr. Flavio Maluf analyzes the significance of automating workforce in production. He states relevant facts in using technology to do the necessary production activities currently done by humans.

According to Flavio, an article published on a prominent new site quotes that in 2050, all work done by humans will be taken over by robots. The Softwear Automation Inc has set the trend for most of its works done by robots and few human supervisors. The robots have the ability to perform simple tasks like bolting and leaving the most complex to humans. The company uses robots in sewing, joining fabrics. The company notes that the automated system cannot produce the complete outfit by itself.  Flavio Maluf also says that this will happen in the future of the chemical industry as well.

Flavio emphasizes that the automation of workforce is still a way behind given the capabilities of the current technology. The need for workers also influences automation of workforce in countries facing labor shortages. It is however estimated that by 2030, the robots will have taken over a majority of the work currently done by humans. The machines will evolve in performing the basic automation tasks. Flavio notes that will technology advancement in artificial technology, robots will have the learning potential to copy the human actions and brains.

The markets currently have an extensive access to smart devices like smart phones and sensors. Video games programming and other electronic devices are available at cheap cost in many parts of the world. These devices are capable of increasing the processing capacity to significant pieces of information. The smart gadgets are the center of robots technology, and they are being embraced in factories and also in homes for doing routine chores.

Flavio Maluf has intense love and passion for technology. He is a professional mechanical engineer. Flavio is the president of Eucatex and Grand foods. He has embraced technology in the firms to increased production and lower cost. Flavio is a dedicated manager who has a strong commitment to supporting his customers and his team.

According to his bio Flavio joined Eucatex in 1987. From information in his LinkedIn account, Flavio used his experience gained from his stay in New York to improve the company. In 1997, he rose to the president of this giant company dealing with wood products. Flavio is also the president of Grand Foods. Both companies employ over two thousand employees in Brazil.

George Soros And His Open Society Foundation Banned In Russia

The Open Society Foundation is the brainchild of billionaire George Soros, and his foundation has worked around the world to help people who are in need. The foundation was working to educate students in Russia, but it was recently banned as part of a nationwide initiative by the Russian government. The foundation was deemed a security threat, and George Soros is forced to wage his war against injustice outside Russia. This article explains the reports that first came from CNBC, and the work done that is done by the foundation is explained in detail.

#1: What Is The Open Society Foundation?

The Open Society Foundation according to works around the world to educate people on democracy and its benefits. George has spent millions of dollars of his own money to help the foundation grow, and he has programs open around the world. The Open Society Foundation can be found anywhere there is injustice or persecution, and George works in countries where democracy is not the default form of government. Russia has had issues with democracy in the past, and George thought it best to continue to work with students in the country.

#2: Why Was The Foundation Banned?

A series of books aimed at helping students lean about democracy were found in a university, and Russian officials quickly removed the books. The books were burned at once, and the foundation was in the spotlight as it paid for the literature. The Russian government believes that the Open Society Foundation is a threat to their national security, but the truth is much more troubling.

#3: Russia Is Removing All Traces Of Democracy

Every chance Russia gets to remove democracy from its ranks is taken, and banning the Open Society Foundation was just one move the Russian government made. Other nonprofits were removed from the country at the same time, and George saw the immediate impact of these losses once Russia was left with less education. George plans to continue work with the foundation in other parts of the world, and he believes that Russia will accept the foundation again in the future.

#4: George Has Seen Similar Defeats

George has been an activist for most of his life, and he has seen similar defeats in other campaigns that he has started. George does not expect to be successful every time he does work with the Open Society Foundation, but he is especially saddened that the largest country in the world does not want its youth to be educated about democracy. The loss of the Open Society Foundation is a great blow for Russia in George’s mind.

The Open Society Foundation was kicked out of Russia over books it had provided to a university, and the foundation was called a security threat as it left the country. Russia is becoming more insular, and their policies are doing harm to millions. George Soros wanted to help as best he could with educational materials, but it appears that Russia fears the work done by the Open Society Foundation.