Different Styles of Business and What Market America is Best For

When people step into the business world, they are going to find that there a lot of different business styles to choose from. There are the large enterprise business styles. Then there are the smaller business styles. One style requires staying in one spot for most of the time while the other style leaves a lot of room for moving around. Then there is the style that Market America is most compatible with. For those that want to get started as an un-franchise owner, it is important for people to find the business style that works the best for them.

For people that are interested in the large scale business style, they may be into the long hours of being in one spot. Market America can work for them in the way that they can use tons of products from different brands. They can make money selling tons of products with all of the commissions they get from the different brands that they promote. With this kind of business they can run all kinds of promotions in order to get customers to shop there. Also, owners of this type of business can continue growing as they move forward.

Another business style that would probably work better with Market America is the one man show. One of the reasons that this can work well is that the person promotes himself. It can be videos or other content of him doing different things. This can attract a lot of attention that can be used to sell items. Often times, these types of businesses may promote a few items and go in depth with the reviews and experiences of using them. When people use this approach with Market America, they not only make money but also gain fame for the topics they go into.

Richard Blair And His Financial Adventures Through Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., an Investment Advisory firm based in Bee Cave, Texas. He is known for his financial adventures and provides comprehensive and customized financial planning and advisory services to various customers. Richard provides his services to individuals, families, and small business owners with a number of services including retirement services, income plans, asset creating plans, etc. Under the leadership of Blair, Wealth Solutions looks for opportunities where it can invest and get the best results for the customers according to their needs. Richard has more than two decades of experience in financial industry, and that helps him to grasp the potential opportunities in the market better and tap it.



Wealth Solutions mainly offers three services namely wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. The wealth management is an option created for wealthy individuals and families to run their business and assets efficiently. The option is useful for people who can’t manage the business themselves. Richard creates a comprehensive investment portfolio for his clients by setting their goals as the target. The financial planning option is personalized according to the requirements of the customers. Richard works to split the goals into two: long-term and short-term goals to by evaluating assets, liabilities and current financial condition of the customers. In retirement planning, Blair understands the need for the clients and their retirement needs and go for simple to complex retirement portfolios. His retirement plans include a mix of mutual funds, IRA investments, annuities, and more. Blair also advises on the better saving of taxes, convenient time to take Social Security, ways to create steady income after retirement, etc.



Richard wants the best service to be offered to his clients and treats every customer with equal importance and value. He gets a significant number of new customers by the referrals of existing happy customers, and he keeps a long-term relationship with each of them. Blair has a mission to bring a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small time business owners by helping them to leverage through his financial advisory services.



To extend his expertise in financial advisory services, Richard has completed a number of industry certifications such as CES, CAS, CFS, RICP, and more. Blair completed his graduation in Finance from the University of Houston and started his financial career in 1993. In the next year, he founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. to offer better financial options to the customers in and around Austin.




Sweetgreen Living For Its Community

People in this day of age have issues with their eating habits due to the many options out there to eat unhealthy. There is fast food at every corner, easy to eat snacks in shops, and just general bad ingredients for people to cook with at home. It makes it quite hard for people to find the right options to feed their body correctly and on a budget, making the lazy options of these unhealthy foods very appealing. This can be seen very easily in America with the amount of fast food bought and the increase of packageable easy to go products being sold recently.

These trends are starting to change, however, in Georgetown, Washington D.C. with three entrepreneurs and their dream. In the town, eating habits have started to change for the better due to citizens beginning to want to take care of their health and pay attention to what they eat. What has caused this social and mental change in the city is the company Sweetgreen founded by Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. The company strives to improve the healthiness of their community through their food products. As of right now, they sell different kinds of healthy salads for people to eat. They are an easy quick snack that is great to eat on the go or to have as a meal at the house. Their successful product isn’t the only reason that Georgetown’s eating habits have changed, however, it is the companies deep involvement in their community that has had the most effect.


The trio made sure to make the community a large part of their company’s focus when they were founding Sweetgreen. The company as of late has held workshops on how to eat healthy for the citizens of the town, along with visiting schools and teaching kids the benefits of a good meal. These visits include hands-on activities that help participants learn how to make healthy meals and ways to make them just as good as what they were making before. As of recent, the company also started their own festival called Sweetlife. There the company combines its founders’ love of music, food, and their community for a great activity in the town. Their caring attitude for the community is what has given Sweetgreen so much of its success and is why Georgetown loves Sweetgreen so much.


Andy Wirth Discusses His Opinion of the Drought

The droughts in the Tahoe region have received many questions about any long-term issues that businesses as well as domestic households will have while adjusting to the lack of water. With this in minds, the KCRW news station sat down with Andy Wirth, the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort to discuss his predictions of the drought as well as any issues that have arisen with owning a hotel that has been based primarily around the annual rainfall.

Andy Wirth is an individual who is proud of his accomplishments as well as his ability to combine nature with business which have been his two passions ever since an early age. Mr. Wirth’s in-depth interview with the hosts of KCRW was something unexpected as Mr. Wirth was not only happy about the drought, but was also expressing his happiness for the drought to continue.

Andy Wirth of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has held the position of President and CEO of the company for the past five years. Immediately after his appointment to the position, Mr. Wirth began a 70 million dollar restoration project that would not only benefit the community of the Olympic Valley region, but also would benefit the visitors of the resort. Read more: Season 4 Episode 11 – Squaw Valley – Undercover Boss Photos: Andy Wirth

Mr. Wirth’s innovative mind for business has encouraged him to see the West Coast drought as a positive and not as a negative. Mr. Wirth even went as far to say that the overall drought would benefit his company by encouraging new investments to alternative solutions. The drought, in the eyes of Andy Wirth, has given him and his staff members the opportunity to preserve one of nature’s most valuable resources.

During this interview with KCRW, Andy Wirth was asked how many winters, in his opinion, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort could withstand with the lack of rainfall. As a surprise to both listeners as well as to the hosts of this radio show, Andy Wirth calmly stated that the resort could withstand an infinite amount of winters. His plans for the future would continue to increase profits and customers as he would find new alternatives to bring more and more people to the resort.

Some of the alternative investments that Andy Wirth has begun to make include new investments in the snow making business. These new investments would decrease the resorts need for rainfall and would increase the number of ski enthusiasts that would visit on an annual basis. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

In addition to new investments, Andy Wirth and his staff members would also create more activities outside of skiing for visitors to enjoy. These activities would combine the act of having fun with the beautiful scenery of the beautiful Olympic Valley which has been rated to be one of the best vacation spots in the world.

Learn more about Andy Wirth:


An Analysis of Wikipedia’s Bureaucratic Nature

Whenever we think about what the future holds for firms, we are always quick to make references to digitized ventures like Reddit and Wikipedia. These ventures have created a name for themselves through the decentralization of power within their organizational structure. This has given everyone the autonomy to create and circulate knowledge when you make a Wikipedia article. On paper, this is quite a noble idea. On close examination however, you are bound to realize that this has system some hidden implications.

Contrary to what we commonly believe, the system is not as flawless as it seems. Research has shown that Wikipedia has shifted away from its former principles and is now subdued by bureaucracy. This has led to a situation whereby the online encyclopedia is controlled by a few elite editors. This is adversely contrasts what many people believed at first; that the online information sight is a classless haven.

In as much as Wikipedia has managed to restrain itself from creating an open order of hierarchy, it has become a major breeding ground for bureaucracy. There are ranks that are earned according to how one makes contributions to the site. Those who have made a name for themselves by regularly contributing are usually given the rank of “super contributor”. In as much as such recognition initially came with certain editorial partiality, control over other contributors was never one of those privileges.

The Emergence of a Ruling Class

Two researchers from Indiana University studied the organizational structure of Wikipedia and came up with startling findings. It was discovered that the sight is controlled by a few senior contributors, who reign supreme over the rest. The once devolved system has become more like a corporation led by a privileged few. This is an early sign that the growth of the giant online encyclopedia is slowing down. The article was originally posted on Science Alert.

Importance of Wikipedia to Brands

One of the best ways that a brand can gain optimum visibility when carrying out an Internet search is when you create a Wikipedia page. Companies with pages on the sight are preferred over those that do not because they achieve a degree of credibility once the pages are formed. In the current information age, more people come across brands on the Internet that any other platform.

Companies and individuals that choose to have a page on the website need to seek professional help from wikipedia editors whose specialty is the creation, maintenance and translation of these pages. Getyourwiki.com has made a name for itself for offering these services to firms and individuals at pocket friendly rates. The experts also guarantee the success of the campaign.

Ganoderma Gives Organo Gold’s Products a Nutritional Boost

TheSouthAfrican.com published a brief article about Organo Gold’s usage of the Chinese herb Ganoderma Lucidum titled “Change your coffee…change your life.” Organo Gold infuses its coffee with “The King of Herbs” that the Chinese have used for 4,200 years which gives the coffee a significant nutritional boost. According to nutritionist Dr. Bob Rakowski, Ganoderma’s benefits to the body include increased oxygen, detoxification, reduced inflammation and increased immune functioning.

Bernardo Chua, the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, wanted to introduce the health benefits of Ganoderma to the Western world. In 2008, Bernardo started the company and developed a direct selling marketing plan that has helped to grow Organo Gold into one of the largest direct selling company’s in the world. The company is based in Canada, and it has over one million distributors in dozens of countries who collectively do hundreds of millions of dollars in business each year.

Last year, Bernardo and two of his colleagues won an award in the Philippines in recognition of Filipino achievers and their products, and Organo Gold won two People’s Choice Awards. From his Twitter Bernardo is a strong believer in educating young people who want to become future business leaders, so he set up a charitable foundation called The OG Cares Foundation to provide them with a business education and guidance. He has also spent a lot time educating people about the health benefits of Ganoderma and has funded research studies on this herb.

In addition to coffee, CrunchBase identifies that Organo Gold also infuses its Certified Organic Ganoderma into its hot chocolate, tea, nutritional supplements and personal care products. TheSouthAfrican.com describes Organo Gold as revolutionizing the coffee, tea and health industries with its use of the ancient Chinese herb.

QNet Proves The Company Cares

The IIFA Utsavam event is intended to cast a light on those wonderful filmmakers who contribute so much to the Indian motion picture industry. Interestingly, representatives from the direct selling company that markets a plethora of goods, QNet was in attendance. QNet was not there to announce an entry into the film industry. QNet made a major commitment to the families who suffered as a result of the Chennai flooding.

Chennai is a region in India that was significantly hammered by severe rains and even worse flooding. The floods rose massively and submerged entire towns. Homes were destroyed. Families lost all their belongings and were displaced.

QNet wants to help. At the IIFA Utsavam show, QNet announced it would be funding relief packages to many families. QNet wants to work with India’s film industry to help those families.

QNet made a strong name for itself in the country. The direct selling entity has not only expanded its business interests in India. The company is expanding its charitable outreach. The company is very heavily involved in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative dubbed, appropriately, “We Care”. 

Last night, we were completely blown away by this! #MAHAMAYA – Transcending Illusion, a cultural offering of dance and…

Posted by QNET (Official) on Saturday, February 20, 2016

QNet does have a number of “We Care” and CSR strategies planned for the coming years. QNet is strongly committed to helping underprivileged people. India is one country in which QNet really wishes to step up these efforts. The people in need of the good intentions of QNet definitely do appreciate the gestures. QNet does follow through with its promises. A hospital is going to receive a kidney dialysis machine thanks to a joint humanitarian partnership between QNet and Lions Clubs International.

QNet’s main headquarters is in Hong Kong, and the company does have a worldwide presence. In the United Kingdom, QNet teamed with the Manchester Football Club for an interesting joint venture.

The Titans Night, Myanmar. SO MUCH WOW! Thank you for sharing the wonderful moments with us, AVP Balajee Kumar. #QNET

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In India, QNet has developed many unique business ventures for the domestic market. India is simply a great economic climate for QNet. Other companies find the economy fertile as well. This is why India has become such a strong emerging market.

What sets QNet apart from so many other companies is QNet is interested in giving back. The company is even committed to helping combat homelessness on an international basis.

Along with the film community, QNet pledges to adhere to the slogan “Be1forChennai”. The Chennai flood was a terrible disaster. Hopefully, QNet’s commitment to the disaster relief efforts will draw more people along to help the cause.

Learn more about QNet on their social media: https://twitter.com/QNetOfficial