Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food from Beneful

If you are looking for a wet dog food that has all of the nutritious ingredients to keep your dog healthy as well as flavors that they will enjoy, look no further than the Beneful wet dog food Chopped Blends varieties. The Chopped Blends variety of Beneful wet dog food comes in six different delicious flavors. All of these blends contain 100% of the nutrition that your dog needs to remain healthy as well as all of the flavors that they enjoy. These finely chopped blends of healthy real ingredients come in resealable packages to help you save money by ensuring that there is never any food that goes to waste however we highly doubt that that would be the case anyhow. Let’s take a look at a few of the Chopped Blends dog food products available from Beneful. One of the most popular Chopped Blends varieties is the Chopped Blends with chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice. This delectable blend of meat, whole grains, and vegetables is great for dogs of all sizes. Next, we have the Chopped Blends wet dog food with turkey, brown rice, spinach, and sweet potatoes. This is a delectable and savory blend of nutritious real ingredients that can be served by itself or mixed with your favorite dry dog food. Next, we have the Chopped Blends wet dog food made with real salmon. This Chopped Blends variety is a mix of real salmon, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Last but not least there is the Beneful wet dog food Chopped Blends variety that contains lamb, carrots, brown rice, spinach, and tomatoes. All of these wet dog food products from Beneful offer delectable flavors and are rich in nutrition thanks to the real ingredients utilized in the products.Beneful is a subsidiary of the Purinastore line.

For more information on the wet dog food product offerings available from Beneful check out their Amazon page.

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If I Wouldn’t Eat It, I can’t Expect Him To

Mako is my 78 pound loving mutt. He’s mixed with German Shepard, Pit Bull and Great Dane. Yeah, he’s a beast. We adopted him when our son, Gavin, was just a baby and the two have grown up together. While we were introducing Gavin to table foods Mako was right there trying new things, and liking them. Gavin moved from a highchair to the dinner table and Mako was still left eating from his giant bowl on the floor. Sharing our dinners with Mako was not the best for his health, but he had become pretty spoiled so I knew it would be a challenge trying to find dog food he’d like.
I began browse the long isles of dog foods and trying different brands. It was difficult finding a dog food that came out of the bag or can that looked appetizing. I know they say dogs are color blind, but I believe Mako knew the majority of the foods I was bringing him home looked like slop. They probably tasted like it too. I came across Beneful Dog Food and was first impressed by the pictures on the packaging. The dog food actually looked like the ingredients it listed and I figured, “Why not?”

I bought the Original dry food from Amazon and two containers of the Chopped Blends wet food [] at first. When I opened the packages I could see actual carrots and peas. This stuff looked and smelled like the real deal. Mako dug right into his first bowl and we have been using Beneful dog food ever since. Because of the quality, I feel like I am giving him healthy, nutritious food that he actually likes. I love the variety they offer, everything from salmon and sweet potatoes, to chicken liver and brown rice. Mako’s favorites are the Medley and Prepared Meals wet foods. They come in many different flavors that have huge chunks of meat and vegetables. They look just like mama’s homemade stew.

Recently we began training Mako to do a few tricks using the Healthy Smile Dental Twists and Ridges. His loves the peanut butter flavored ones. So while he thinks he is getting spoiled, we are actually keeping up with his dental hygiene. Next, we will try out their selection of gourmet treats called Baked Delights. After all the searching wikipedia, we are happy to have finally found the Benefuls brand. Mako feels like he is getting a real treat and I feel good knowing he is getting delicious food that’s good for him.


Beneful- The Best You Can Give Your Dog

Beneful has been an amazing addition to my dog’s health and happiness! What started out as a birthday treat for my Pomeranian has become a lifestyle change that has given me the opportunity to serve her healthier foods for the same price as before. 

I purchased from Wal-Mart grocery Beneful Chopped Blends with beef, carrots, peas, and barley and Molly ate it within a minute of placing the special meal in front of her! She loved the Beneful, so I purchased Beneful Incredibites and started giving those as Friday evening treats. It is fun to be able to provide something that brings her so much excitement without any additional effort on my part. 

Since Molly has shown so much appreciation for the freshness of the Beneful products, I have also added the Helathy Smile Dental Ridges to her treat rotation and she gobbles them up. Since I have a small dog, dental health is a huge issue for her and has often been a frustration for us because she doesn’t care for many of the tarter control treats. I am happy to say that she finishes the Purinastore’s Beneful Healthy Smile treats and am hopeful that her vet will be able to see a difference at her next appointment. 

I have also made the switch to the Beneful DryDog Food: with Chicken. Molly loves chicken flavor and based on the advertising and ingredients, I am so happy to be able to give her a healthier food without any additional effort on my end! She loves the Beneful line and I love providing her with better nutrition– thank you to Purina and the Beneful line!