The Freedom To Be Safe In Assisted Living Facilities

Family is important. Keeping family safe and well cared for as they age is also important. Many times younger family members can step in and take care of elderly members. Other times this is not something they have the time or ability to do.

When an older family member has daily needs that are greater than the ability of those around them to care for them, there are options. One of these options is assisted living facilities. These facilities offer a fully trained staff, medical personnel as well as dietary help for your older family member.

The Manse on the Marsh is one such facility. They hold the philosophy that every individual in their community needs to feel welcomed. They offer exceptional service, respect of all, uphold each persons’ dignity as well as a friendly staff that is dedicated to the care and comfort of all.

Assisted living facilities come in many different sizes and designs. Many offer apartment type living in high rises, and there are others that offer individual homes. Each type of living community has the rest assurances that your family member will be well tended to and cared for. Staff can be called day or night with a pager so even in emergencies there will be help.

The Manse on the Marsh offers studio apartments according to the website, one bedroom apartments, cottages and full homes for the members of their community. Caregivers are available around the clock, so whether the need is there day or night help will be available. Pager response time averages at the Marsh are about one minute, so the safety of every resident is assured.

There are many basic services that are provided at assisted living facilities, which is why it’s important to research online to see a break down of what each specific companies provide. Among these include meals, medication management, bathing and transportation. Residents are also typically provided with an array of activities for socializing and getting to know others in their community.

Cost can be a big issue for many, so make sure when seeking an assisted living facility that questions are asked or read proper reviews. There are a number of facets that can change the cost from one facility to another, so be sure to be clear as to what is provided and how much it will cost. One huge difference is the size of the apartment or home the family member will reside in.

Some basics include weekly laundry and housekeeping services, nurse services, and some social programs. Other facilities may have more state of the art socializing opportunities, and this may cost significantly more. Be sure to weight the happiness of the family member against the cost to find the right fit for your elderly loved one. Assisted living is a great way for an elderly loved one to maintain their freedom and have the help they need when they need it.