Perry Mandera: Establishing the Customer Co. Inc.

Perry Mandera is known to be the founder of the Customs Co. Inc., a freight transport corporation which specializes in the movement of cargoes and other deliveries across the United States. The company is one of the most preferred transport companies by small startups and even the top companies in the United States because of their performance and previous track as a trustworthy company. Customs Co. Inc. is currently located in Illinois, and Perry Mandera is the one managing the company as a whole. He was awarded several times because of his contribution to the industry of freight transport, and he is proud to say that the company and its employees managed to help him out with being one of the best. Perry Mandera stated that the company would continue to provide the services that the customers and the clients wanted, to keep its position on the top.


Perry Mandera has been fascinated with how vehicles worked when he was still a child. He would always go inside his father’s vehicle and observe how it works. When he grew up, he decided to enter the United States Army and become one of their truck drivers. He had to study how to drive a truck, and when he had to graduate from his services with the military, he used the skills and the knowledge that he gained to establish a trucking company in 1986 (CustomCares). The Customs Co. Inc. is a company built on confidence and trust, and because he knew that he could deliver what his customers wanted, he decided to keep moving on, meet new people along the way, and try to be the best trucker in the country.


Perry Mandera’s life transformed after establishing the Customs Co. Inc. because it would allow him to meet the most influential people in the country, and it would be his gateway to attend some of the most prestigious events in the corporate world. He continues to do his best because he doesn’t want to be removed from the position that was given to him by some of the most powerful and influential corporations in the United States (