Talkspace Is Revolutionizing How You Interact With Your Therapist

Talkspace is a popular therapy app, that is based in New York City, an online platform, that enables anyone to receive therapy from mental health professionals, without even leaving the comfort of their home. Technology today, is revolutionizing in how we all communicate, and when it comes to finding innovative ways to communicate with one another, there are so many alternatives in doing so. Just our phones alone, has brought a new definition to how we engage, which can be better described as, constantly staying connected, even beyond interacting within social media platforms.

With Talkspace, when you are seeking professional advice regarding depression, or any other character traits you would like to improve on, they provide over 1,000 licensed therapist who are there for you to engage in a video chat, or a chat protocol, allowing their approximately 500,000 users to interact with therapist, by texting back and forth. Recently, Talkspace has signed a major contract with Magellan Health, a medical giant in the industry, so their name might be mentioned even more often within the therapy field.

The clients that already are receiving therapy services with Magellan Health, are soon going to be able to connect with a therapist via this app,through the Talkspace on-demand psychotherapy, while also it being a new option on a client’s health package, as long as it is controlled by their health-care provision, provided by their employer.

In today’s society being so hectic, and having to deal with the challenge of meeting so many deadlines, and just pressed for time, this app is ideal for the person that has a difficult time spending a couple hours every week, trying to commute to a therapy session, when they can just utilize the reasonably priced Talkspace app, still getting the help they desire.