Beneful: Dog Food Varieties

Beneful brand of dog foods aims at filling your pet dog’s bowls with pet food full of health and goodness. The pet dog food is usually made with ingredients that are good for your dog with vitamin-rich vegetables and real meats to give your dog tons of textures and tastes to nourish their inner and outer body. The dog food comes in various varieties that are fully balanced and complete. Below are some of the various dog food varieties produced by Beneful foods.
Healthy Smile Dental Ridges(Dog Treats)
These Beneful dental dog treats are important to offer your pet dog as they help reduce tartar and plaque buildup, support strong bones and teeth as well as freshen breath. These dog treats are made with real parsley and middles made with savory meats to bring joy and health to your dog. The healthy smile dental ridges usually come in mini, small/medium and large packs.
Originals with Real Beef (Dry Dog Food)
These originals dry dog food variety are made to fill your dog’s food bowls with nutrition that contains anti-oxidants to give your dog 100% of the basic nutrients they need daily to thrive well. The food comes in the form of mixed crunchy and tender bites of real chicken, salmon or beef accented with avocados, tomatoes and carrots that your dog will love. It presents your dog with everyday health in yum tasting food. It is available in bags weighing 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 15.5 lb and 31.1 lb.
Chopped Blends (Wet Dog Food)
The Beneful chopped blends from Amazon come with tomatoes, beef, wild rice and carrots to give your dog joy with every bite of this wholesome and real wet dog food. The chopped blends come in delightful different textures that make the mealtime to be a happy and breeze time. They are rich in flavor though small in size.

Healthy Puppy (Dry Dog Food)

This particular variety comes with real chicken, peas and carrots meant to give your puppy a formula rich in calcium. It has DHA to support vision development and healthy brain. Available in 3.5, 6.3 and 15.5 lb bags.