Sussex Healthcare: Successful caregiving through a committed team

Sussex healthcare is an organization that focuses on giving specialized care for adults, especially in care homes. The company mainly operates in Sussex, England. It is jointly led by two chairpersons Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina who are endowed with diverse skills and experience in hotel management and dental surgeon respectively. The combination of the skills contributes to a successful, vibrant and award-winning adult-care network. The facility that was started in 1985 currently operates more than 20 facilities that include daycare, a gym, and residential care houses. The facilities offer care to people with Dementia, Alzheimer, and children with neurological problems among other cognitive problems.

The Sussex healthcare management team gets to lead a talented and committed support team. The team is provided with continuous training and competitive remuneration in return for their services. The facilities are managed on the belief that people have a right to access to recreation, social and leisure activities. The organization is going through a phase of change whereby it is looking for various ways to improve their services and impact the people they serve. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

Most of this organizational change at the organization is derived from the team members like Lynn Lovett. Lynn Lovett has 22-year work experience at Upper Mead. She appreciates the opportunity at the organization to be able to provide support to people in the late stages of life. Apart from the staff that works directly with the people at Sussex healthcare, the IT support staff also plays a pivotal role in the organization. The team that involves an IT Director, a technical lead, Infrastructure engineer, among others, ensures that all the technical parts in the organization are in sync. They take care of the organization’s devices, software and are always ready to respond in case of any problem.

Sussex healthcare consistently recruits more nurses and caregivers for successful operations. Staff working at the organizations is proud of the growth, and support they get in return of their hard work and determination. Staff and employees also receive referral bonuses when they recommend qualified new employees. For proper service delivery, the human resources department is key to the organization and senior leadership holds it with high reverence.

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