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Serge Belamant is a man who has made quite a reputation for himself within the blockchain technology realm so far. He holds all kinds of patents. He in the past had employment as a software and applications developer. That’s the reason that he was such a vital force in the establishment of a number of advanced blockchain approaches. He was part of the design of a handful of cryptocurrencies. The man’s imagination has simplified things for governments and financial institutions alike. Government groups and financial institutions that wish to rapidly deal with withdrawals and deposits may get a lot out of Belamant’s actions.Visit

Serge Belamant hails from Western Europe in France. He comes from a picturesque commune that’s known simply as Tulle. It’s in the central region of the nation. He relocated all the way down to South Africa when he was still an adolescent. He picked up English at that time.

Serge Belamant was a diligent and attentive student at the widely known North Highlands School for Boys. He thrived in his education at the institution. He thrived in the sports sector at that time as well. Penning his thoughts in the English language practically became second nature to him. People at school associated Belamant with accomplishments in chess and rugby alike. He landed the role of “head prefect” at the start of the seventies. He signed up to go to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. This was once he graduated. He put a lot of attention into his education while he was at college. He focused in detail on subjects like information technology (IT), computer networks and even engineering. He ceased his education and signed up for various University of South Africa classes. Serge Belament didn’t secure a degree. Doing so would have forced him to go back into subjects that he understood previously.

Serge Belamant landed a position through Matrix. Matrix was a sizable firm that concentrated on civil engineering matters. He utilized software that enabled him to accomplish a lot. He is more than well-versed in all the elements of finite element assessments.Read more on

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Serge Belamant: The Skilled Computer Scientist

Born in Tulle, France, Serge Belamant, 44, is a revered computer scientist and a founding member of the company that runs blockchain technologies. His work became a leading platform for the establishment of numerous cryptocurrencies. Belamant is the creator of the technology that allows governments and banks to quickly process different types of activities such as deposits and withdrawals in a secured connection.


At the age of 14, Serge Belamant’s family moved to South Africa. He had to learn how to speak, write, and in English. After mastering the language, he joined Highlands North Boys in Johannesburg. Mr. Belamant was a smart student. Scholars and teachers respected him. Serge joined the science club. He also contributed to the growth of the bridge club. In 1971, he received Victor Ludorum for excelling in academics. In 1972, Serge was elected to serve as the Head Prefect. Besides athletic, he also excelled in chess where he was a member at the Southern Transvaal. He represented his class several times.


After graduating, Belamant joined the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. He specialized in engineering. Serge’s interests changed. He had an interfaculty transfer and pursued computer science instead. He also majored in applied mathematics. Belamant joined the University of South Africa and studied information systems. However, he didn’t complete his bachelor’s degree.


Still, in the process of pursuing his budding career, Serge Belamant joined the workforce as an employee at Matrix, a leading civil engineering firm at that moment. He served at the firm’s BKSH department and learned more about software analysis, cybersecurity, and computers. He also developed applications to analyze various water levels in dams. That was the leading public-key cryptosystems. These applications were useful in establishing the water levels in dams. Serge Belamant delved into complex projects. He developed computer models for various council projects in industrial research. Officials at Witwatersrand and Vereeniging elected him to serve in the computer section. Belamant created graphic interfaces. He also found solutions in digital mapping and statistical methods.


Today, Serge Belamant has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in fields such as operations research, security, biometrics, and artificial intelligence. He is respected for his contribution in the sector of online transaction processing systems.

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Desiree Perez and Her Reign Inside Of Roc Nation

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has become a leader of Roc Nation. She has become the right-hand woman that has helped Jay-Z with many different business deals. She has been instrumental in helping him secure athletes that were becoming part of Roc Nation. She has been a big part of his ability to engage in streaming concerts and various exclusive content for the Tidal music streaming concept.

People have heard of Desiree Perez because she has become one of the most powerful women in the music industry. Billboard has recognized her and taken a serious look at the influence that women like Perez have behind the scenes. She is noted for being a stern business woman that knows how to close a deal. Perez has also been known to be the type of woman that does not take no for an answer. These are the things that have made her successful.

People can look at Desiree and see that she is someone that is determined to get the job done. This is what Jay-Z admires about her. This is also the reason that he has given her such a strong leadership position inside of his inner circle. She is a masterful business woman.

Desiree Perez

Jojo Hedaya, the World’s Technology Solution

Emails cannot be avoided since they are continuously requesting you to work on them. These emails piles as you go until they become unbearable and difficult to handle. There exist important emails but it becomes difficult to figure out which crucial and useless from the huge number. Jojo Hedaya as a victim of such a case. He was accompanied with a problem of being unable to manage his emails which burdened him a lot.

Jojo Hedaya later launched which assists in organizing your emails and categorizing them such that they are more manageable by placing in folders. Idea of this application was inspired by the annoying nature of emails which a bigger portions comprises of subscription which are meaningless. goes through your email inbox within a couple of seconds and sorts the emails and arranges them in an orderly manner by placing them in their appropriate categories where you can easily go straight to the desired email or category. The most impressing is that as the emails have been placed in their appropriate categories you can opt out of subscription in just a simple click. This could take even a month while trying to quit from subscription or some other email categories.

Unroll .me has a feature known as Rollup where by your mails are bundled together and placed under a single folder for ease of access. The funniest of all is that you can come up with a schedule on how you will be reviewing your mails and then set your Rollup time. When the time come you Rollup notifies you to check you categorized emails in an orderly manner. To be successful it required to climb the mountain of success through academic steps. The gig economy and availability of social media offer another way to start your career path and avoid the tedious so called success ladder and achieve a lot as evident from Jojo Hedaya. Jojo Hedaya and his college launched as they were experiencing difficulties while emailing each other. They came up with and after some while it gained a lot of subscribers.

A Recount of the Life of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an expert and patent holder in Blockchain Technology industries. He was born in France but raised in South Africa from the age of fourteen years. His father was a worker in a tiling company in South Africa, so he had to move his family. Serge Belamant studied Computer Science and Technology in Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University. From his computer science knowledge, he earned an opportunity to work with several companies including financial institutions. He had the skills to code financial transaction software which brought great impact on the banking systems over South Africa and other countries in the world. In 1989, he founded his company, Net1 UEPS Technologies, which mainly focuses on the creation of electronic payment operations. In 1995, he came up with an offline pre-authorized VISA card which is nowadays used as credit and debit cards.

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Serge Belamant’s Net1 also developed a digital system in South Africa where one would be able to transfer grants and welfare funds to places where they were needed. The same method was adopted in Iraq and Russia. Recently, Serge Belamant has established another company by the name Zilch Technologies. The firm was inspired by a discussion between him and his son. They were talking about how social media has taken the attention of many youths around the world. From the talk, they came up with an idea of building a financial product in a language that would be understood by the younger people. From the product, people would be able to track their spending and saving habits. Integrating it with their bank accounts the product would provide data that would guide them towards improving their financial stand.

Serge Belamant believes that word of mouth remains the most powerful marketing strategy in the market. He also appreciates the growth of digital communication programmes especially the online platforms that facilitate the sharing of ideas between people from different fields. He also believes that his success is primarily associated with his ability to understand. He takes problems seriously and immediately starts to think of ways to solve, address or improve it. He advises people to always look up to their mentors or people who have been where they are for guidance.


Watford FC Looking to Compete For FA Cup Under New Owner Gino Pozzo

Watford FC is an English football club that has been having one of its best seasons in recent years. After defeating Cardiff 5-1, Watford was able to notch one of its more impressive wins of the season. With this victory, the team is on the verge of competing for a championship. It will look to make progress towards reaching one of the biggest games of the season. Watford is now in position to compete in the FA Cup. One of the keys to the team’s success is the performance of two of its best players. Gerard Deulofeu and Troy Denney have had very impressive seasons so far. With their performances, the team has been able to win a lot of games and become one of the best teams in the Premier League this year.

The recent success of the team has made a number of members of the club very happy. Managers, coaches and players have all expressed their satisfaction with the progress they have made this year. They are very pleased about how the team has been able to establish itself as a consistent winner and among one of the most competitive teams in the league. With all members of the club being please with the team’s progress, the morale of the organization is very high.

Team owner Gino Pozzo has been another individual who has been very happy with the team’s success. Pozzo recently acquired Watford FC and has seen it immediately improve under his watch. Gino has been involved in the sport for many years dating back to the mid 1980’s. His father Gianpaolo acquired two football clubs. Gino then became actively involved with the second club Granada. Under his watch, Granada became one of the top teams in the sport. With the recent acquisition of Watford, Gino Pozzo will look to capitalize on the potential of English football.

Guilherme Paulus Asks For Temporary Removal From Board of Directors

The founder and current chairman of the Board of Directors of CVC Corp., Guilherme Paulus asked to be temporarily removed from the CVC’s board of directors. The motive for the request is due to published material in last weeks Operation Discard of the Federal Police. The information given is that the company CVC Operadora and Agência de Viagens of which Paulus is a shareholder, but not a member of CVC Corp, could have transferred stock to the Orion company, which is under investigation for money laundering.

In a statement sent this morning to the stock exchange, CVC informed them that “They had received a request for temporary removal from the Board of Directors from Guilherme Paulus thereby enabling the investigation to continue in another company in which he has a stock to continue.”

Silvio José Genesini Junior will assume Guilherme Paulus’ position and responsibilities. He will represent Paulus until the investigation is complete and everything is clarified. Guilherme Paulus will absent himself from board meetings until the investigation has been completed.

The statement continued with the clarification that company CVC TUR LTDA and company CVC Brasil are two separate and distinct entities. CVC TUR LTDA is in no way affiliated or part of CVC Brasil and any of its subsidiaries or any of its 1190 commercial locations. The directors of CVC wanted to clarify that CVC Brasil does not own or had any collaboration with companies or persons that have appeared in the press. CVC assures the public that it is committed to ethical practices in its corporation and that it will continue to comply with legislation. CVC Operadora and Agência de Viagens have done their best to clarify the situation and remain transparent to the public regarding the situation in order to comply with the law and not impede the investigation into Orion.


Nick Vertucci Background History and Career

Nick Vertucci is a renowned entrepreneur, a successful business person, and an author as well as a classic poker player. He was born and raised from a humble family that could hardly meet the daily basic needs. He is a living testimony to many as he came from nothing to something. At the age of ten Vertucci life became worse after losing his father leaving her mother with much of the responsibilities in providing the family. At the age of eighteen, he got relief after establishing a self-business that dealt with sales of computer accessories. His successful computer business abruptly came to an abrupt end during the 200 dot com era. Vertucci subsequently dipped into financial crisis as his debts increased to a point he lost his home. His enrollment to real estate academy inspired him to venture into real estate business that freed him from financial crises. After leading a successful career in real estate investor, Vertucci launched a training school for aspiring real estate investors widely referred to as Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).

The idea for establishing NVREA came in 2004 while Nick Vertucci was still in financial crisis. He attended a three-day seminar about real estate training industry that changed his business mentality. Although it was not a one-day achievement, it took him ten years of hard work, planning, and marketing to succeed. NVREA was launched on January 2014 after he accomplished the laid down the mission.

In NVREA, Nick Vertucci trains people vital principles to apply in a real estate venture where students who have trained there and used the laws begins making excellent incomes almost immediately. Through NVREA, Vertucci has been able to help many people to become financially secure by teaching them ideal ways of buying and selling real estate and make a significant profit. Lighting others candle of financial stability gives Vertucci great joy. His training is long life beneficial as learners are trained effective skills to utilize in making consistent income for their entire lives.

As an author, Vertucci is well known for his famous book ‟Seven Figure Decision; Having the Balls to Succeed.” He believes you don’t become rich just by playing safe instead it is seven-figure decisions that can lift a person from the middle class to the circle of millionaires. Nick`s success came as a result of taking a bold, calculated risk to reboot himself after losing everything. In this book, he shares his failure life story and the secret path he followed to success which many are unaware of.

Besides success in boardroom activities, Nick Vertucci has been making a name in poker play. He has competed against famous poker players in the world including Antonio nicknamed as the Magician, Mike Matausow also known as the Mouth and many others. He has even sat at the tables with celebrities such as Jenifer Tilly, James Woods and Ben Affleck. His history in the game dates back before becoming a real estate guru. Vertucci`s first significant tournament happened in 2014 when he participated the No-Limit Texas Hold`em Championships held in Commerce, CA.

Bhanu Choudhrie Has Had A Diverse Career That Has Seen Him Involved In Ventures Across The Globe:

Bhanu Choudhrie is a renowned entrepreneur who has attained great success in business as the Executive Director for C&C Alpha Group Ltd. He hails originally from the Indian city of Delhi where he was born in 1978. Bhanu Choudhrie pursued college studies at the Univesity of Boston where he concentrated on the subjects of Marketing and International Business. After completing his time at the University of Boston, Bhanu relocated to London in the United Kindom. As the Executive Director at C&C Alpha Group Ltd, Bhanu Choudhrie has attained a great deal of success with a wide-ranging investment portfolio. These investments range from patient care homes and hotels. Bhanu Choudhrie began his Executive Director’s role in 2001. The reason that Bhanu decided to relocated to the United Kingdom was due to the fact that he recognized great opportunity waiting for him there and wanted to capitalize on it. Check out this link

2008 was a banner year in the career of Bhanu Choudhrie as the was announced as that year’s recipient of the coveted Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This accomplishment was one of the great moments of pride for Bhanu during his life. It was a true testament to the hard work and dedication that he has put into his work.

Bhanu’s dedicated work at C&C Alpha Group sees him working in the investment of a number of different areas such as restaurants and hotels as well as the healthcare industry. Being diverse in his portfolio is something that he really enjoys. He also enjoys the fact that his work has him meeting a wide variety of people from across the world. The different fields of entrepreneurship that he is involved in also sees him travelling to participate in a host of different types of conferences and this gives him a great deal of opportunity to meet many different types of people.

Bhanu has done a significant amount of work in terms of providing advisement services for markets that are emerging. His home country of India has been one of these. He is excited about the developments that are now emerging in places such as India and he continues to spend time there every year working on his business endeavours.

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Shervin Pishevar Shares his Opinion about the Economy on Twitter.

The American businessman has made significant investments in various sectors in the country. One of his most notable investments was in Uber when the company was being launched. In early 2018, he tweeted for about 21 hours on different topics. However, some people still wondered about the message that he wanted to pass to the members of the public. According to Shervin Pishevar, the U.S economy would deteriorate within a few months.

Some people were surprised at the tweet was the first public statement that he shared with his followers on the platform. In his tweet, he also shared some statistics about the changes that the country should expect in the coming days. Shervin Pishevar is a successful entrepreneur and one of his ventures is known as Sherpa Capital. He is proud of the business and has always worked towards improving its productivity and reputation. For that reason, he resigned from his position at the company after some sexual allegations were made against him in late-2017.

Digital currency is a relatively new concept in the business world. It has attracted substantial investments from different parts of the world hoping to gain good returns in the future. According to him, Bitcoin would experience a significant drop of up to $5,000 within a few months.

In his tweet, he touched on other areas including immigration and SpaceX. At the beginning of the message, he said that he would reveal the financial storm that the country will experience. Shervin Pishevar also predicted that the U.S. stock market would have a 6,000 points decline within a short time. After some hours, he stopped tweeting and took some time for dinner. He later said that people should expect the death of Silicon Valley.

After leaving Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar shared his official resignation letter on Twitter. The businessman revealed that the sexual allegations against had a negative impact on the performance of Sherpa Capital. He was of the opinion that the allegations were false and were brought up by some of the competitors of his business. He had previously sued a company that he thought was ruining his reputation.