Trump Bonus and Freedom Checks

Welcome to the new America where your patriotism is paid back to you in the form of dividends. In this Trumps era, all Americans who go an extra mile to generate money to the United States are entitled some of the lucrative yields. This idea is what brought Freedom Checks and Bonus Checks.

Badiali, who is an eminent geologist, brings the idea of freedom checks to American citizens through his promotional video, which went viral. In this video, Badiali described how an ordinary American could take advantage of freedom checks to earn unbeatable returns. He also explained a possibility of getting an average of 8,000% return on investment with Trump freedom checks.

People can invest money in certain types of US-based companies operating in different industries such as oil and energy. The freedom checks are then unlocked in the form of dividends shared back after the company makes a profit. The idea dates back in 1987 where Congress enacted Statute 26-F with the aim of encouraging American companies to search domestic natural resources such as oil to eliminate the need of overlying on foreign resources. It aimed to create more jobs for Americans and also increase revenue for strengthening the local economy.

For a company to qualify for Statute 26-F, it must be willing to pay its investors a bit high dividends and it should be willing to use natural resources to generate about 90% of their profit. People investing in those companies, which meet Statute 26-F, are entitled freedom bonuses. The fact that they levied less tax than other investments makes those bonuses more profitable. Trump Bonus Checks are dividends paid to investors after a valuable investment on stocks from individual companies.

According to Badiali, the demand for the domestic oil is likely to skyrocket soon. The reason is that the tension in the Middle East where foreign crude comes is not expected to go down thus jeopardizing the future chances of getting foreign oil. As a result, everyone needs to invest early in acquiring maximum benefit. Don’t wait and buy, but instead buy and wait to revel maximum returns.

Advantages of Investing in freedom Checks


Matt Badiali is one of the most respected investment advisers not only in the United States but the world at large. His passion for the job that he does has seen his transverse the globe in search for the right information concerning the investment. He uses what he calls the ‘boots on the ground technique’ to go to places where the natural resources are found and gathers firsthand information from the miners and manufacturers, who understand better about their product before sharing the information with anyone. The traveling and interaction with the various CEOs have seen him gain more friends in the field and the knowledge that he gives is usually reliable most of the time. His followers who have followed his advice go to the bank with smiles on their face due to the wise investment advice. Furthermore, the work that he does, he is a geologist, and he likes teaching geology at the University of North Carolina as well as Duke University.

In his recent video, he posted a video about the Freedom Checks. For those that do not know what Freedom checks are, these are similar to the dividends that the investors earn only that these are paid by natural energy companies. In the recent past, the United States has reduced the amount of oil that they used to import from the Middle East. The country aims at becoming an energy independent nation, and this move is going to benefit most of the companies in the United States that deal with production, storage, refining and transportation of oil and its products around the country are going to make a fortune. The amount is projected to be close to thirty-five billion dollars. This amount of money is distributed to the investors in the form of Freedom Checks.

Therefore, Master Limited Partnerships are the companies which issue the Freedom checks. The companies process the oil and have enormous pipelines for the transportation of the gas across the country. Therefore, for the company to become an MLP, it has to pay about ninety percent of its income to the investors.

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