Let’s not beat around the bush here. Everyone wants to have a great credit score but not everyone is disciplined financially. Many people abuse credit cards, racking up consumer debt on clothes, fast food, luxury items, and really just things that they don’t need. What happens is that these same people can’t pay off the debt when the payment is due. So, they make the minimum payment month after month. Credit card companies take notice of these transactions and give them a horrible credit score. Because they got themselves into a hole, banks and credit unions won’t give them loans for things more important like auto loans or even mortgages. The good news is this doesn’t have to be you. If you use a credit card the right way, it can actually be very beneficial. In this article, I am going to be breaking down the top way on how you can improve your credit score using a very simple method.

  1. Pay off all debt

In order for your credit score to get better, you must show credit card companies that you can pay off the debt. When you finally get above water and make regular payments like you are supposed to, you will most likely notice that your credit score has improved. If you are dealing with larger debts, I would highly recommend using the debt avalanche method. This is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first. This saves you money over the long run.

  1. No cash, no credit.

If you can’t afford to buy something with cash, don’t buy it. For beginners, I would recommend using credit cards for minor expenses like gas and groceries, things you know for sure you will be able to pay off when the payment is due.

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Andrew Rolfe Works With The Leadership Of The Ubuntu Fund To Raise More Resources

The Ubuntu Fund is a renowned organization that has been supporting disadvantaged children in the society. Over the years, they have helped over 400,000 children. When Jacob Lief founded the organization, it was only focusing on provision of education. However, the management of the Fund realized that students were not realizing their full potentials in class. To this end, they decided to undertake a comprehensive research. They found that HIV and hunger was hampering many children from going to school and concentrating on their studies. The leadership of the Fund started providing the students with nutrition and healthcare services. Today, there is a high enrollment and many children are doing exceptionally well in their studies.

Notably, the Fund runs a school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. At the institution, the management of the same developed an innovative program. This program seeks to support all children from when they join the school until when they commence their careers. Recently, the Fund decided to hold a gala dinner in London. 300 guests graced the auspicious occasion. Andrew Rolfe ensured that the guests were well entertained. Moreover, he made sure that each guest was served with the meal of his or her choice. The Fund expected to raise £600,000. To their surprise, they were able to raise over £603,000. During the occasion Sinesipho Rabidyani said that she is a proud beneficiary of the Fund’s scholarship. Her story of how her father’s drinking behavior affected her childhood touched most of the guests.

These funds shall be put into good use. The management of the Fund said that they would expand their campus and construct a large pediatric clinic. The Ubuntu Fund shall use the extra money to enroll more needy children in the society.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been serving as the chairman of the organization. He has also been rendering his services for TowerBook as the managing partner. Andrew is a graduate of Harvard University. Rolfe has gained extensive management experience by virtue of working for different leading entities.

In the past, he worked for the Gap. As the president of the institution’s international division, Andrew expanded the company’s operations abroad. Rolfe has also worked for Pret A. Manger and Booker Foodservice. He is credited for enhancing the growth of these companies through his visionary leadership.