Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Waiākea

The state of Hawaii has always taken pride in the natural beauty that surrounds their land. The beautiful state speaks the language of nature, with some of the best that mother earth as to offer. The people living in Hawaii believe in having the highest amount of respect for the land and the place that they come from, and believe it to be one of the most important factors of Hawaiian culture.

When it comes to the products that this state puts out, the people always try to make sure that they are sustainable and do not cause any harm to nature. Waiākea Bottled Water is one excellent example of a product that the beautiful state has put out. The company making Waiākea knows the importance of the environment to the people of Hawaii and go to great lengths to ensure that they can do their bit to preserve it. The people at Waiākea have been actively involved with numerous movements, and environment protection acts so that they can ensure that the relationship that the people share with the earth is left untarnished.

Waiākea is one of the extremely few companies in the entire world that puts in a lot of effort in their packaging. Waiākea bottles are made using only the highest grade of recycled plastic, which causes less harm to the environment. All of the bottles that they put out can once again be recycled after use.

But why would a company go to such great lengths to ensure that the state of Hawaii is preserved? Well, the answer is simple – it is because the water that Waiākea puts in their bottles is sourced from the natural water bodies that are present in the state. Since Waiākea is taking something from the land, it sees it as only fair to give back to them as well. Most of the water that Waiākea uses comes from the eastern part of the state, near the Mauna Loa Volcano. Most of this water in these water bodies comes from rainwater and melted snow. Through proper rain water harvesting and purification, Waiākea has found new and sustainable ways to give this valuable life force to the people drinking their water.


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