Herbalife Design Challenge

Starting off with the new school year a design challenge has become part of an advanced study, international product development, and manufacturing. This is where students are developing a line of Herbalife’s activewear nutrition independent distributors. The students participating in FIDM will be selected and subdivided into teams. They will be given the challenge to design and build excellent activewear that embodies an active style and healthy. These students will be required to present their made designs that will bear sourcing strategy, colors, theme, fabric, and production to FIDM faculty board members and Herbalife Nutrition team. Their final challenge will ask the entire team members to show how they are going to merchandise the own student concepts. In addition to the project, students will have an opportunity to create their excellent designs.


One of the top-ranked fashion and design school in the world is FIDM. This school is committed to excellence and innovation making them be partners for the design challenge. Their collaboration on the project will provide a chance for the coming generation to develop talents. This project is inspired by employees and entrepreneurs who are objective driven in helping people to live a happier and a healthier life. About twenty students have been selected by the faculty to participate in the international manufacturing and product development challenge. This program is already in progress and it will continue up to the year 2019.

FIDM has collaborated with a global brand in creating designs competition for students for 26 years. Herbalife is joining big companies like Nike which has challenged and educated students in inspiring and new ways. FIDM is excited in working with the Herbalife organization in developing activewear that empowers consumers to live an active, best and healthier life. Students will be required to conduct a research for them to understand the behavior of customers, the lifestyle of the Herbalife supplements distributor.


Herbalife Nutrition was founded in the year 1980 by Mark Hughes. It is an international organization whose objectives is to sell food supplements, personal care products, weight management, and sports nutrition. Its headquarters is located in the California, United States of America.


In conclusion, Herbalife students will get an opportunity to travel to many places in the world to see different design hubs. They will have discussions with Herbalife nutrition specialists from all over the world.





Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s passion for plastic surgery

Sameer Jejurikar is a certified plastic surgeon. He received his degree from the University of Michigan. He furthered his studies at Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, where he specialized in aesthetic surgery. He currently serves as a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic surgery, an institution that specializes mainly on cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, eyes, body, and breast. Dr. Jejurikar has a great passion for his work and therefore works with much dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

He incorporates the use of the new technology in his work to ensure the delivery of quality services. For example, through the use of the Crisalix 3D imaging system, clients can be able to view their new body virtually even before the actual surgery. The imaging systems foreshadow the actual look the patient will get after the surgery and therefore helps to ensure clarification by the patient before proceeding with the actual surgery.

Clients can also get in touch with Dr. Jejurikar through MytouchMD, a patient web portal that has educational videos, images and more information about Dr. Jejurikar. The portal also has procedure information that helps patients to set their expectations for their procedures and also has other beneficial health tips.

Dallas plastic surgery institute is a renowned surgery institution based in Dallas. The institution has some of the top qualified surgeons that offer a range of specialized services such as hair transplant, skin care services, face, and body surgery. The institution is equipped with adequate facilities incorporated with new technological advancements to ensure patient comfort. For skin care, Dr. Jejurikar has developed a signature line of medical-grade skin care products to address common skin issues such as wrinkles, dark spots, and poor skin elasticity.

In recognition of his outstanding performance in his career, Dr. Jejurikar has received various awards and recognition of his work by various journals. His research has been published in some of the top health journals including Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Annals of Plastic Surgery and the Journal of Surgical Research. He is also a husband and father of three kids. He treasures his family and recognizes raising his kids as one of his best achievements.


Award Winning Sussex Healthcare

Award Winning Sussex Healthcare is an independently run organization that provides important healthcare services to people in the southern coastal area in England.

In fact, the organization recently celebrated 25 years of providing residential care to elderly people in their 20 care homes. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina are the chairmen of the organization that bring much medical and business experience to the organization since opening in 1985. The organization’s specialty is providing important care to elderly residents in their care homes. However, their facilities also provide important care to others that require daily care to live a more independent life.

Certainly, top leadership is the key to operating any type of medical or healthcare facility. Sussex Healthcare has two co-chairmen with business experience in the hospitality industry and medical experience in the dental field. The combination of those two backgrounds helps to lead the organization to success. In addition, the organization has added Amanda Morgan-Taylor to the leadership team. In fact, she is the new CEO. She has plenty of experience in healthcare and the mental health field. Amanda Morgan-Taylor recently joined the organization, but she is already making a big difference in leadership and the direction of the organization.

A Healthcare Team That Cares
The staff at Sussex Healthcare is composed of dedicated professionals that are very kind, and caring. The organization is able to provide such great care because of their excellent staff. Furthermore, the organization believes in investing in their workers by providing in house training, and ongoing training. The staff at the organizations also receives plenty of excellent perks that include a pension, free uniforms, free staff bus, paid vacations, and much more.

Types Of Care Provided
Sussex has a very outstanding reputation in the community because of the excellent care that they provide to older residents in their care home. Sussex also provides other care, which includes the following.

– Specialized adult care for those with physical or learning disabilities
– Short term respite care for adults
– Palliative care for the terminally ill
– Customized care for dementia patients
– Neurology care for a wide variety of health issues
– Special facilities for PMLD Care

Today, Sussex Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the community. Their outstanding 25 years of service to the local community has made them leaders in the healthcare field.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/sussex-healthcare-helps-patients-feel-at-home/