A Look At The Jeunesse Global Opportunity

Jeunesse Global is an “on-the-rise” beauty company with aspirations to hit $10 billion in revenue within the next 12 years. Founded by Randy Ray (CEO), Wendy Lewis (COO), and Scott Lewis (CVO), the company has already achieved $4.6 billion in sales as of 2018, and it continues to grow. Jeunesse Global sells specialty products that are aimed at preserving the appearance of youth and promoting an overall healthy body. These items are backed by a panel of four scientists who have experience in stem cell research (Dr. Nathan Newman), body transformation (Dr. Vincent Giampapa), anti-aging (Dr. Donna Antarr), and authoritative research on immortality (Dr. William Amzallag).


Jeunesse Global relies on networking strategies to achieve its goals. Members purchase a starter package made up of health and wellness products from supplements and beverages to skin and hair care regimens. Then they “network” by recruiting other members to join below them forming a team. Once the team is assembled, the original members begin receiving a percentage of whatever is earned by the people they’ve recruited and anyone who joins below them. Thus, creating the opportunity for enormous wealth as a direct result of sales and networking.


The company has a very carefully thought out system on how to make the networking “work” so to speak. There are several ways in which a member can earn money:


  • Buy the products wholesale from the company and sell for retail price


  • Get bonuses for new customer acquisitions


  • Create a network of up to 750 members and secure another $35 per member



  • Achieve Diamond status and become part of an elite bonus pool of members receiving 3% of a global fund that is distributed among all Diamond level members


Jeunesse Global benefits by helping others succeed in their own sales endeavors. It is this generous training and motivation that has allowed the company to grow and stretch to 140 different countries. The company is praised by editors of today’s top fashion and makeup magazines, and it has won 197 awards and counting.



Sussex Healthcare Professionals Know What It Means to be Healthy

It is important that professionals in the Caregiver industry know what it means to be healthy. Sussex Healthcare puts an emphasis on social and recreational functions, which are essential to the total wellness of its patients. The homes in the Sussex system have community games and events that help maintain a high level of mental interest and motivational energy in each resident. The positive surroundings inspire residents to invest their mental abilities to the highest level. All activities are carefully selected with information that is gathered from previous events. This data is paired with a participant’s current capabilities. Staff members encourage everyone to join the action and make an effort to contribute.

Sussex Healthcare is a series of Care Homes operating independently. The homes are managed by a team of highly trained healthcare providers. They govern themselves with the guidance of its policy group. The central focus of Sussex is to set a precedent for all other companies providing service in the industry. A dedication to displaying the best quality service in the industry pushes company executives maintain an exceptional standard at all times. The operating procedures are designed to meet the specific needs of all residents in the facility. A first class team is in place to implement organizational policy throughout the facilities.

Sussex Healthcare professionals are trained to assist people searching for the proper home to place their friend or family member. The facilities are prepared to offer safe and functional living arrangements. The support system secures a stimulating environment for each resident so that they can enjoy social, emotional and intellectual occurrences.

Sussex Healthcare facility residents can expect to have a normal existence just like anyone else. Their space and privacy is respected. The team members are ready to assist in any needed fashion. The trained academy and quality of nursing use specific skills to service seniors who have unique medical needs. Activities that keep everyone busy and entertained are supported by staff. Interesting games include quizzes, music, hand crafts, cookery and art therapy.

Sussex Healthcare offers an assortment of treatments such as physiotherapy, reflexology and occupational therapy. The menu is an important part of any care-giving operation. Chefs work diligently to prepare meals that offer the best ingredients. The tasty dishes are healthy, wholesome and made to order.