Dr. Dov Rand Explains How He Treats The Underlying Condition Rather Than The Symptoms

Dr. Dov Rand is the founder and chief executive officer of Health Aging Medical Centers. He founded this organization 15 years ago with the goal of helping his patients with their age-related conditions. He uses therapies to optimize their health which are based on evidence-based research.

He uses multiple therapies to help his patients get and maintain a healthy body. This includes helping them lose weight, using bio-identical hormone therapy, and other anti-aging related services. Dr. Dov Rand knows that each patient has unique needs so he tailors his therapies for their specific circumstances. He doesn’t push any one type of procedure. Instead, he bases his treatment solely upon the patient and not what is ailing them.

He treats men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. He says that this condition is more complicated than people realize because it involves different systems of the body. He has used multiple therapies for these patients including nutritional supplements and shockwave therapy. He rejects the “pill for ill” approach some of his peers use. Dr. Dov Rand says that he treats the underlying issue rather than just treating the symptoms.

He acts as a role model for his patient. Dr. Dov loved sports while growing up, especially tennis. He still stays very active so that he is the right weight and is fit. He does a combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, yoga, and martial arts. Dr. Dov Rand also makes sure he eats a healthy diet rich with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. He also takes a regimen of supplements.

It is also important to stay mentally active. He regularly attends professional conferences in his field, reads books, and scientific research. He says this not only helps his mind stay sharp but it also keeps him knowledgeable about the latest information so that he can be a better doctor (Menundermicroscope).

Dr. Dov Rand says that he firmly believes everyone should engage in continuing education. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking classes. He says the internet can be a great source of information. He also suggests people read articles, studies, and anything else that will help them continue to learn and grow.

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