George Soros Immigration Plan for Europe

The European Union has developed a significant issue in the way that they have been dealing with the sudden rise in refugees seeking political asylum. Circumstances have deteriorated in the Middle East and people are fleeing for their life and seeking safe havens, and the European Union is a location that is known for providing freedom. The problems started because there was no uniform policy between European partners as to how this issue should be handled. The influx of refugees seeking safety has ballooned into a divisive political crisis. With each country focusing on their own interests, the refugees have been the ones suffering as they remain stuck in camps not knowing what is going to happen. George Soros sees this crisis and looks to provide an answer.
Soros of the Open Society Foundation believes that the European Union needs to develop a plan that is comprehensive and followed by all members. That would allow for asylum seekers and European citizens to be kept safe as an orderly and organized process of immigration takes place. He believes Europe needs to work in concert with the rest of the world, in solving the Syrian immigrant problem specifically. This should also establish some standards for dealing with forced immigration issues in the future. George Soros developed a plan published by Marketwatch with six components in it.

George Soros comprehensive plan begins by the EU making a commitment to accept a million asylum seekers each year for the foreseeable future. The burden needs to be carried equally by all nations which is not the case today and it should be funded by the EU. Second the EU needs to provide funding to help take care of 4 million refugees displaced in the Middle East currently in countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordon.
This would take a commitment of billions of Euros. Next they need to establish orderly and safe transportation to Europe to avoid the panic that exists today caused by fear. They also need to establish standards that are used to treat all asylum seekers so that all parties involved know what is expected. Finally, the EU needs to have the private sector become involved in the process to assist in assimilating such a large number of immigrants in need.

NY Books reported that Soros is very aware of the problems of immigration because in his youth he was forced to leave his home in Hungary due to the Nazi occupation. How immigrants are treated can significantly harm or help a person’s view of life, depending on how they are treated. He has struggled to supply those who are experiencing oppression to have a voice of freedom. He did this by establishing cultural exchanges during the Cold War period in Europe and by funding college scholarships for black South Africans suffering under the racist apartheid leadership. Throughout his life George Soros has been a champion of freedom and critical thought and an enemy of oppression.

It is clear that the immigration problem in Europe and across the globe is not going to change in the near future. All nations have to accept responsibility and put nationalistic interest aside for the good of all people. Fear is one of the biggest enemies which stops people from doing the humane and decent thing for people with no home. These immigrants are in danger of losing their lives and George Soros plan for the European Union provides an organized and clear method to solve this issue for all involved. No problem will disappear overnight but like any journey, moving one step at a time toward a solution is the only intelligent response. All countries need to embark on this journey together.