IAP Worldwide Services Designs Innovative ATC System For Military

IAP Worldwide Services has a long history of meeting the needs of the U.S. military. Recently, it was enlisted in the Air Force’s Contract Augmentation program for contractors. Panama City-based Readiness Management Support(RMS), a subsidiary of IAP WorldWide Services, was selected to play the role of lead architect on a special project. The Kabul Air Control Center needed a new air traffic control system built that would be able to handle the demands of Operation Enduring Freedom. Specifically, it required a system that could handle positive control, non-radar detection, and had a visual flight rule and instrument-based flight rule system integrated into it. The air zone where the air traffic control system was built is known as the Kabul Flight Information Region.

IAP Worldwide Services has been relied on by the U.S. military on many occasions because of its ability to provide a wide spectrum of services to it. It is classified as a premier government contractor that operates under the leadership of Al Neffgen, IAP Worldwide Services’ CEO. The company specializes its talents in the areas of logistics and procurement, military base maintenance, contingency support, and technical services. It has projects that are active all over the world and corporate offices in Washington D.C., Panama City, and Irmo, S.C. to coordinate the activity. For the construction of the air traffic control system as well as auxiliary facilities across Afghanistan IAP Worldwide Services placed a team of highly skilled engineers and personnel trainers on the ground to work hand in hand with the Air Force and the local Afghan Government on a daily basis.

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The Kabul Air Control Center is anticipated to handle one of the busiest air-spaces in the world and it can do so because of the expert system and personnel training performed by IAP Worldwide Services. IAP Worldwide Services can provide rapid response in support of the military wherever it chooses to deploy across the world and can come up with original schematics to handle ongoing operations. For the project in Kabul, IAP was asked to innovate a new class of airway design to meet the unique needs of Operation Enduring Freedom. It was tasked with delivering, installing, and maintaining the necessary communication systems as well. One of RMS’s subcontractors, ManTech Telecommunications, was tasked with traveling to 4 remote locations in Afghanistan to install facilities to support the air traffic control system’s operations. IAP Worldwide staff and handle any task even if there is danger involved.

IAP Worldwide is Capable and Always Ready

Capable may be the best word to describe IAP Worldwide Services, and it may be the enormous capabilities provided by IAP that set them apart. Power solutions to information technology and communication, IAP is that reliable and trusted partner that goes above and beyond to get the job done. This global-scale logistics, professional and technical services and facilities management provider has become recognized as a leader, setting the standard for all others.

Government services that include support of defense agencies and airfields are the tip of the iceberg when discussing the work and capabilities of IAP Wordwide Services in this arena. The commitment to U.S. allies and civilian support agencies is unquestioned, and IAP accomplishes this through years of experience and the best technologies.

The power solutions afforded by IAP Worldwide enable those technologies and so much more. Both temporary and permanent power services are provided, and with the ability to operate multiple energy sources including renewable energy systems, IAP has the solution to meet every power related need. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: http://www.careercast.com/jobs/iap-worldwide-services-afghanistan-192733851-b and https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/IAP-Worldwide-Services-Jobs-E39430.htm

In today’s world, IT and communication is almost as natural as breathing. Keeping people connected, up to date with the ever changing world of technology and supporting communication and technology systems is just another day on the job for IAP.

Infrastructure, engineering and even aviation solutions are just more of what IAP has offered clients. These are only some examples of those capabilities previously discussed that define IAP. More information and detail about the capabilities of IAP can be found here, https://www.iapws.com/capabilities/.

At IAP Worldwide, problems mean opportunity, and as their website declares – ‘making the impossible possible’ is just one more example of the seemingly endless capabilities of IAP Worldwide Services.

Among all those capabilities, the most important may be the emergency services that IAP can deliver. Being able to answer the call, now – and provide quick and creative solutions for logistical, power and communications issues is an ability that IAP takes pride in.

The comfort and peace of mind of knowing that no matter what situation arises, that IAP will be there, wherever there is – makes the services provided by IAP invaluable.

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