Richard Blair And His Financial Adventures Through Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., an Investment Advisory firm based in Bee Cave, Texas. He is known for his financial adventures and provides comprehensive and customized financial planning and advisory services to various customers. Richard provides his services to individuals, families, and small business owners with a number of services including retirement services, income plans, asset creating plans, etc. Under the leadership of Blair, Wealth Solutions looks for opportunities where it can invest and get the best results for the customers according to their needs. Richard has more than two decades of experience in financial industry, and that helps him to grasp the potential opportunities in the market better and tap it.



Wealth Solutions mainly offers three services namely wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. The wealth management is an option created for wealthy individuals and families to run their business and assets efficiently. The option is useful for people who can’t manage the business themselves. Richard creates a comprehensive investment portfolio for his clients by setting their goals as the target. The financial planning option is personalized according to the requirements of the customers. Richard works to split the goals into two: long-term and short-term goals to by evaluating assets, liabilities and current financial condition of the customers. In retirement planning, Blair understands the need for the clients and their retirement needs and go for simple to complex retirement portfolios. His retirement plans include a mix of mutual funds, IRA investments, annuities, and more. Blair also advises on the better saving of taxes, convenient time to take Social Security, ways to create steady income after retirement, etc.



Richard wants the best service to be offered to his clients and treats every customer with equal importance and value. He gets a significant number of new customers by the referrals of existing happy customers, and he keeps a long-term relationship with each of them. Blair has a mission to bring a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small time business owners by helping them to leverage through his financial advisory services.



To extend his expertise in financial advisory services, Richard has completed a number of industry certifications such as CES, CAS, CFS, RICP, and more. Blair completed his graduation in Finance from the University of Houston and started his financial career in 1993. In the next year, he founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. to offer better financial options to the customers in and around Austin.




USHEALTH Group, Inc. Providing Healthcare Insurance Needs

One of the leading healthcare providers is USHEALTH Group, Inc. this is an insurance holding company that is located in Ft. Worth, Texas and whose purpose is offering new and innovative healthcare insurance coverage plans. Their products are targeted for the specific individual such as self-employed and owners of small business enterprises. The main aim of the USHEALTH is to merge the skills of its employees and agents in marketing profitable and competitive products, at the same time provide higher customer services in each aspect of the company’s procedures. There two companies that make up USHEALTH Group, they include the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America as well as the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The company has one mission to become the best healthcare provider in America.

Because of providing their customer superior services the USHEALTH Group, Inc. was awarded the prestigious the One Planet Awards, this award was for the company of the year award under the category of Accounting, insurance, banking as well as financial. Companies all over the world participate in the coveted One Planet Award that honor global brands honoring business as well as professional excellence in each industry from the industries around the globe.

The award is a true illustration of the superior product that the USHEALTH Group offers. The company is dedicated to solving the healthcare problem by offering affordable solutions for their customers that grow as the healthcare needs grow. The company has experienced unanticipated success, progress, and profitability through selling its variety of products in a highly feasible individual health insurance cover market.

There are several diseases and accident coverage that the USHEALTH Group offers, for instance, the accident and sickness coverage. The company knows that each customer who comes to them needs a different product from the customer who came before. They empower their customers to make choice of the product that would prefer from the company’s products category. They promote the customer choice. The company has placed itself in a unique position to address each customer needs which are flexible.

Since there are customers who are concerned with the limited financial capacity they tailor make their products to meet the need of the customer through offering products that enable the customer to receive benefits for the covered services and discounts. These options are more affordable compared to the comprehensive plans, one main advantage is that they provide the first dollar protection.

Despite the choice of the customer on health coverage plan. The company assist improves the customer protection with another line of supportive products that includes consists of critical illness, disease, income protection amongst others. Through the provision of revolutionary healthcare products, the company has been able to emerge top in the industry that is known for high customer turnover and expensive products.