A Look At The Jeunesse Global Opportunity

Jeunesse Global is an “on-the-rise” beauty company with aspirations to hit $10 billion in revenue within the next 12 years. Founded by Randy Ray (CEO), Wendy Lewis (COO), and Scott Lewis (CVO), the company has already achieved $4.6 billion in sales as of 2018, and it continues to grow. Jeunesse Global sells specialty products that are aimed at preserving the appearance of youth and promoting an overall healthy body. These items are backed by a panel of four scientists who have experience in stem cell research (Dr. Nathan Newman), body transformation (Dr. Vincent Giampapa), anti-aging (Dr. Donna Antarr), and authoritative research on immortality (Dr. William Amzallag).


Jeunesse Global relies on networking strategies to achieve its goals. Members purchase a starter package made up of health and wellness products from supplements and beverages to skin and hair care regimens. Then they “network” by recruiting other members to join below them forming a team. Once the team is assembled, the original members begin receiving a percentage of whatever is earned by the people they’ve recruited and anyone who joins below them. Thus, creating the opportunity for enormous wealth as a direct result of sales and networking.


The company has a very carefully thought out system on how to make the networking “work” so to speak. There are several ways in which a member can earn money:


  • Buy the products wholesale from the company and sell for retail price


  • Get bonuses for new customer acquisitions


  • Create a network of up to 750 members and secure another $35 per member



  • Achieve Diamond status and become part of an elite bonus pool of members receiving 3% of a global fund that is distributed among all Diamond level members


Jeunesse Global benefits by helping others succeed in their own sales endeavors. It is this generous training and motivation that has allowed the company to grow and stretch to 140 different countries. The company is praised by editors of today’s top fashion and makeup magazines, and it has won 197 awards and counting.



Southridge Capital Solutions

Southridge capital is a private equity company that is responsible for the development and execution of financial solutions. The company which was founded in the year 1996 has made significant strides in the financial industry with Stephen Hicks as the founder and chief executive officer. Some of the primary services offered at the institution are brokerage services financial structuring. If you are having any financial problems that are affecting your credit cards or revenue, Southridge Capital is the leading firm to go to. Over the years, this equity firm has grown exponentially and now earns millions of dollars as revenue per year. Their income stands at $ 47.5 billion making it a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. Other leading companies such as Kabbage compete with Southridge Capital, and it still outshines them all. The main objective of the firm is to meet the goals and needs of their clients by offering them practical solutions to their financial problems. This customization of their services is what makes Southridge Capital unique and sets it apart from all other institutions. You can visit their website southridge.com





Stephen Hicks as the founder was interviewed by IdeaMensch on his career in finance and the company. Stephen Hicks spoke about his vision for the company, and he believes with his expertise he can transform the company. Stephen Hicks is not new in the finance world and has thirty years of experience in risk arbitrage and investment banking. His expertise comes from a background in business administration that he hold s a degree from. Stephen attended King’s College, and after graduating, he was employed at a hedge fund. During his time there, he wanted to found a financial solutions company and the principal there allowed him to do so. Stephen Hicks knowledge comes from a lot of interaction with other equity firms, and he believes that is what has helped him grow Southridge. Stephen Hicks believes in investments, and at times at Southridge Capital, they do take new startups under their wings to guide and teach them. At times this is risky, but they are always able to get back on their feet. Check out citybizlist.com



See more: https://ideamensch.com/stephen-hicks/



Southridge Capital contributions to the economy

Southridge capital is a dedicated company that has its base on Connecticut that has worked to revolutionize all parts of the world by offering financial solutions to all people everywhere in the world. It was founded in the year 1996 and its headquarters are in the East Coast in New England. Southridge Capital boasts of having employed between eleven to fifty employees. It works on providing full continuous innovative financial solutions so as to meet the expectations of the wide range of clients. Not only has the structure of the company been reorganized and fully restructured but also the way they have branded themselves so in turn they can work on their strengths just as the clients want it to be restructured. A keen observation to the Southridge Capital, it is evident that with their gesture of trying to help those who need their services, in turn, are training themselves to become the top leading contenders when it comes to offering solutions to all finance related problems.

Southridge offers a hand of support when it comes to debt or any such related problems which have become something to deal with. It is able to work with individuals who most of the time have been robbed of their happiness or even their relationships or even well-established corporations that are out looking for financial support. The level of work has nothing to do with the effectiveness to work with the Southridge capital.


It has a team that has been well skilled and experts that are that are ready to be consulted on most corporate issues. Southridge Cooperation has a number of services that it offers ranging from analyzing of finances, merging services, the legal procedures for acquisition and balance sheet optimization. All these are under the canopy of the advising services rendered. Since its existence, the company has been able to fund over two hundred and fifty companies injecting a total of over 1.8 billion US dollars directly. This can be credited to the team that has been working tirelessly to ensure that they do not deliver anything less than their clients’ expectations. For more detail about it you can visit southridge.com


Visit : https://www.facebook.com/Southridge-Capital-118716878160402/


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Could Have Fortress Investment Group Accepted a Takeover Bid as an Expansion Strategy?

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset manager who has been in the industry for a more extended period. The company has been offering quality services in asset management to its customers through a customized strategy that ensures that all its customers get what they want and at the time they want. Its personalized approach has helped the firm to remain the best in the industry and boost of the largest customer base of any wealth manager in the sector.

However, the current announcement that the firm will be sold to a Japanese Investment Group seems to have caught many individuals, including those who work in the financial industry by surprise. Nobody expected that Fortress Investment Group would accept a takeover bid from another investor given how the firm has been dominant in the industry for a more extended period. Nevertheless, accepting a takeover bid means that the executive members of the decision-making organ could have seen something in store.

It is claimed that Fortress Investment Group will continue to operate as an independent entity such that the new owners will not interfere with how the organization operates on a daily basis. This will give it an opportunity to penetrate the Asian market that has not been exploited by other asset managers. Therefore, the company could have accepted the takeover bid as a strategic plan to ensure the organization gets a new market that has not been inhibited by wealth managers in the United States and Europe.

The second reasons as to why the organization could have accepted the takeover bid because it was sure of getting a significant amount of money. The money received by the firm will go into its investment strategies and expand its wealth while at the same time purchasing assets in other areas. Nevertheless, some of the money will go to pay for the shareholders who owned units in the entity.

For the past several years, Fortress Investment Group has been on the record entering the most lucrative business deals in the investment industry, globally. The acquisitions that the organization has done are a phenomenon. For this reason, the investors and the public are also urged not to be skeptical about the recent acquisition of the company by SoftBank. The decision to make this move was well-informed, and nothing is expected as a result but success. The organization’s underlying assets are expected to skyrocket within the next few months. This is after the consideration of the great goodwill of the acquirer, SoftBank Group.

Learn more: https://www.inc.com/profile/fortress-investment-group

Richard Dwayne Blair And The Three Pillars Of Financial Planning

Did you know that there are just three pillars of financial planning? At least that is what Richard Dwayne Blair has to say about it. He developed the three pillar approach, and he believes that it is a winner as far as making a good plan to deal with your financial future. He would like to see as many people as possible using his methods to better their financial lives and to give themselves a greater sense of peace of mind. He knows that it is a long journey to do so, but as an executive for Wealth Solutions Inc, he has made this his life’s work.

Have A Game Plan

There is not much use to speaking with a financial advisor if you have no earthly clue as to what you want to get out of your financial dreams in the first place. You can overcome this by drawing out the plan ahead of time and then presenting it to them. Remember, they are going to best be able to help you if you first put some effort into this goal for yourself ahead of time.

Get Into Investments That Match That Plan

Your choice of investments is essential to making sure you actually accomplish the goals that you set out in the first step. The longer that you take working out exactly what kind of investment meet your needs the better. Richard Dwayne Blair reminds us that these are the investments that have to get the job done, so it is best to pick ones that make sense for what you are attempting to do.

Put Your Plan Into Action

Finally, it is time to put your plan into action. You have spent all of this time working out what you wanted to do in the first place, so at some point you just have to do it. You will not regret it as long as you have put your proper research into it says Richard Dwayne Blair.


Madison Street Capital Leaders in Finance and Investment Banking

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital has developed an impressive reputation among those in the financial world. This financial organization helps businesses reach their financial goals. Throughout the business world, they help clients in achieving financial goals by obtaining new credit sources. Madison Street Capital helps customers understand and negotiate complex mergers and acquisitions. Whether getting an open line of credit or understanding the complex process of mergers and acquisitions; Madison Street Capital is there to help corporations succeed. Learn more: http://madisonstreetcapital.org/


Through the years Madison Street Capital acquired several prestigious awards. Anthony Marsala, co-founder of Madison Street Capital, received the 40 under Forty Award. This award gives top honors to those forty and under who possess unique talents and are outstanding in the financial world. The award honors those forty and under who are impressive leaders in the business world. In 2017, Madison Street Capital won the Turnaround Award; competing among over 350 rivals and peers in the business world. They received the award for their ability in restructuring a financial transaction worth approximately twenty-five million dollars. Madison Street Capital is an impressive organization, well-known for its philanthropic work. Contributing to both the Red Cross and United Way, they also encourage their associates to give to charity. The Madison Street Capital reputation remains in place; putting the organization at the top of the financial world. Learn more: http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/


The investment banking firm Madison Street Capital originated in Chicago, Illinois. Their commitment to success combined with outstanding leadership assists various companies involved in strategic financial transactions. Their goal is providing financial services benefiting both their clientele and investors. Whether buying or selling a business, they are the preferred experts in the world of investment banking. Well known in the United States, they are established in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/madisonstreetcapitaladvisors/


Madison Street Capital is recognized as an accomplished leader in the world of business finance. However, they are also considered experts in estate and tax planning. Whether opening a line of credit or selling a business, Madison Street Capital is the investment banking company preferred by corporations and financial experts through throughout the world. Learn more: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2017/06/23/madison-street-capital-maintains-distressed-industry-reputation/