Thor Halvorssen Seeks Success With Many Human Rights Events

There are many different ways the Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has sought out to raise awareness of the problems facing different communities around the world that include the establishment and curation of major events across the planet. Halvorssen is always looking for ways to make the most of his own position as a Hollywood film producer and human rights activist who has become the face of a global rise in the number of human rights groups working around the world.

The major achievement in the life of Thor Halvorssen so far is the establishment of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an event that takes place annually and allows activists, journalists, and those with an interest in human rights to come together and form partnerships as they discover more about the changes taking place around the world. Thor Halvorssen is seeking to use his own funding and that from a range of outside groups to promote this event that has become the most important on the calendar for human rights activists from around the world; not only does Thor promote causes for individuals to learn more about but he uploads the speeches given by each attendee to the Oslo Freedom Forum to the Internet to promote the chance to learn more about the abuses taking place around the world.

Thor Halvorssen pays little interest to the political agenda of the governments of the world and has been known to go against the traditional view of the majority of his fellow human rights activists. Halvorssen has remained a strong critic of a number of global leaders and his role as a well known activist allows him the ability to criticize governments and figures in Venezuela and Cuba who are often allowed free reign to abuse human rights because of their socialist ideology; this view of the global governments may place Thor Halvorssen at odds with many of his fellow activists, yet Thor remains firm in his convictions that politics should play no part in the protection of human rights.


SEC Whistleblowers Make Economy Stronger

Wall Street was deregulated by the federal government before George W. Bush took office. It took the street a few years to figure out, but they found a way to make cash hand over fist by issuing something called a subprime mortgage. And by splitting up these mortgages into other financial products, they were able to hide the massive amount of toxic loans that they were taking on. And nobody was there to stop them as regulation had been reduced and any SEC whistleblower was intimidated.

The fallout from the global financial market crash was a law called Dodd Frank. This federal consumer protection act made it more difficult for large financial institutions to gamble with your money. But one of the most important provisions put into the federal law was the protections for whistleblowers. After all, whistleblowers could protect us from the next financial meltdown.

Whistleblowers are employees within a company that come across evidence of wrongdoing. These whistleblowers are either allowed to come forward without the risk of retaliation, or they are intimidated into not revealing their information. And if certain bankers had the whistleblower protections and incentives found in Dodd Frank, as well as a good SEC whistleblower attorney, the 2008 crash may have been averted altogether.

This sweeping Wall Street regulation makes it very clear that employers are not to intimidate or retaliate against any whistleblower who divulges information under the protection of Dodd Frank. The federal government even sweetened the pot for whistleblowers, promising financial incentives to those who provide sound information. This financial incentive is taken from any fines levied against the financial institution itself. A good SEC whistleblower lawyer can collect 10 to 30% of any fines collected as long as those fines are over $1 million.

Jordan A Thomas is a whistleblower attorney at the law firm of Labaton Sucharow, the first law firm in the United States to specialize in the protection and advocation of SEC whistleblowers. Jordan Thomas has tons of experience in the field, serving as the former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He had a hand in passing the whistleblower protections in Dodd Frank and now he enforces them as a private lawyer. Mr Thomas is confident that he can recoup even more money for a whistleblower under his protection taken from other law enforcement organization’s fines. Contact him today for a case review.