Strawberry Sorbet EOS Lip Balm is Perfectly Sweet

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms have become increasingly popular in today’s lip balm choices among retail chain stores and markets. With a unique style and shape, the EOS lip balm happens to look like an egg. Most lip balms are often in the tube form, which is often difficult to put onto lips evenly. Something unique lies in each flavor and type.

There are so many reasons that the world is falling in love with these new lip balms. Unlike others, this organic lip balm offers an alternative to those containing artificial colors and flavors. The Strawberry Sorbet EOS lip balm is a very tasty flavor and perfect scent to give that hint of strawberry. While it is not overpowering, it offers a sweet taste with its Stevia extract.

With its smooth egg shape not only does it offer an easy to use shape, but it has a fun twist off lid. The inside of the “egg” is much like you might think, it looks like a yoke.

At most convenient stores and grocery chains, consumers can find this product for a decent price. Often places like Target has them for $3. Not only that, but it can be found at Ulta, Well and Bed Bath and Beyond. With it being located at many different places, anyone can try this new flavor.

You can also enjoy many other flavors including Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit or the Smooth Strawberry Passion Honeydew ( Can we say, Yum? For more details, check out the official EOS Facebook page.