The RealReal: Consignment is Big Business

Consignment is big business and The RealReal knows it. With the business of reselling, there is no longer a distinction between the haves who can afford luxury brands with names like Chanel and Gucci, from the have nots that look at such items as something they can’t have. What is a consignment store? People come into the store with items(clothing, shoes, and jewelry) and sell it through the store. The store takes a cut of the profit.

The RealReal have gotten particularly good at doing this. They have an online store and two brick and mortar stores. One store in New York and one in Las Vegas. The business was started by Julie Wainwright in 2011 and has been around every since then. If you are looking for a name brand items that you have seen on Paris fashion runways then there is a good chance that The RealReal has got it or check back with them because they will have it soon.

Reselling items is growing at an accelerated pace. To put it in numbers, just think 18 billion dollars in ecommerce resale items alone. There is a trust people have with consignment stores that what they are buying is real, and The RealReal knows this taking pride in their ability to authentic what they are taking into their stores. Thrift and consignment stores are a way to get good quality clothing at a fraction of the price. Stores like Grailed and Heroine are the other consignment stores that have also come up.

The RealReal online store is a wonder. You can go on to their online store and view their amazing photographs that showcases their clothing and find what you are looking for. Do not be surprise if you find yourself browsing for hours. The RealReal is a consignment business that is worth taking a look at.