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So happy to be back with these incredible students in Sumba #TheSumbaFoundation @nihiwatu

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If you worked as hard or as often as Chris Burch, founder of Burch Creative Capital, you’d likely find yourself always on the go. Chris Burch is a globetrotting entrepreneur who has invested in and worked with professionals from just about every industry. He is the man responsible for helping Ellen DeGeneres launch her lifestyle brand (ED) as well as the person responsible for rehabbing the luxury resort Nihiwatu into the global icon that it is today. Burch has done pretty much all there is to do and he isn’t close to being done yet. Let’s learn what makes Burch such a success in order to see if he has any tips that readers at home can follow, check (

As an entrepreneur, Chris Burch knows that there is never going to be an easy-to-follow routine in his life. Burch admits that one week he could be on a flight to the South Pacific while the next week he could be attending meetings with businesses all over New York and Los Angeles, helpful source on Part of being such a successful entrepreneur understands that your schedule doesn’t really exist in the traditional sense; you just have to be ready for where duty calls you to go.

In order to have a long and successful career in the entrepreneurial world, Chris Burch believes that you have to get good at recognizing the right people to collaborate with. While the majority of entrepreneurs won’t be working with the Ellen DeGeneres’s of the world, these entrepreneurs still have control of their companions. Burch believes that every success story in the entrepreneurial world comes down to being in the right room with the right idea and with the right people. If there is one lesson that entrepreneurs should take to heart from Chris Burch that would be it, head over to for more details.