The Life of Dick DeVos

The philanthropic industry has a huge number of people who give enormously in a grand manner. Dick DeVos is among such people. His faith, noticeably, compels him to give and help others that are less fortunate in the world. He is a Christian who holds solid Christian values, which guides him through all of his charitable endeavors. Dick DeVos, together with his wife, have been giving to various organizations that support causes benefiting the humanity.

Aside from his kind works, DeVos is a renowned and innovative entrepreneur and businessperson. Born in 1955, Dick is the son to the co-founder of Amway, Richard DeVos. His professional career has been surrounded by various corporate recognitions and positions at Amway, the NBA’s Orlando Magic and currently where he serves as the President, The Windquest Group. At Amway, he was the President from 1993 to 2002. He was primarily charged with the responsibility of overseeing all the sectors of the firm’s operations. During one of his years in service to Amway, he made sales worth $4.5 billion.

Dick DeVos has also been the Vice President of Amway, where he led the operations of the company in eighteen countries located outside North America. He was strategic in his decision-making, which resulted in the firm extending the area it services. The result was a ridiculous rise in the company’s overall sales. On his family’s acquisition of the Orlando Magic in 1991, Dick DeVos was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer. He led the company for the next three years where he executed his business roles professionally and with expertise.

Dick DeVos pioneers several community initiatives. For instance, he started the Education Freedom Fund, which helps the communities in Michigan achieve their educational goals. This is made possible by the numerous scholarships that Dick awards through his organization. Intrinsically, Dick DeVos gave out more than 4,000 scholarships to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which were aimed to help the less fortunate children in Michigan. Dick, with his love for education, serves on the State Board of Education.

Mr. Dick DeVos spearheads various programs, which aim at providing quality health care and bringing revitalization, in his home area, Grand Rapids. For health programs, Dick DeVos chaired programs such as a $130 million heart hospital and $90 million medical schools. For revitalization programs, Dick has chaired and co-chaired projects such as a $75 million downtown arena, $30 million downtown market and $212 million convention center. Dick graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration from Northwood University. He furthered his studies at Harvard Business School. At the Wharton School, Dick attended Executive Study Programs.

Dick DeVos career and philanthropic life

Dick DeVos was born in 1955 October 21St. He is a businessman who has ventured into a number of fields. He is the oldest son of Richard DeVos, who is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. The firm deals with distribution of households and other affiliated products. Over the years it has been able to build a good brand thus, making it achieve high sales.

DeVos has been working for the company in different levels. This made him gain a lot of experience and thus, being in a better position of starting his company. After working for his dad, he began his cooperation. The organization as specialized in processing of storage and closet organizers. After running his business for some time, he was appointed to be the president of Amway.

Dick DeVos has been taking part in broad philanthropic activities in his entire life. The action has put the DeVos family in Forbes list as one of the most generous family in the World. After DeVos being questioned about his activity by some media personnel, he said he was doing that so as to encourage more people who are wealthy to take part in helping the less fortunate in the society.

DeVos has provided financial support to a number of schools. Most of them being tertiary schools. Hope College is one of the entities that has benefited from it. Some of the colleges and universities in the country always financial problems and by offering support, it will be able to offer a better education to their students.

There are many students from less fortunate backgrounds have also been able to receive financial support from companies owned by DeVos. By providing education, one will be able to break down the circle of poverty in the family. A good number of pupils who have benefited from this program are now in a better position of providing to their families thus, has contributed a lot in cutting down poverty level in the society.

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He has also been able to provide support to many organizations which take part in community building. Most of these firms have played a major role in shaping the local people thus, making them more productive and important in improving the economy of our country.

DeVos has also contributed a lot in financing many activities in the health sector thus, creating a more healthy generation. He has also promoted culture and art in different levels.

International Philanthropy and Bruce Levenson

A philanthropic organization that has international impact isn’t something that arises overnight. Time Magazine’s Bruce Levenson has managed to help create such an organization. According to a recent PR Newswire article, Bruce and Karen Levenson were responsible for donating to The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. These donations were in fact seed money, and though the Levensons continue to donate, these initial donations were probably the most integral. The Center began operations three years ago and is in continuous expansion. A dormitory has recently been added, and regularly funds are raised by a number of courses available at the center. In fact, every semester some ten thousand dollars are raised and distributed to nonprofit organizations which have been deemed properly worthy. Altogether, should the rate remain constant that’s twenty thousand dollars a year. Furthermore, The Center is responsible for sending undergraduate and graduate students as far afield as India in philanthropic pursuit. That’s quite impacting! This means not only are students that go through the center impacting their own local communities, and thus the nation, they’re also impacting the world. But such is precisely what both Karen and Bruce Levenson had in mind when they provided seed money for the center. Bruce has said it was his goal that all students should pass through the center and graduate “as an informed and motivated philanthropist”. To that end, Karen Levenson believes this philanthropic pursuit has been their “most profound” to date. Bruce Levenson is more better known as an owner of a prominent NBA team; so seeing him put his resources to philanthropic use is very encouraging.