Betsy DeVos Balances Between Public Politeness and Political Cause

People who know and have observed Betsy DeVos throughout the years and her advocacy for school vouchers for charter schools know that she is not someone to be meddled with. Even if she appears meek in public when faced with setbacks, she is relentless when achieving her political goals. In the past, she has used her financial status to help friends and defeat enemies behind the scenes. Many lawmakers who opposed her have lost their positions.


When Betsy DeVos took up the position as a Secretary of Education, she had little experience inside the government and with working with the current president Donald Trump. In a recent argument about the access to the bathroom of transgender people, she had little say in the matter since Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an advisor of Trump and someone with experience in Washington, overtook with his opinion.


The only thing DeVos could do about the case was to meet with a representative of the gay and transgender employees within the Department of Education in order to warn him about the upcoming resignation of the federal policy for transgender bathroom use.


While this was happening behind the scenes, she partook politely in the announcement of the new policy with the statement that the changed policy was “a very huge example of the Obama administration’s overreach.”


Betsy DeVos was and still is the major fighter for private education. She has worked for years to pour money that goes to public education toward private schools. She believes that this gives more choices to parents and students and forces public schools to improve their performance under the pressure of competition.


What Betsy DeVos essentially is trying to prove is that American education is failing. Public schools systems are statistically falling behind the schools in other developed countries. Her opening of private schools is an attempt to raise the standards of our schools.


Although she had a rough start in the new field of the Educational Department, Betsy DeVos seems to be emboldened by the faced opposition. She has already contacted the leaders of major teacher unions Lily Eskelsen Garcia and Ms. Weingarten. So far, Ms. Weingarten has returned the call and the two plant to visit schools. This was a smart move on her part. It shows that she is not afraid of competition and knows how to win in power.


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