How Rocketship Education helps students succeed academically

It is evident that each language around the globe has its unique way show gratitude by saying thank you. Note that gratitude is an inborn quality that lives deep within every individual, and different happening triggers it, and it also goes beyond boundaries of age, gender, and race. Gratitude is an acknowledgment of the real things that people feel in their soul, and it comes from the heart. Some someone shows gratitude, he offers a gift freely and unearned.

Rocketship United Academy is governed by leaders and has teachers and support staff who are determined to share their appreciation with students and their parents. An active culture thrives within the walls of this school, whereby each school is governed by five core principles while four of them are shared among their network. The values include responsibility, empathy, respect, and persistence. It is has been a rule that the Rocketeers must recite the shares values in their creed every day and live them out while at school and in the community.

The school is built on this core values something that allows students are learning there to grow in a society that shares a desire to exceed anticipation. However, the fifth core value of every institution is chosen by the teachers and parents. This is to allow them to come up with a value that perfectly illustrates the school’s unique character and vision. Note that the fifth core value must range from service, bravely and to curiosity.

All the institution’s core values fit well with the mission to prepare every student to be successful in school and beyond by equipping them with critical character expertise. The majority of students in this institutions come from poor households. Recent findings have revealed that kids living in the poverty-stricken society go through uncontrolled to toxic stress than kids who come from the middle-class or upper-class families. Note that this situation makes it hard for those kids to control their emotions, resolve conflicts or respond to provocations.

For that reason, the institution strives to create a consistent, foreseeable and positive learning experience that assist those students in developing the social-emotional expertise needed to thrive the in the classroom and beyond. The instructional programs offered at Rocketship United Academy include social-emotional learning curricula.