Shervin Pishevar Shares his Opinion about the Economy on Twitter.

The American businessman has made significant investments in various sectors in the country. One of his most notable investments was in Uber when the company was being launched. In early 2018, he tweeted for about 21 hours on different topics. However, some people still wondered about the message that he wanted to pass to the members of the public. According to Shervin Pishevar, the U.S economy would deteriorate within a few months.

Some people were surprised at the tweet was the first public statement that he shared with his followers on the platform. In his tweet, he also shared some statistics about the changes that the country should expect in the coming days. Shervin Pishevar is a successful entrepreneur and one of his ventures is known as Sherpa Capital. He is proud of the business and has always worked towards improving its productivity and reputation. For that reason, he resigned from his position at the company after some sexual allegations were made against him in late-2017.

Digital currency is a relatively new concept in the business world. It has attracted substantial investments from different parts of the world hoping to gain good returns in the future. According to him, Bitcoin would experience a significant drop of up to $5,000 within a few months.

In his tweet, he touched on other areas including immigration and SpaceX. At the beginning of the message, he said that he would reveal the financial storm that the country will experience. Shervin Pishevar also predicted that the U.S. stock market would have a 6,000 points decline within a short time. After some hours, he stopped tweeting and took some time for dinner. He later said that people should expect the death of Silicon Valley.

After leaving Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar shared his official resignation letter on Twitter. The businessman revealed that the sexual allegations against had a negative impact on the performance of Sherpa Capital. He was of the opinion that the allegations were false and were brought up by some of the competitors of his business. He had previously sued a company that he thought was ruining his reputation.

Relevant Under_Scores Of The Chainsmokers

Their audience won’t know about the times when the greatest dilemma during international travel was how to get someone to take a photo for you. But the growing fan-base of The Chainsmokers will know to dress in clothing easy to remove and why carry-on luggage prices have increased above the larger to-check type. Things have gotten darker everywhere you turn. And as this relatively new mastermind DJ-Duo recently discovered, breaking out is hard to do.

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Though a different two kicked it off back in 2012 enjoying such explosive sounds as “#Selfie,” “Erase,” “The Rookie,” and performing the opening act for “Timeflies” at Terminal5 in New York, today’s sounds of The Chainsmokers are engineered by veteran Alex Pall and replacement fit Andrew Taggert. They’re riding the ever undulating wave of EDM with no signs of dimming. But as they adjust to the concept of presenting music that appeals to a set crowd, they did experience the need to test the waters with their recent acclaimed, nusical interpretation “Sick Boy.” With a host of interesting sounds in between, if you decide to check them out, you’d better set aside a nice piece of time because you could get lost riding their waves.

By all reviews and even self-admission, “Sick Boy” rattled out significantly darker measures in every aspect of the score. Alex Pall offers an explanation. ‘We play the music that visits our hearts and minds. We hope that it visits the hearts and minds of our increasing fan-base, as well.’ He reflects outloud, ‘It’s a continual aim nowadays because evrerybody’s got their own channel to display. You know, because of the internet and how people do business and earn money. But so, like, when you have many parts to you, how do you decide what belongs or what doesn’t belong on your channel? And will your audience dig the next new thing you offer? So, yeah, that’s how it is.’

Taggert appreciates the complexity of his musical partner, sincere practicality mixed in with artistic ‘nebulence,’ if you will. There’s night. And there’s day. But they’ve never been mutually exclusive. If you can handle the blend, you’re on to something. In the end, you just want something that people will remember forever. Dare to be different. Even different than yourself as people have come to expect you. Sometimes an underscore can be a misnomer, so to speak.

Skout Does Potato Chip Survey

Social media application and company, Skout recently did a survey on potato chips on March 10th, 2016, a few days before National Potato Chip Day which is on March 14. The survey asked people what their favorite potato chip flavor was. It also aims to see if favorite potato chip flavor correlates to other things such as interests, personality and beliefs. The results are surprising! Here are some of the highlights of the survey conducted by Skout on over 3,046 residents based in the United States.

96% of respondents said that they enjoyed snacking on potato chips. People who responded that their favorite potato chip flavor was a citrus flavored one were found to have the largest social circles. About 42% of respondents who liked citrus flavored chips the best had at least five or more close acquaintances.

Hot and spicy flavors reveal something about the intimate part of a person’s life. People who like spicy and hot chips the most are much more likely to be adventurous and playful in the bedroom when it comes to intimate activity. The category of chips included in the hot and spicy section for the survey includes jalapeno and Cajun flavored varieties of chips as well as many others.

Chips can even reveal how active some people are to an extent. People who prefer low sodium or sodium free potato chips are the most likely to be active and exercise frequently. In fact, 14% of respondents who selected sodium free or low sodium potato chips as their favorite replied that they exercise almost daily. On the other end of the spectrum, people whose favorite flavor is cheddar cheese flavored chips or plain chips are the least likely to be active.

Potato chip flavors also revealed some insight into which candidate a person is most likely to support depending on their favorite flavor. People who support Donald Trump as the GOP candidate are highly likely to favor BBQ flavored chips. Ted Cruz supporters are likely to have cheddar potato chips as their favorite flavor.

As a way of giving back and to celebrate National Potato Chip day, Skout has teamed up with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. When a person gave a potato chip sticker to another user on National Potato Chip day through their app, the company donated money to the food bank. The goal was to raise enough money to help feed over 20,000 people in the San Francisco Bay area. For more on Skout’s survey and their donation you can read this article published on PR Newswire.

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