An Analysis of Wikipedia’s Bureaucratic Nature

Whenever we think about what the future holds for firms, we are always quick to make references to digitized ventures like Reddit and Wikipedia. These ventures have created a name for themselves through the decentralization of power within their organizational structure. This has given everyone the autonomy to create and circulate knowledge when you make a Wikipedia article. On paper, this is quite a noble idea. On close examination however, you are bound to realize that this has system some hidden implications.

Contrary to what we commonly believe, the system is not as flawless as it seems. Research has shown that Wikipedia has shifted away from its former principles and is now subdued by bureaucracy. This has led to a situation whereby the online encyclopedia is controlled by a few elite editors. This is adversely contrasts what many people believed at first; that the online information sight is a classless haven.

In as much as Wikipedia has managed to restrain itself from creating an open order of hierarchy, it has become a major breeding ground for bureaucracy. There are ranks that are earned according to how one makes contributions to the site. Those who have made a name for themselves by regularly contributing are usually given the rank of “super contributor”. In as much as such recognition initially came with certain editorial partiality, control over other contributors was never one of those privileges.

The Emergence of a Ruling Class

Two researchers from Indiana University studied the organizational structure of Wikipedia and came up with startling findings. It was discovered that the sight is controlled by a few senior contributors, who reign supreme over the rest. The once devolved system has become more like a corporation led by a privileged few. This is an early sign that the growth of the giant online encyclopedia is slowing down. The article was originally posted on Science Alert.

Importance of Wikipedia to Brands

One of the best ways that a brand can gain optimum visibility when carrying out an Internet search is when you create a Wikipedia page. Companies with pages on the sight are preferred over those that do not because they achieve a degree of credibility once the pages are formed. In the current information age, more people come across brands on the Internet that any other platform.

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