OSI Group McDonalds Followed Each Other

In 1955, OSI Group McDonalds formed one of America’s lasting partnerships. Together, OSI Group McDonalds spanned the globe, opening facilities in over a dozen countries. Officially, their collaboration began in 1975 after Otto & Sons transformed into OSI Industries. Within five years of OSI opening their McDonald’s-dedicated factory, McDonald’s started growing internationally.

Finding success in the Midwest, OSI Group McDonalds joined forces again in a German joint venture. Two years after seeing success in Germany, they teamed up again in Spain. While McDonald’s maintained his family atmosphere, OSI became more complicated, expanding into new areas of food.

While the founding family, the Kolschowskys, made OSI Group a national success, OSI didn’t blossom until Sheldon Lavin took over the company. After rebranding Otto & Sons as OSI Industries, Lavin became the company’s CEO and Chairman. He expanded on the founding family’s vision, reaching millions of customers around the world.

Currently, OSI employs more than 20,000 people in 17 countries. As OSI continues growing, they add more facilities every year and will soon have more than 70 factories and offices all over the world. Primarily, Lavin looked beyond the company’s long relationship with McDonald’s.

Before joining OSI, Lavin worked as an investor and banking executive. His experience focused more on the business aspects of the company, allowing him to grow alongside McDonald’s rather than under it. Since taking over the company, OSI continues to grow under his leadership. According to Forbes, OSI is one of the largest American companies today with sales upward of $6.1 billion.

Much of OSI’s current success is due to numerous partnerships and joint ventures. Before OSI, food companies couldn’t expand into distant countries easily. During the 80s and 90s, Sheldon Lavin worked closely with many executives and experts to expand his ever-growing business.

While McDonald’s easily charmed their way into other countries, OSI strategically formed bonds with companies like K&K Foods in Taiwan to break into the Asian markets. At the same time, they undertook joint ventures.

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OSI Group Promises Full Commitment To Sustainability Standards After Release Of Their Global Sustainability Report

OSI Group released its Global sustainability report for year 2016/2017 whereby it outlines the sustainability performance of the company’s operations across the world. Some of the things detailed in this report include the progress that the company has made in its most prioritized areas that concern the environment, social responsibility and a sustainable supply chain. Sustainable supply chain gives emphasis to food safety and quality as well as strict standards on animal welfare. Here are some of the high points that are included in the report:

• OSI Food Solutions facilities that are located in Europe attained their ISO14001 certification. This is a great achievement for the company because this certification is among the top most authoritative standards for environmental management in the world.

• OSI North America donated over 252,000 lbs of food to Feeding America from their amenities in the year 2015 so as to sustain the food banks provided by the network. Within the same year, GenOSI also donated over 55,000 lbs. of food in the Philippines to assist in feeding the homeless children in the country.

• OSI Group also sponsors animal welfare campaigns, training sessions, and workshops as part of their continuous support and commitment towards improving and creating awareness of important issues in global supplier networks and organizations.

David G. McDonald said that the group would hold their commitment to conduct business more sustainability and responsibly. David serves OSI Group as the President and Chief Operating Officer, and he assured consumers that they would continue to progress their responsible business practices. He added that they are doing this to ensure that they achieve operational efficiencies that enhance the lives of employees, sustain environmental resources and build their global communities. David McDonald says that as a company they are proud to have achieved all that, and they are enthusiastic to share the sustainability report to prove their actions.

OSI’s 2016/17 sustainability report summarizes their future initiatives to attain sustainability objectives among other generalized goals. The company has outlined several goals that they wish to achieve by the year 2020, and these include reducing energy and water intensity by 10 percent.