FreedomPop Opens Discounted Sale for Subscribers

FreedomPop is one of the fastest growing MVNO’s in the world right now thanks to their incredibly unique, and risky, business plan. FreedomPop is a ‘freemium’ provider that offers their core mobile plan completely free with limits set on talk, text, and data. The company was launched in 2012 and now they are looking to delve into a new area of the market: discounted phones for subscribers. CEO Stephen Stokols recently announced that they will be showing off a pair of elite smart phones at a discounted price until November 27, as reported by RCR Wireless.

FreedomPop has always preferred to avoid infrastructure and allow customers to bring their own phones to the MVNO but now the company is dipping into discounted phone sales. FreedomPop will be selling both the Motorola E and Samsung Galaxy S4 at huge discounts. The Motorola E will be available for $40 while the Galaxy S4 will be available for $100. The new discounted devices will be refurbished and they will come with a free month of FreedomPop’s enhanced services. The enhanced services allow customers unlimited talk and text as well as a gig of mobile data. After that month customers can elect to keep the premium service ($5 a month) or go back to the free plan.

This announcement only makes sense as FreedomPop has been pushing to get into that portion of the market for at least the past year. FreedomPop announced a funding/partnership with Intel Capital earlier in the year that alluded to a hardware plan between the two companies. Intel will be using their technology in order to develop a WiFi priority smart phone that will be released at some point in 2016 via FreedomPop. Right now information around the phone, such as price or specs, has been rather limited but news should be coming as the new year approaches.

Along with this exciting news we have seen FreedomPop push outward in an attempt to go global with their rapidly growing company. FreedomPop just made the exciting announcement that they’ve found funding and partnership with the Asian telecom company, Axiata Group. Axiata Group will play a pivotal role in helping FreedomPop find its way int Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and even India. Axiata will release the FreedomPop phone under a different name, preventing any company competition, but the outreach should pay off huge dividends for Stokols and his company.